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Unmatched design capabilities, refined colors and unprecedented finishes make AquaPots a favorite among home gardeners. Each piece is handmade by the company’s highly trained and talented craftsmen who use time-tested techniques and kilns to give each container its own special character. Top 4 Reasons to Invest in AquaPots: 1. Highest quality finishes of any ceramic planters - proprietary clay formulas and processes result in the removal of foreign substances trapped in the material, resulting in incredibly smooth, pure finishes. You'll find little to no pitting in the glaze, compared to others on the market, which is important to avoid because it allows debris and water to get into the pottery, compromising it over time. 2. Most durable planters on the market - AquaPots has been tested and proven to perform flawlessly in gardens across North America. The process of curing the clay at ultra-high temperatures and using high quality, pure clay which is free of impurities allows AquaPots to withstand high and low temperature extremes. 3. Significantly reduced watering frequency for easy gardening -  AquaPots take only 25% of the water used with similar sized containers on drip irrigation. Thus, you will only need to fill your AquaPots biweekly or monthly, depending on weather conditions. 4. Grows the most stunning, luscious plants and flowers - With no risk of overwatering, and continuous access to fertilizer-infused water, your plants will absolutely flourish in your AquaPots.

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