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JX Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets in White

  • Endless warm water and warm air dryer
  • LED night light illuminates dark bathrooms
  • Sturdy, sittable lid with softclose technology
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Product Overview

The Alpha JX was created to take the guesswork out of buying a bidet seat. It combines tankless water heating for endless warm water, an LED night light, a strong air dryer, and a sturdy sittable lid into a slim design that fits most 1 piece toilets. It's the most complete premium bidet seat on the market today. The Alpha JX is built around an energy efficient, tankless water heating system. This instant heater provide endless, on demand warm water with little to no startup lag. Beyond that, the JX is whisper quiet during operation no loud motor or pump noises.The Alpha JX also sets itself apart with smart design cues. Its slim, low profile body is made with a high grade, anti-microbial plastic that's vibration welded making it durable, and easy to clean. The lid is specially contoured and extra thick, making it safe to sit on with up to 300lbs.- Front and rear cleansing with soothing aerated stream- Unlimited warm water supply- Easy to use wireless remote control with wall mount- Warm air dryer with adjustable temp- Heated seat with adjustable temp- Adjustable nozzle position- Nozzle oscillation (wide cleansing)- Adjustable nozzle position, water temp, and spray pressure- Automatic LED nightlight - 2 power saving eco modes- Aluminum nozzle with anti-microbial coating- Self-cleaning nozzle system- Sturdy sittable lid- Slow closing seat and lid- 1 button wash and dry function- 1 button easy wash function (full pressure rear wash with oscillation).
  • Endless warm water cleansing and a warm air dryer for maximum comfort
  • Heated seat, adjustable nozzles and an automatic LED nightlight for convenience
  • Slim design allows for installation on most residential toilets including some 1 piece toilets
  • Anti-microbial aluminum nozzle provides both front and rear cleansing
  • Nozzle automatically self cleans before and after each use for improved cleanliness
  • Tank less water heating system provides endless warm water for supreme comfort
  • Occupied seat sensor, ambient light sensor, and 2 power saving modes provide superior energy efficiency
  • Thermal water heater cut-off function prevents burns

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  • California residents

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Bolt Spread (in.)
Power cord length (ft.)
Product Depth (in.)
20.8 in
Product Height (in.)
5.5 in
Product Width (in.)
15 in


Bidet Spray Type
Bowl/Seat Shape
Color Family
Adjustable Aerated Wash Spray,Adjustable Nozzle,Antimicrobial,Feminine Wash,Heated,Lighted,Posterior Wash,Soft Close,Warm Air Dryer,Warm Water Wash
Mounting Kit,Remote Control,Supply Lines,T Valve Connector
Product Weight (lb.)
13 lb
Seat Front Type
Seat Length (in.)
Seat Material
Seat Shape

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
3 Years

Questions & Answers


can Aipha Bidet JX round or Elongated fit with Swiss madison one piece toilet? (French curve)

Asked by jack January 28, 2021

Will this fit Kohler San Raphael , or K3466?

Asked by YoginiH November 30, 2020

Yes, but no guarantee it will be an exact shape fit

what brand and model does this seat fit?

Asked by David August 7, 2020

What do you think about the dryer? Does it dry both the rear and the front? Did you also have t...

Asked by Vicki April 26, 2020

The dryer is fine but I just blot dry

can it be install by home depot and how much they charge?. Can you get schock with electrical bidet?

Asked by zachnic April 21, 2020

I am sure Home Depot provides a sub-contractor to install the bidet. However, any plumber and electrician can do this install. I mentioned both a plumber and an electrician because there is some connecting do your existing waterline for your commode and there must be an electrical plug near the commode. If you have an electrical socket somewhere near the commode then this will be a very easy install. Anyone with just a little bit of experience concerning disconnecting and reconnecting a flex hose onto your existing water outlet for your commode can do this job. It is a very easy install. I am not a plumber or an electrician and I installed it my self. My wife absolutely loves her bidet. This is a wonderful unit. The seat heats, the water pressure can be adjusted, the location of the spray can be adjusted and all of this is done by remote control.

Can you change the color of the night light? If not how do you like the white light?

Asked by lov2krz April 24, 2019

I have not attempted to change the color and I do not remember reading anything about being able to choose a different color. The white light is not overwhelmingly bright by any means. However, it is bright enough to make a perfect night light for your bathroom. This is an outstanding bidet. We have had ours for a couple of years and have had no problems with it whatsoever. My wife loves it. You are able to adjust the water pressure as well as the location of the spray. The seat is heated, and you can adjust how warm you want that as well. This is a very easy install. However, you will need an electrical plug near your commode. If you do not have one, I suggest getting an electrician to install this plug. It uses your existing water outlet from your commode and is very easy to hookup. The placing of the seat on your existing commode is also very simple.

What extra parts are required for skirted toilets (like TOTO AQUIA IV for example) ?

Asked by Olga October 8, 2018

You'll need top mounting bolts and either an extension hose for the fill valve, or an alternative t-valve for skirted toilets.

will this fit Kohlar Santa Rosa toilet

Asked by Carolee November 15, 2017

you would want to jot down the measurements and make sure because it does say it fits most toilet models.

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Easy to install and works like a dream. Nice addition to out bathroom upgrade.
Easy to install and works like a dream. Nice addition to out bathroom upgrade.
Outstanding! This bidet is priced in the middle of the road compared to others with some compara...
Outstanding! This bidet is priced in the middle of the road compared to others with some comparable features, but not all the features. Of course this has the heated seat, the heated air dry, the feminine wash cycle, adjustable water/seat/air temp, self cleaning nozzle, etc, but the lid is also sturdy enough to be sat on, something most bidets do not incorporate. This also has the LED night light feature. I never really needed a light at night but if you do want that, it is a nice feature. This also has a remote control versus the panel on the side of the seat. I am still adjusting to the remote because I had panel controls before this and am comfortable with them. I like the eco features that keep the water/seat temp lower until someone sits down. Once someone sits down then things start to heat up. For the summer this is great, but in the winter I want heat right away, not after I sit down. Installation took around 30-45 minutes but could be much quicker if you have done it before or do this regularly. It was very simple and straightforward, and can be accomplished by most people without some type of physical disability. I really appreciate that the mounting bracket has a good amount of rubber on the toilet side to help hold the seat in place. Maybe it's just my style toilet, but these seats do wiggle around a bit and need to be regularly straightened out. This rubber should certainly help with that. The one problem that I have with this unit is the drain access. You have to remove the seat from the toilet to drain it. I would much rather see a button somewhere accessible that drains the tank. Overall I give this 2 thumbs up. This product is made in Korea (South I assume).
by Anthony
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There is much that can be said about this electric bidet seat. Overall, it is a quality product t...
There is much that can be said about this electric bidet seat. Overall, it is a quality product that is easy to install and –ahem– a pleasure to use. The installation of the seat was easier and faster than I thought. The instructions are very well written and easy to follow. It took me less than 30 minutes to install seat, but it took me another hour to install an electrical receptacle to power the seat. I’ve had the seat installed for several weeks and haven’t had any leaks. I shall refrain from sharing titillating details of using this bidet and will confine my comments to its operation. It’s surprisingly quiet. The adjustable water temperature is a terrific feature; there are four settings: off (cold), not cold, warm, and “Houston, we have liftoff.” I think the fan (drying feature) is of marginal benefit, but I do use it; I’m mostly dry in 60 seconds. Sitting on the seat is more comfortable than I expected, given that it’s a plastic seat. I’m more accustomed to sitting on wooden seats in my house so the plastic took some getting used to. The seat warmer is a nice feature. A few functions are accessible on the seat but most of the wash and dry controls are accessible only from the remote control. I never thought I would be using a remote control for a toilet. Before you buy this bidet seat, consider that it requires AC electrical power to operate. The cord is about 3.5 feet long (see photo) and if you can’t install a GFCI-protecdted receptacle within reach of the cord, I recommend you think twice about buying it. Running an extension cord across your bathroom floor would be problematic. At its current price of about $500, I think it is overpriced. I installed it on a nice Kohler Highline Classic Elongated Toilet that I bought at my Home Depot for about $170. The cost of the bidet seat is nearly three times that of the toilet. I admit, however, that this seat is my sole bidet experience and it’s entirely possible that at its price point it is head and shoulders above all the rest. The packaging stated that the bidet seat was made in Korea. I hope that means South Korea and not North Korea. If it was made in North Korea, I have concern that the seat and remote control could be cyber attacking my home WiFi.
by SirDIY
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Bidet toilets/seats seem to be on the upswing in the USA and are seen in "high end" homes and eve...
Bidet toilets/seats seem to be on the upswing in the USA and are seen in "high end" homes and even restaurants after being a staple in Europe (as an entirely separate appliance) for a long time. Installation is straightforward and well described in the instructions. Something not mentioned in the instructions though is that after draining your toilet tank you will want to use a sponge or towel to get the tank nearly dry since you will be disconnecting the water supply (otherwise you'll have lots of water on your floor). The kit includes a T-valve to divert water both to your tank for flushing and the seat (water that sprays you does not come from the tank but directly from your water pipes). Most US bathrooms likely will need either an extension cord or an outlet installed near the toilet as the included cord is only 4 ft long. The seat is bulky in the back so you will lose a little "usable space" of the bowl but nothing overly noticeable. When you install the seat bracket make sure the bolts are well tightened or else the bracket will slide back as you attempt to attach the seat. I had to move the bracket all the way forward to overlap the opening of the bowl since my tank has a curved front and the back of the seat is curved in the opposite direction which reduces the space in which it can fit. Everyone gets a kick out of the informative icons on the remote to indicate front spray, back spray etc. There is also an optional "night light" that lights up the toilet bowl when the room is dark. As far as use, the seat warmer seems to be the biggest hit. It can get quite hot and the best comfort for us is on the lowest temp. The warm water temp and pressure can also be adjusted. The spray does reduce the amount of toilet paper needed for cleaning; you'll still want to dab off excess moisture prior to using the fan on the seat. Kids have found it a little hard to use the seat when they don't quite sit exactly right on it; the seat will not spray unless its touch sensor is activated (so it doesn't spray the floor); so they need to be balanced perfectly with their hands on the sides to not have it turn off...the same thing can happen with adults if they wiggle on the seat causing the spray to shut off. The seat can be removed for cleaning and there is a filter in the supply tube that needs occasional cleaning as well. The spray valve cleans itself before and after each use but can also be told to extend for additional manual cleaning. This bidet seat gives a very high end look and actual use to your home.
by CBrown
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This bidet seat is awesome! I did not realize I would be a big fan of a bidet, but this works so ...
This bidet seat is awesome! I did not realize I would be a big fan of a bidet, but this works so well with it’s remote-positional oscillating sprayer, cleaning completely every time! The heated seat and tank less water heating system will be greatly appreciated this winter. At first glance, the remote looks intimidating with it’s many buttons, but after having a seat with the instruction book, reviewing each function, I found that it is quite easy to use, and if I didn’t want to customize the experience, I have the option to simply push the button labeled “WASH & DRY” and it runs the two cycles and that’s all that is needed. The water is warm almost instantly. The first bit that hits is room temperature, but a half-second into the wash and the temperature is where it was set. The adjustable cleaning nozzle gets the spray right where it is needed. The screen on the remote is easy to read and makes sense! The “front” spray is a different spray hole on the nozzle, and is a reduced amount of water and pressure. Installation on my Kohler Santa Rosa toilet was easy, but I had to click the mounting base into the seat with the plastic bolts already in it since my particular toilet has the minimum required mounting depth. One other issue I had installing it was the rubber stepped washer on top of the tee fitting that attaches to the bottom of the toilet tank. I could not get it to seal, so I went to Home Depot to get a cone washer and used the friction washer that came with the new seal so the seal would not bind when tightening. I have included photos of the cone washer pack I purchased and the one I used. My included video shows the bidet in action, and it’s awesome! When the chance presented itself to test this unit, I was really excited since our family of six goes through a roll of toilet paper per day (young kids are learning the art of tp usage…), so this will save a ton of tp for our family! If you or someone you know has mobility issues or needs to use the bathroom frequently and perhaps gets sore back there, then get this bidet seat and embrace excellent personal hygiene that may get neglected due to discomfort or inability to really do the job well. This is a necessary piece of equipment for some people, and bidet seats do not get any nicer than Alpha Bidet’s JX Electric.
by 59ona64
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I wish I could give this a 5 1/2 star. This seat is really awesome. I cannot tell you how much my...
I wish I could give this a 5 1/2 star. This seat is really awesome. I cannot tell you how much my wife loves her new toy. When I 1st received it my main concern was the difficulty of the installation. Everything you need comes with the package. It was very easy to install. I was done in a few short minutes. If you do not have power in the area, that will be your most difficult part. I suggest of course unless you are extremely familiar with running electric wiring, that you bring in a certified electrician to install a plug. The features are outstanding. Comes with a remote control very easy to read and use. The warm seat and warm water enhances the experience. You can not go wrong with buying the toilet seat. Everyone in the house wants one.
by DK
This is a well constructed, solid unit, an attractive addition to any bathroom. This will be my 2...
This is a well constructed, solid unit, an attractive addition to any bathroom. This will be my 2nd bidet-style toilet seat...I liked the first one so much, I got another! The first one was a different brand, but very similar in price & function. The hose & seat connector on this unit are a heavier weight than on my first unit, which was more a tubing/pressure plug hookup, comparatively...speaks to higher quality? These seats connect to your water source via a t-connector off your toilet water line. Instructions are clear, w/ readable text & well illustrated drawings...nice for a change. The power cord is only 4 ft. (comes off the right side if you're facing it), so plan on an extension cord...heavy duty, the seat is 1460 watts max. Remote control is very nice & comes with a storage base that can be wall-mounted with screws, or the included self-adhesive tape, a nice alternative option. These things have multiple settings & choices to make for personal comfort, including spray patterns, spray pressure, water temp, air temp, air speed, seat temp, light on/off, eco's really fun to play supervision is suggested! Wish I could tell you about the actual use of this particular seat, but it's gonna be a while before I can hook this thing up, gotta switch out one of my round-front toilets first. But based on my previous experience, I'm REALLY looking forward to doing that...soon! At $499, this unit is not cheap...but check out the regular bidet prices, & it looks a little more reasonable.
by 2HipDude
In the past I would not have even considered purchasing or using a bidet toilet seat but after ex...
In the past I would not have even considered purchasing or using a bidet toilet seat but after experiencing them in Europe I became a fan. No need to install a separate fixture in the bathroom as they do in Europe, just install this one on your existing toilet. It does require an electrical outlet near the toilet in order to operate the water functions and the fan but if you don't already have an outlet in the area any electrician can add one. I appreciate that a split water supply connector is included.
by DAN
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We have an older Kholer San Raphael one piece toilet....
We have an older Kholer San Raphael one piece toilet. This bidet was touted as the only one that would fit this toilet. True--if your husband is a midget. Upon installation it left a round toilet bowl of only about 5 inches in diameter, i.e., the size of a child's toilet. It took up so much room on the toilet that it squashed my husband's private parts against the cold front rim of the bowl! You haven't seen fury until you've seen your husband doubled up on a tiny hole, shivering & cursing!
by classicfemme
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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