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Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill in Graphite

  • Triple walled steel w/ insulation retains heat needing less fuel
  • AKORN is the only Kamado style grill with an easy dump ash pan
  • Cast iron cooking grates enhance flavors and heat evenly
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Product Overview

The Akorn Kamado Kooker can maintain consistent temperatures from 200° to 700° F. This wide range allows the Akorn to cook variety of foods such as steaks, fish, chicken, ribs, brisket, pizza, bread and even cookies. The innovative design uses double walled steel with insulation. In order to generate heat, air must be flowing through the grill and around the coals. Air flow causes food to dry out. With the Akorn insulated design, it retains heat better, requiring less heat and less air flow. Therefore, insulated heat, juicier meat.
  • 314 sq. in. of primary cooking space and a 133 sq. in. warming rack
  • Insulated design means more heat uses less charcoal and less airflow means insulated heat for juicy meat
  • Akorn is the only Kamado style grill with an easy dump ash pan allowing ash to be removed easily from the grill without a mess
  • Unique cart design allows for easy maneuverability around decks, patios and driveways that often have uneven surfaces
  • Locking caster secures grill from moving
  • Folding metal side shelves add a working surface, yet keep the grill footprint small for easy storage
  • Dual adjustable dampers allow for precise air adjustment required for dialing in and maintaining specific temperatures
  • Cast iron cooking grates enhance flavors and heat evenly; will hold up to 23 burgers
  • Durable and heat resistant porcelain coated interior
  • Assembly required
  • For full warranty details please see the User Manuel located under Info & Guides
  • Protect your investment with a grill cover (sold separately)
  • California residents

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Front/Side ShelfFixedFoldingFolding
Grill Grate/Surface MaterialCast IronStainless SteelStainless Steel
Grill/Smoker CategoryKamadoKamadoKamado
Grill MaterialPainted SteelStainless SteelCeramic
Ignition TypeNo Ignition SystemElectricalNo Ignition System
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Assembled Depth (in.)
45.2 in
Assembled Height (in.)
47.4 in
Assembled Width (in.)
31.3 in


Accessories Included
No Additional Items Included
Assembly Required
Fits No. of Burgers
Front/Side Shelf
Fuel Capacity (lb.)
Grill Color Family
Grill Grate/Surface Material
Cast Iron
Grill Material
Painted Steel
Grill Wheels
Grill/Smoker Category
Grill/Smoker Features
Grease Pan,Heat Thermometer,Removable Ash Catcher,Storage Rack,Tool Holder,Warming Rack
Grill/Smoker Fuel Type
Ignition Type
No Ignition System
Outdoor Living Product Type
Charcoal/Wood Grill
Primary Cooking Space (sq. in)
Product Weight (lb.)

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
No Certifications or Listings
Grate Warranty
1 Year
Overall Grill Warranty
1 Year

Questions & Answers


What material is the stand constructed out of?

Asked by Kookie February 2, 2021

I believe steal with a porcelain cover.

What are the dimensions of the 2 shelves? I wasn't able to find it listed in the description. Tha...

Asked by Savvyshopper80 January 27, 2021

Good morning, thank you for your question. I apologize, but we do not have the dimensions of most of our replacement parts. We only go off what model grill you have to verify if the replacement parts will fit. Please reach out to service@chargriller.com if you have any more questions.

after using the smoker for the first time, my brisket was covered in black silt. As anyone experienced anything likecthat?

Asked by lenin January 4, 2021

Good afternoon, thank you for your inquiry. Here's the good news, the inside surfaces of our Akorn/Kamado grills are not painted, the grills are coated with baked-on porcelain enamel which does not peel. What makes the meat so juicy is the design of the Kamado Style Grill. The heat circulates up and around the interior of the grill and as it circulates it carries with it grease from the foods being grilled and carbon from the charcoal. That grease and carbon will collect on the hood and body of the grill. These deposits will begin to crack and peel. You're not the only one to think it's peeling paint. There are several videos on YouTube from folks with various grills showing what it looks like, what it is, and how to clean it. When there is enough to begin peeling, it sometimes comes off in sheets or flakes. It's usually dull on one side and shiny on the other. I wouldn't advise tasting it, but It is non-toxic. Regular cleaning will remove any buildup to prevent this. To clean/remove you will want to brush off all loose deposits with a nylon brush or scrubby that is pliable and will not scratch the coating. Wash with a soft cloth and soapy water. Below is a link to one of these videos. I hope it's helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjL9jexTDtA&t=22s

What is the diameter of the cooking surface?

Asked by Mar November 20, 2020

Good Afternoon! Thank you for your question. The diameter of the cooking surface is roughly 20". The total cooking area is 447 square inches, the primary cook area is 314 square inches.

Where is this grill made? Is it made in China? I couldn't find anything on this website about it'...

Asked by pkm September 6, 2020


How do apply my military discount.

Asked by ScottyC August 24, 2020

I think you should go to the store with your receipt and get a credit

How big is the grill inside? Will it hold a smalk bodton buyy ora Turkey

Asked by Jody July 2, 2020

21 inches i believe. (across). I've cooked a 15 pound turkey on this thing with ease. It cooked faster and tasted better than any turkey out an oven. Watch videos and learn temperature control. You'll get used to it.

Do the fire bowl suppose to move

Asked by Dexter June 20, 2020

I'm no expert on the design but I'm assuming it "floats" in order to maintain heat insulation as to not contact the body of the actual grill. It sits snug and does not move once you get grill going.

Is this grill good for regular grilling in addition to smoking? Our primary use would be grillin...

Asked by tracy May 9, 2020

Yes, regular grilling is great with this grill. Close/secure the lid to prevent any flair ups. Temperature can be controlled by how much the bottom and top air vents are open. We use ours all the time for grilling hamburgers, chicken, pork tenderloins. We've even grilled vegetables on it.

How do you add charcoal or wood chunks in the middle of smoking meat?

Asked by Smoker April 2, 2020

Get your self a "charcoal chimney" it will help you light and maintain hi temp coals and wood to hot embers. The grill has that cut out in center for that purpose. Get the chimney made by chargriller. the bottom drops out and coals fall right into that center, down in the grill with the push of a button. But honestly, if you use lump wood.... you wont ever need a refill. You can do an 8 hour or longer cookout... with very very little lumpwood. Its VERY efficient. Most of the time, I just close all vents when I'm done cooking and can re-light and use the same lumpwood in there.

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Buyer beware
Cooks great food but you can see in the pictures, hard to maintain and after my greatest attempt, it still turned out the way it has. I kept it clean, seasoned, covered with the akorn cover, and stored in garage, but all that effort didn't matter. I dont even use it anymore cause the grates. So beware if you're thinking about making the purchase.
by JayDubya
Worth the investment
Daunting to switch to kamado style grill.steep learning curve, but worth learning without needing to take out a second mortgage to afford.
by Cautious adventurer
Great grill
Have used to smoke a chicken, sear/ grill a beef tenderloin and grilled thick pork chops plus cooked wrapped, seasoned and oiled baked potatoes all came out great. It is easy to regulate the temperature and I find I use about 1/2 as much charcoal as I do with my Weber. The charcoal use is probably closer to 1/3 as much r because to get the Weber to smother out the fire at all or regulate temp at all I have to use the lid off a 29 year old Weber ( the yellow Simpson's model )
by Crawdad
Dang, this is a good cooker for the money. Was born and raised on big offset smokers in small to...
Dang, this is a good cooker for the money. Was born and raised on big offset smokers in small town Texas, but have since became a city slicker up north and needed to teach these north east people what smoked meats are all about. Even though its not ceramic, this bad boy can handle the heat for a good while, and did not see any smoke leaking. Really enjoy the simple ash catchin and cleanup was a breeze. Good stuff
by SmokinRand
I've cooked for many years and was chef and kitchen manager for local restaurants in Pierce Count...
I've cooked for many years and was chef and kitchen manager for local restaurants in Pierce County. while I know there are "Ceramic" kamado grills out there that cost $1,000 to upwards of over $2000... I can you that this Akorn can give you the same results. You can achieve upwards of 800 degrees (if you needed to) on this. I've done 6 hour low & slow 3-step ribs on this with ease, I've smoked and just cooked turkeys on this grill as well as beer-can chicken, brisket and other products. This grill can easily maintain a steady temp over night or for VERY long periods of time. Just as well, you can grill hamburgers, steak and other grilling products. I own several grills and have been BBQing all of my life and this is by far my favorite. Regardless of if you've been cooking for 40 years or just starting.... this grill will exceed your expectations with out spending thousands of dollars. I'd easily put my product off of this grill up against any product coming off of an ceramic grill. Ceramic grills are good grills.. but they're expensive and if they ever fall, they break, crack or shatter. (learning to maintain temperatures on a kamado grill takes time, practice and patience....watch videos. dont give up)
by Tony
8 people found this helpful
Great gateway kamado grill
This is a great grill to try out cooking with a kamado grill. I spent a lot of time researching kamado grills before I bought this one. I knew this one is known for two things: it uses very little charcoal and it WILL rust out in four or five years. I have had mine for six. I do love this grill in spite of bad gaskets and rust. I just run it at a hotter temp than my weber kettle and roast potatoes and veggies on it. This grill has not only changed how I grill, it has changed what I am willing to grill. I translated what I learned with the Akorn to my Weber kettles. I can now maintain accurately on my kettles just like my electric oven. I now have to decide if I am going to repair my Akorn or buy another Slow'n'Sear for my other Weber kettle. If I don't repair the Akorn I will turn the cart into a nice grilling table. Overall this is a good way to find out if a kamado grill is for you without spending over $1,000 on a grill
by SteveB
2 people found this helpful
Great Kamado for the price!
I’ve read people’s complaints about this grill and if you’re reading mine, disregard all of theirs. It’s a budget friendly Kamado (poor man Green Egg or Kamado Joe). Set your expectations straight people. Does the grill come banged up, Yes. Does the grill leak smoke a little, Yes. Is the temperature control finicky, I guess. Can you cook amazing food on there, YES! Buy a digital thermometer that you can attach to the grill grate to regulating the temp and your set! Use better charcoal. Use drip pans to catch grease. Clean your grill. Have FUN! I LOVE THIS THING! I’m new to this style of charcoal smoking and loving every second. I’ve spent many hours cooking on this grill and it’s some of the best BBQ I’ve ever cooked.
by Brandon
6 people found this helpful
Great grill/smoker! Recommended.
I have used it twice so far. Great results! Great flavors with lump charcoal and some hickory chunks. I love the super efficient use of charcoal - small amount produces heat for many hours. Holds temperature very well. The exterior remains safe to touch during cooking since it's so well insulated. Solid construction. Assembly was easy. Bought the smoking stone/heat deflector and it's great. Food turns out juicy, without worry of flare ups, especially helpful on longer cooks.
by Chase
Awesome Grill
This Akorn is amazing!!! Steady temp ribs on first cook family loved them and pizza turned out amazing. Used Kamado lump and there was plenty of reusable coal after cook's simply amazing.
by Ron
Great Grill/Smoker Love it
I use this for grilling/searing steaks, burgers. I also use it for the low and slow pork butts and ribs. you will want the smoke stone.other then that it comes with everything you will need.
by Cory
Showing 1-10 of 407 reviews