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1/4 in. Emitter Tubing 100 ft. W/6 in. Spacing in Brown

Includes 100 ft. (24¢ /ft.)
  • Useful for a water-efficient drip irrigation system
  • Maintains about 0.65 gph flow rate at 25 psi per foot
  • Ensures deep watering by allowing to drip directly at the roots
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Product Details

About This Product

Extremely versatile, DIG's 100 ft. 1/4 in. Micro Drip Emitter tubing with 6 in. spacing is a low cost, small diameter drip line that can be used in any part of the garden for a water-efficient drip irrigation system. The micro drip line's cylindrical labyrinth drip emitters are built-into the interior wall of the 1/4 in. micro tubing every 6 in. for total saturation along the drip line path. The micro drip line can be covered with mulch or bark to conserve water or for aesthetic reasons. The drip line is designed to be extended from the 1/2 in. drip tubing using a 1/4 in. barb or connected to DIG's 4 or 6 outlet drip manifolds. Used in planter boxes, vegetable gardens, window boxes, raised beds or coiled around individual plants or trees, for gravity feed systems, green walls and for narrow planting areas.


  • Allows water to drip directly to the root zone, delivering a beneficial deep watering
  • No special tools or glue are needed
  • Can be used in both new and existing landscape areas
  • Saves money by significantly lowering the cost of system components compared to conventional irrigation systems
  • Contains UV inhibitors for long life and extended operation in harsh conditions
  • Flexible micro tubing for easy installation
  • DIG's drip irrigation products may be exempt from residential and commercial watering restrictions (check local codes)
  • Accepts standard 1/4 in. barbs and plugs
  • Operating pressure range: 10 to 25 psi (use with model D46, 25 psi pressure regulator)
  • Flow rate: 0.65 GPH at 25 psi per foot
  • Drip emitter spacing: 6 in.
  • Drip line size 1/4 in.
  • Drip line length: 100 ft.
  • Bending radius: minimum 1 ft.
  • Color: brown
  • Filter requirement: minimum of 150 mesh
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Product Information

Internet # 300839263

Model # SHB106

Store SKU # 1002260163

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Dimensions: H 9.25 in, W 2.75 in, D 2.75 in


Assembled Depth (in.)

2.75 in

Assembled Height (in.)

9.25 in

Assembled Width (in.)

2.75 in

Inner Diameter (in.)


Outer Diameter (in.)


Tubing Length (ft.)


Tubing Size



Color Family


Drip Irrigation Tubing Type

Dripline Tubing

Emitter Spacing (in.)

6 in

Irrigation System Component


Maximum Flow Rate (gph)


Pack Size


Pressure Rating

10-25 PSI



Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty


Questions & Answers

Q:Does this come with everything I need to get started? Or do o have to purchases any accessories?
by|Jun 11, 2024
1 Answer
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A:  Hi - Thanks for the question, this is just a 100' coil of the Emitter tubing so if you are starting from scratch, you will need purchase some more parts to make a complete system. If you add this to one of our starter kits, then you would have everything you need to make a complete drip system that starts from a faucet. Please see this link for more info...https://www.digcorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/DIG_Drip-Irrigation-Guide-2023.pdf Here is a link to starter kits...https://www.homedepot.com/p/DIG-Drip-Irrigation-Watering-Kit-G77AS/100120911?g_store=&source=shoppingads&locale=en-US&pla=&utm_source=google&utm_medium=vantage&utm_campaign=24792&utm_content=26490&mtc=SHOPPING-RM-RMP-GGL-D26P-Multi-NA-DIG-NA-PMAX-NA-NA-MK864949001-24792-NBR-1322-NA-VNT-FY24_Q1_Q4_DigCorporation_D26P_RM__ES_AON&cm_mmc=SHOPPING-RM-RMP-GGL-D26P-Multi-NA-DIG-NA-PMAX-NA-NA-MK864949001-24792-NBR-1322-NA-VNT-FY24_Q1_Q4_DigCorporation_D26P_RM__ES_AON-71700000118045752--&gad_source=1&gclsrc=ds THANK YOU!

by|Jun 12, 2024
    Q:What do I do if I need more than a 16 foot max length in a raised bed? I have an eight foot bed x 4 foot width. I think I need at least 24 feet.
    by|Mar 3, 2024
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  If you need more than a 16ft length, then the best way to achieve this is to install the main line (or supply line) directly through the middle of the bed, and use 1/4in lengths that start in the middle (attached to the supply line) and terminate on the edges of the raised bed. This way you will have more lateral lines, but they will all be less than 16ft in length.

    by|Mar 5, 2024
      Q:Is the output .5 GPH per emitter or per foot (2 emitters)
      by|Sep 7, 2022
      3 Answers
      Answer This Question

      A:  Per emitter.

      by|Sep 10, 2022

        A:  The flow rate of our SHB106 dripline at 25 PSI is .65 gallons per hour per emitter every 6 inches. If you have any other questions, please contact our technical service/product support team at 1-800-322-9146.

        by|Apr 1, 2023
          4 found this answer helpful

          A:  It's per foot (2 emitters) but you need to consider your water pressure and the length of hose (emitters) you are using.

          by|Mar 16, 2023
            1 found this answer helpful
            Q:How should the tube be connected to the spigot? What are the necessary parts or products? Can it be cut to a custom shorter length?
            by|Jul 21, 2022
            5 Answers
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            A:  There is an adapter to connect to the spigot it screws on the spigot and the tube inserts and it can be cut to length with a plug to insert at cut end

            by|Apr 23, 2023

              A:  Use a kit that has a pressure reducer to40 psi, a back-flow preventer, filter and connector to the size tubing you use. This connects to the faucet. Go online and read up on drip systems and what components you’ll need. I used a 1/2” mainline and connected lengths of 1/4” drip tubing to it that fed each shrub.

              by|Jul 27, 2022

                A:  Yes you can cut it to whatever length you desire. You will need an ender for you drip. I just use the one that looks like a figure eight to crimp the end. I highly recommend googling how to set up drip irrigation. There are a lot of parts and great videos out there on how to do it. But you need at least a hose adapter, some kind of filter, a backflow preventer, and a pressure regulator. You need to figure out how to get the water to the drip. So you may need solid 3/4 hose and then a coupler to attach it to the drip. I just use a garden hose with a quick connect. If you want to hook it up to the spigot itself you may need a diverter and a timer. 

                by|Oct 26, 2022

                  A:  The dripline can be cut to length need but has a max linear run length of 16 feet. To connect dripline to an outdoor faucet (hose bib) you would need our micro tubing compression adapter model C37B. If you have any further questions, please contact our technical service/product support team at 1-800-322-9146.

                  by|Jul 22, 2022

                    A:  Yes it can be cut to shorter lengths, but you will have to cap the end of each length--I use a length with about 4-5 emitters in a large pot, use a goof plug to cap the end, and coil it into the pot to water evenly. This tubing is usually attached to a length of 1/2 inch tubing which is attached to the spigot, but you can get an attachment to connect directly to the spigot if you want to--however make sure you don't turn on the water full blast, you will have to adjust the flow from the spigot to have the emitters work properly. You should google the process, there is lots of information available and lots of parts involved, and it really depends on how large an area you are trying to cover.

                    by|Mar 7, 2023
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                      Holes come completely closed!!!!
                      Extremely poor quality control. Installed my drip irrigation using this tubing before realizing that most of the holes come completely closed. Discovered the problem too late. All my lovely plants and flowers DEAD!!!!
                        1 found this review helpful
                        Used by plot holders of the garden club's community...
                        Used by plot holders of the garden club's community garden. This garden has 65 assigned plots. Plot holders favor this particular product.
                        • Verified Purchase
                        2 found this review helpful
                        Over the years we have tried multiple iterations for watering our garden. Sprinklers, 1/4 inch s...
                        Over the years we have tried multiple iterations for watering our garden. Sprinklers, 1/4 inch soaker hose, laser cut soaker hose, etc. Nothing worked to our satisfaction. This year we purchased Dig's 1/4 emitter tubing, with 6 inch dripper spacing. What a fantastic product! It gives us just the right amount of water directly to the plants at an equal volume of water flow throughout the garden. This has tremendously cut down the weed population, while our plants are thriving. We would highly recommend this product!
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                        • Recommended
                        7 found this review helpful
                        • Verified Purchase
                        • Verified Purchase
                        • Verified Purchase
                        Good product that works
                        • Verified Purchase
                        Wasted an Afternoon
                        I got the tubing and 90% of the holes are blocked or sprayed instead of dripped. Wasted an afternoon installing it. Will be replacing it with a different company's drip tubing.
                        Response from DIG Technical SupportMay 21, 2024
                        Hi Jack-
                        We're very sorry to hear about this product issue and we believe this may be a coil from a limited batch that was produced before our latest QC checks were implemented. Strict quality assurance procedures are in place, and DIG takes many steps to ensure that all our tubing, dripline, and other irrigation products meet our stringent specifications. Thank you for your report, and for using drip irrigation products. DIG
                          • Recommended
                          Some of these emitters drip like they should. Quite a few of them spray about 3 feet. They shouldn’t be doing that and so don’t know what to do with them. Should I take the pieces back? I’ve already cut them up to insert them into individual pots. What a mess!
                          Response from DIG Technical SupportMay 16, 2024
                          Hi Alabamagirl:

                          We're sorry to hear about this trouble, please call us at 1.800.322.9146 ext 143 or e-mail us at tech@digcorp.com and we will take care of this directly and send you out a new, non-defective 100' coil of dripline.

                          Thank you! DIG
                          • Verified Purchase
                          • Verified Purchase
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