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Complete Window Film Application Kit

  • Ready-to-use easy application with trigger spray bottle
  • Edging tool trims straight edges while card squeegee smooths film
  • Can be cut to size to fit your window needs
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Product Overview

DIY projects should be satisfying, not frustrating. Our Complete Window Film Application Kit contains the items to help with exactly that: a generously sized bottle of application solution, a plastic hard card squeegee to smooth bubbles, a low-lint cloth to whisk away debris without leaving more behind, and a trimming tool made for safety and accuracy.
  • WORKS WITH ANY RESIDENTIAL WINDOW FILM: Created for better results, whether you're working with longer lasting adhesive film or reusable static cling film
  • READY-TO-USE SOLUTION: Packaged in a 16oz spray-trigger bottle. Our ready-to-use solution is great for preparing the glass prior to film installation and helps with application of the film to the glass
  • INCLUDES A LOW-LINT CLOTH: Reduce the hidden particles and debris before you install the film
  • EASY-TO-USE FILM TRIMMING TOOL: Self-spacing and provides the recommended 1/16" spacing along the edges of the window
  • HARD CARD SQUEEGEE FOR EASY INSTALLATION: The 3" x 4" hard card squeegee makes it easy to apply the film to the glass and extract the application solution used during the install to help ensure no water bubbles are left behind

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SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If at any time you are dissatisfied with your purchase, CPFilms will gladly replace defective product. For product information, call 1-800-528-4481.

Questions & Answers


Instructions please.. I am 87 and want to do it right.. Thank you

Asked by Nana September 30, 2020

It's pretty easy and the film can be removed and start again if anything goes wrong. First, cut the film to size. Tape one corner in place about 1/8" or less from each of the two edges. Mark and cut the other two sides the same distance form the edge, either with the supplied cutter or some good scissors. Remove the tape and clean the window very well and wipe with a lint free cloth. Wet the window well with the spray included in the kit. Remove the backing from the film and place it at the top of the window, centered. Use the squeegee to remove any air bubbles, and work your way down. If the window is too dry, spray with come more of the included spray. If you have any bubbles between the film and the window, be sure to work those to either side or the bottom before continuing. If anything goes wrong, you can lift the film away from the window and start again - just be sure to not get the window side dirty. I had never done this before and was surprised at how easy it was - so much easier than the self-adhesive type of film.

Under Info & Guides, there is a link to Installation Instructions and a link to Measurement Guide...

Asked by erzweiler September 18, 2020

Bought the products installed with lots of difficulty. Once dried...all the film fell down...tried again with same results! Very disappointed and waste of money

What is in the application liquid

Asked by bev March 24, 2020

Well, a whole list of ingredients !

Will this spray help non adhesive tint stick to the glass or is there something else I have to get to do this just water

Asked by Damon March 17, 2020

Yes, I bought the kit two years ago. I haven’t had one problem. It’s still in place and looking good.

Do I have to use the special solution to put the paper up on the window or can I use water?

Asked by Gayle October 4, 2019

I doubt that plain water will work, I found my special solution and it said not to mix with water so my guess is the straight water would not work.

How do you remove the sticky stuff left behind from window film?

Asked by jc September 10, 2019

There was no sticky stuff left in window

When does it dry ?

Asked by Teresa June 12, 2019

There is a 7-10 day curing time.

Does this Harm glass

Asked by WR May 15, 2019

NO-Not at all. There are no adhesive effects left on glass or mirrored surfaces if removed.

Once film is removed can it be reinstalled

Asked by Pat December 26, 2018


Can this product be used on the outside of the window and hold up to elements? Or must it be used...

Asked by Bruce August 22, 2018

I used it inside

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This product is so easy to use and really leaves...
This product is so easy to use and really leaves an aesthetically pleasing look that offers an inexpensive alternative for window privacy yet still allows natural light to come through.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Absolutely love this stuff!...
Absolutely love this stuff!
by HomeDepotCustomer
Hades on Earth
Installs like hades, puts you through hades, looks like hades afterward. I have performed hundreds of home improvement and home rehab projects and installations. Installing Gila window film using the Gila Window Film Application Kit on a single 44"x56" window was of the more frustrating experiences of my entire life. You will feel like using every curse word you know, then making up 8000 more new curse words! Just so you know, the pictures show what my installation looks like AFTER I spent an hour working out the bubbles with the included squeegee. I bought 2 boxes of this Gila privacy film, to install on two large bathroom windows and three small 21"x21" bedroom windows. I naturally wanted to install on the largest window first, then use the scraps to get the smaller windows. I also bought the $10 Gila Window Film Application Kit. Issues: 1. Gila sells their film in a 4.5' x 6' roll that has shape memory, so after you take the clear film off and spray everything down with the Application Kit solution, the film rolls up on itself and then sticks to itself, and it takes so much force to get it back apart that it permanently mars the film, which ruins your installation. 2. In the meantime, the application solution is drying on the window, so you have to pause to respray the window. You're pulling your hair out now, and that hair is sticking to the window film. And your solution is starting to run out. 3. The film now has permanent creases in it from being stuck together and pulled apart, and a little hole where it started to tear. 4. The GILA Trim Tool that came with the Window Film Application Kit dulls before finishing the first window, tearing the film, making your installation look like hades. They only give you one Trim Tool in the kit, when they should give you 8 in the kit. I still have 4 more windows to go! But I'll shove live scorpions up my nose before I'll pay Gila another cent for another Window Film Application Kit in order to get another Trim Tool. 5. When trimming with the Trim Tool, it will trim 1/16" away from the edge of the metal window frame. This is not enough of a gap to clear the bead of manufacturer rubber window seal on the edge. Consequently, you will trim off small bits of rubber seal that will get under the edges of the window film, preventing the window film from sticking to the window at the edges. Also, this means there will not be the required 1/16" gap between the edge of the window film and the bead of rubber or caulk on the edge of the window seal. So the window film will be butting up against the seal, preventing the film from laying flat on the window. You'll have to manually go back and RETRIM the window film, and by now your Gila Edging Tool is really dull, resulting in more rips and tears. Instead of a nice clean edge, it will look ragged and jagged. You will try to use scissors, but without the clear protective film backing, you will find the film is slippery from the application solution, and will not cut well at all. So the edges of your installation will look horrible. Each time you pull back the film to readjust or retrim or get rid of a strip of the cut rubber seal, you will use more of your Application Solution. By the time you are done with your 44"x56" window, you will be out of Application Solution. But you will rather stuff live scorpions up your nose than pay Gila another $10 for another Window Film Application Kit to get another bottle of Application Solution. 6. You'll spend A WHOLE HOUR FRUSTRATED AND MAD using the included squeegee trying to squeegee out air bubbles, because the film had stretched when its adhesive side stuck to itself. So even after an hour, your installation will look like hades afterward
by HiYoSilverAway
Response from GilaOct 7, 2020
Thank you for taking the time to provide a review. Your feedback is very important to us and allows us to better serve you. We’d like to help improve your experience. Please contact Gila Films Customer Service at 1-800-528-4481; our representatives are available 24/7 and can share information about Gila Films FAQs, Help & How-Tos and Warranty Information. We're committed to providing you with excellent products and great value, and look forward to resolving any concerns you may have.
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The application spray was enough to apply a roll and then some. The cutter is nice but wish there...
The application spray was enough to apply a roll and then some. The cutter is nice but wish there was a little more protrusion and cutting corner of the window were tricky. The yellow item is a plus when moving air bubbles and liquid from behind the tint. I dropped it and it disturbed the edge. Luckily both sides can be used as i felt uncomfortable using the side with the snag. I also had a spare from another kit I bought. All in all the kit compliments the tint that was applied.
by BB
Once you get the hang of the first one it is so easy to install. I haven’t gotten the first elect...
Once you get the hang of the first one it is so easy to install. I haven’t gotten the first electric bill just yet but it is definitely cooler in our home. So glad we got this. Bonus was that our Nosy neighbor can’t see in the windows now.
by Carmen
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Easy to install.
Easy to install.
by Nonong
1 person found this helpful
I bought 3 kits and was able to do 3 windows. Very pleased with how easy it was to install. The w...
I bought 3 kits and was able to do 3 windows. Very pleased with how easy it was to install. The windows look fantastic. Beautiful when the sun shines through them.
by cheri
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You are no longer including the cutter guide w/ the kit. This guide is still in your instructions...
You are no longer including the cutter guide w/ the kit. This guide is still in your instructions. Luckily I still had a slightly damaged guide from previous project. W/O guide I would of had a very difficult time.
by Gary
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A most have kit when applying Gila vinyls! Made my project easier and ensured a professional result.
A most have kit when applying Gila vinyls! Made my project easier and ensured a professional result.
by LawncareAdvocate
1 person found this helpful
I highly suggest purchasing this kit if you are applying Gila or any othere brand static window f...
I highly suggest purchasing this kit if you are applying Gila or any othere brand static window film. The spray is great, yellow card removes bubbles and razor knife cuts the appropriate amount of film off edges. I also suggest a window squeegee. Also use a flat edge razor blade to slide across window several times to make sure window is free of any stuck on debris. My #1 suggestion while applying film. If u think your windows are clean. Clean them again!
by Kort
5 people found this helpful
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