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3/4 in. IPS DR 11 Underground Yellow Poly Gas Pipe Coupler

  • For use with Natural Gas and Liquid Propane applications
  • Only compatible with IPS sized, polyethylene pipe
  • The only underground gas compression fitting on the market
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Product Overview

Home Flex Underground Fitting - Expanded View

Revolutionary Compression Design

The unique compression design makes it the easiest underground gas fitting on the market. No special tools or skills required.

Home Flex Underground Lifestyle

Easy Install Of Underground Gas Lines

With HOME-FLEX UNDERGROUND, just cut your pipe and insert the included stiffener. There’s no need to chamfer the pipe, only smooth away any burrs and then tighten the nuts.

HOME-FLEX Underground Coupler

Connect Pipe With Ease

Easily connect runs of pipe to another pipe run, a meter riser, or transition fitting with our one-of-a-kind fittings.

HOME-FLEX Underground Elbow

Make 90 Degree Turns Without Special Tools

It is simple to change the direction of your pipe run with our different fitting options.

HOME-FLEX Underground Tee

Easily Add To Your Pipe System

With the ability to remove and reuse the fittings again and again, you can add a tee and make a new line whenever you want.

HOME-FLEX Underground Pipe

Lightweight, Durable, And Never Rusts

This MDPE pipe is easier to use than standard steel pipe, and the polyethylene construction will never rust.

Easy Installation

Simple Installation

Easy to follow steps and a simple compression design makes install a breeze.

Quick Installation

Save Time And Money

Quickly install yourself with no need to purchase professional tools or services.


Reuse The Same Supplies

When changing the location or adding to a line, just remove and reinstall.

Rated for 125 PSI

Exceeds PSI Standards

Use with confidence knowing the products are made to withstand high PSI ratings.

IPS Sized

Iron Pipe Size Measurements

All pipe and fittings are IPS (Iron Pipe Size) and are fully compatible with other IPS polyethylene pipe.

Direct Burial

Direct Burial Permitted

These gas pipe and fittings are approved for underground application.

The HOME-FLEX underground in. Pipe Coupler allows you to safely and easily connect two pieces of polyethylene gas piping. Simply cut the pipe, slide in the provided stiffener and slide into the fitting and tighten down.

Info & Guides

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3/4 in. IPS DR 11 Underground Yellow Poly Gas Pipe Coupler
1 in. IPS DR 11 Underground Yellow Poly Gas Pipe Coupler3/4 in. IPS Poly DR 11 to 3/4 in. MIP Underground Yellow Poly Gas Transition1/2 in. IPS Poly DR 9.3 to 3/4 in. MIP Underground Steel Meter Riser Bent
Name3/4 in. IPS DR 11 Underground Yellow Poly Gas Pipe Coupler1 in. IPS DR 11 Underground Yellow Poly Gas Pipe Coupler3/4 in. IPS Poly DR 11 to 3/4 in. MIP Underground Yellow Poly Gas Transition1/2 in. IPS Poly DR 9.3 to 3/4 in. MIP Underground Steel Meter Riser Bent
Fitting 1 size3/4"1"3/4"1/2"
Fitting or Connector TypeCouplingCouplingAdapterRiser
ApplicationNatural Gas,PropaneNatural Gas,PropaneNatural Gas,PropaneNatural Gas,Propane
FeaturesUnderground Rated,Underground UseUnderground Rated,Underground UseUnderground Rated,Underground UseUnderground Rated
Pack Size1111
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Double Fitting Size
3/4" x 3/4"
Fitting 1 size
Fitting 2 size
Product Length (in.)


Natural Gas,Propane
Color Family
Compatible Pipe Material
Connection 1
Connection 2
Underground Rated,Underground Use
Fitting or Connector Type
Fitting/ Connector Collection
Maximum working pressure (psi)
Maximum Working Temperature (F)
Pack Size
Pipe or Fitting Product Type
Fittings & Connectors
Product Weight (lb.)
Reducing Fitting

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
30 Days

Questions & Answers


Can the stiffeners be purchased separately? I may have lost one ( or it was not in the package to...

Asked by Slug October 31, 2020

Hi, Slub - No, the stiffeners cannot be purchased separately as they are included as a component to the actual fitting. If it was missing from the package, simply return it to The Home Depot for an exchange. FYI, the stiffeners may not be easily seen in the unopened package as they are inside the actual fitting.

Would gophers be a problem with this product?

Asked by soupson October 4, 2020

I’m not sure if gophers would bother this, but the pipe is very thick. My experience is that this needs to be buried more than 24-30” deep to meet code. Not likely a gopher will go that deep but it’s possible. FYI I’ve had gophers in an area where mine is buried but to my knowledge they have not messed with it. I’m 30” deep.

in extremely sandy and rocky soil, can Underground Yellow Polyethylene Gas Pipe be placed in a PVC pipe as a conduit

Asked by Jmac September 6, 2020

Hi, JMac - Putting the HFUG gas pipe in a pvc sleeve would be somewhat redundant and costly. We always recommend that you consult the codes for your local area keeping in mind ASTM D2774 "Standard Practice for Underground Installation of Thermoplastic Pressure Piping." Generally, rocks over 1/2" should be removed and a smooth, flat, somewhat sandy base be used and the trench immediately around the pipe itself should also be backfilled with the same type of sandy soil. Your local codes and/or inspector may require something different however, so that is why it's highly recommended you check your local codes.

does this piping require to be grounded?

Asked by John August 11, 2020

Underground PE gas pipe does not need to be bonded. CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) above ground / in-building lines need to be bonded. Suggest you refer to our manuals available on or copy/paste this link: While on the site, you can also check out the CSST installation manual just for reference.

Does the stiffener come with the coupler?

Asked by Amateur July 7, 2020

Yes, each fitting comes with the proper number of stiffeners.

will this coupler work with 1/2in meter riser which is 9.3 to gas pipe dr 11

Asked by snake June 5, 2020

Hi Snake, Yes this coupler will work with the 1/2" IPS meter riser. There is a typo. 1/2" IPS is DR 9.3 not DR 11. For more info please give me a call. (661) 257-3923. Ask for Jon. I am here from 8-5 Los Angles time, M-F.

How deep in the ground should this pipe be buried?

Asked by Ralph May 28, 2020

Hi Ralph, The minimum required trench depth is specified by your local plumbing code. The amount of earth covering your gas piping system will range from 12 inches to 24 inches. Check with your local jurisdiction. Here is a link that you can copy and then paste into your web browser. It will take you to the HOME-FLEX Underground System Design and Installation Manual. This manual will provide you with some general information.

Can this tubing stand to have small rocks in the backfill"?

Asked by Reggie May 7, 2020

Hi Reggie, Your local code will dictate the proper back fill for your trench. generally speaking, you will have to screen out any small stones that are larger than 1/2" Some codes will require that you create a bed of sand and partially back fill with sand. If your location does not have a specific code regarding the trench and back fill, you should follow ASTM D2774 Standard Practice for Underground Installation of Thermoplastic Pressure Piping. you can obtain this from

how long does this part take to ship?

Asked by don April 9, 2020

Will will ship it within 2 working days of receiving your order.

Can I run this under a outdoor patio concrete slab through schedule 40 pvc for a BBQ grill?

Asked by Jerry April 2, 2020

Schedule 80, if the placement is closer to the slab.

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Very easy to use and fast installation. No need to bevel the edge.
Very easy to use and fast installation. No need to bevel the edge.
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This poly pipe system is great for installing underground propane piping. No need to join many le...
This poly pipe system is great for installing underground propane piping. No need to join many lengths like with iron pipe. No need to dig straight trenches, we could curve it around obstacles. The riser elbows made the into and out of the ground ends easy.
Was this helpful?
You really need to fuss with this thing to get it to hold pressure. I installed 2 lines, one had ...
You really need to fuss with this thing to get it to hold pressure. I installed 2 lines, one had a large leak that i eventually fixed with reseating the couplings, one had a very slow leak that i never got fixed. I verified that all other pipe fittings had no leak so it must have been these. I was hoping for an easy no brainer fitting, I don't think this one is it.
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Response from VPC, Home-Flex ExpertAugust 14, 2017
Hi Ironcore, Thank you for your feedback. We rely on this type of feedback coming in from the field in order to learn more about how and where our products are being used and what types of improvements we should make. I am surprised to hear that you had to "fuss with" the fitting to get a leak free installation. I am very interested in hearing more about your installation. Were our instructions easy for you to follow step by step? Did you fully tighten the fitting by hand and snug it with your pliers? Did you use the supplied insert? If possible, could you give us a call here at HOME-FLEX and provide some additional information? We are here M-F from 8-5 Pacific time. Our number is 661-257-3923. Ask for Jon ValenciaPipe
Very easy to assemble...
Very easy to assemble
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
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Worked like a champ
Rarely do I write a review for anything, but just had to on this one. This was my first time to ever install natural gas line, running a drop out to my new barn. Just follow the directions, super easy. Did a pressure test at 15lbs and held steady 24 hours!
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Great product easy To install !!...
Great product easy To install !!
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Coupler is well designed and simple to install....
Coupler is well designed and simple to install.
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Not Happy
I am a professional and have run many gas lines of various sizes in 30 + years. Against my better judgement I purchased these thinking it was good idea and 3/4" is generally easy to work with. I'm used to the sweeps having the stab fitting in place and just push the pipe inside. I have the proper chamfering tools for ease of fit. I did have to fuss with the 2 I had, to seal and hold pressure. Job took twice as long as it should have. I was cringing as I was tightening to finally seal off. Plastic like this generally jump off the threads when you over tightening. I don't recommend these coupling. Do yourself a favor and use the stab couplings from a plumbing supply. You can purchase an inexpensive chamfer tool online
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Response from VPC, Home-Flex ExpertOctober 26, 2020
Hi, Poolguy86 - We're sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our product especially since we have had thousands of successful installations. You mentioned chamfering tools. Please be advised that our HomeFlex underground poly pipe does not need to be chamfered. In fact, it's counter-productive. Simply ensure the pipe is cut cleanly, insert the stiffener from the coupler/tee provided, and slide the tube into the fitting bottoming it out against the black main body. Tighten the fitting hand-tight, then apply 2 pliers to the fitting and give it another 1/4 turn. No need to tighten too much. We invite you to refer to our very comprehensive and helpful CSST Design & Installation Manual at Thank you for your review. ValenciaPipe
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