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0.47 oz. ClearWeld Syringe Epoxy

  • 1:1 mix ratio, EZMixer included with resealable cap
  • 5 minute set time and 1 hour cure; tensile strength of 3900 PSI
  • Metal, PVC, wood, concrete, ceramic & tile, fiberglass and glass
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About This Product

J-B Weld ClearWeld Syringe is a quick setting, multipurpose two part epoxy that provides a strong and lasting bond on most surfaces including tile, most plastics, ceramic, glass, wood and metal. ClearWeld is designed to cure with a clear, transparent bond when used at thicknesses of less than 15 mil. ClearWeld has a 1:1 mixing ratio, sets in 5 minutes and cures in 1 hour. With a tensile strength of 3900 PSI, ClearWeld sets to a hard, permanent bond.


  • Crystal clear epoxy sets in 5 minutes and cures in 1 hour
  • Great for tile, most plastics, ceramic, glass, wood, metal and more
  • Tensile strength of 3900 PSI for a strong, permanent bond
  • No mess, no waste cap screws on one way to eliminate accidental mixing and ensure it won't dry out
  • Great for wood
  • Great for metal
  • Dries clear
  • Cure time 1 hour
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Product Information

Internet # 303710929

Model # 50114H

Store SKU # 1002913061

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Dimensions: H 8.5 in, W 4.1 in, D 1.25 in


Product Depth (in.)

1.25 in

Product Height (in.)

8.5 in

Product Size (oz.)


Product Width (in.)

4.1 in


Adhesion level


Curing time (hours)


Dry Color


Epoxy Accessory Type



Moisture Resistant, Solvent Resistant


2 Part

Glue/Epoxy Type

Concrete Epoxy, Metal Epoxy, Plastic Epoxy



Package Quantity


Product Form


Product Weight (oz.)

.1 oz

Recommended Surfaces

Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Plastic



Set Time (Min.)


Usage Location

Acoustic, General

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty


Questions & Answers

Q:I have a toilet tank with a very fine and short hairline crack in the bottom that is causing a very slow leak. Is this both waterproof and sufficiently strong for continuous water immersion?
by|Apr 10, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Look to the Marine weld 50172. Lightley sand the porcelain to remove the gloss. Apply this and let it cure overnight. It is also white in color.

by|Apr 10, 2024
    Q:Can this be used for a golf club extension of a steel shaft?
    by|Mar 24, 2024
    2 Answers
    Answer This Question

    A:  Many folks have used our Clearweld for golf club repair

    by|Mar 26, 2024

      A:  I have had many folks use our Clearweld on golf clubs. Be sure to clean well with acetone for the best adhesion.

      by|Mar 26, 2024
        Q:can this product be used to fix a hairline crack in a fiberglass hot tub above the waterline?
        by|Mar 19, 2024
        1 Answer
        Answer This Question

        A:  If the tub is white look to the Marine weld syringe 50172

        by|Mar 20, 2024
          by|Mar 10, 2024
          1 Answer
          Answer This Question

          A:  Yes. It is waterproof too

          by|Mar 13, 2024
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            • Verified Purchase
            Stick it and forget it
            Good stuff for bonding 3d printer materials. I couldn't get it from not clogging the end after use. I have bought again for its straight.
            Response from jbweld TeamJan 9, 2023
            email me at chris@jbweld.com for a replacement for the bad item jbweld
            • Verified Purchase
            • Recommended
            Didn’t hold my plastic chair, even though I followed the...
            Didn’t hold my plastic chair, even though I followed the instructions.
            • Verified Purchase
            Does a great job.
            I build industrial lamps for the home owner. I have many joints to secure as I build them out of pipe. Love the mixing of the two part adhesives with the tube dispenser.
            • Verified Purchase
            • Recommended
            Some tips for using this great product
            First, read instructions (yeah, I’m talking to THAT guy). Follow them closely, including using this for only those materials indicated on the packaging. JB has a product for pretty much everything, so go find it if this ain’t it. Highlights: Glove up and get a disposable work surface—you’ve been warned. Plan your clamping/immobilizing methods ahead of time. Clean surfaces completely. This can’t be overemphasized. Mix it up with a Microbrush that will also double as the applicator (Google it after seeing my pics) in a PLASTIC spoon to keep it contained and easily mixable. To decrease working time mix it for additional time. Recap the double syringe immediately after dispensing or you won’t be using again. There is enough there for a few years of household use, if you don’t let it get contaminated, mixed accidentally or dried out. Don’t get in a rush, you actually have plenty of time to get it on as much surface area of the repair surfaces as you can, so be thorough. Observe the set and cure times. Again, don’t get impatient. Let it sit without any stresses on it for at least a day.
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              7 found this review helpful
              Chipped Marble Vanity No More!
              The instructions on attaching the mixing chute are vague and I found that part to be tricky as the mix seeps out onto fingers while figuring it out. However this was an amazing and cheap fix to my marble vanity that I took a chunk out of. It dried clear and is holding very tight. I recommend building a brace to assist during the 5 minute set process. I must have moved a tiny bit as the one side is slightly off. By time I realized it had already set! Works fast that’s for sure.
                • Recommended
                Great epoxy! This Clearweld comes in a handy syringe dispenser with the hardener on one side and ...
                Great epoxy! This Clearweld comes in a handy syringe dispenser with the hardener on one side and the resin on the other. It comes with a self mixing long nozzle which is good for big jobs. It mixes as it comes out of the nozzle. It has a cap that is attached between the plungers that just snaps off and is placed over the end when your finished and want to store it away. I used this to repair some wires that somehow I pulled out of an expensive wireless headset. I included pictures and as you can see it does dry clear. The key is to apply equal pressure to the plunger as you dispense this to get equal amounts from both tubes out on to a piece of scrap cardboard. I use small sticks or toothpicks to then mix them together thoroughly. I then waited a bit till it began to cure because I did want want it to run, I wanted it to stay put where I applied it. Left it to dry and it worked perfectly and my headset is better than new now and the epoxy is solid! So many uses for this big and small it is bound to come in handy. Great product great price!
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                ClearWeld is a quick setting, multipurpose two (2) part epoxy providing a strong and lasting bond...
                ClearWeld is a quick setting, multipurpose two (2) part epoxy providing a strong and lasting bond on most surfaces. ClearWeld will dry clear with a transparent bond when applied at a thickness of less than 15 ml. With two (2) easy to use plungers it mixes at a 1:1 ratio. ClearWeld sets in five (5) minutes and cures in one (1) hour. Provides an amazing tensile strength of 4400 PSI. Once cured it set to a hard, permanent bond. EZmixer tube provides for a fine and precise application. Recommended for use with tile, most plastics, ceramic, glass, wood, and metal. Used to repair a shower wall panel and it worked great.
                • Recommended
                2 found this review helpful
                he yellow circle shows the repairThe other day I chipped the glass turntable in the microwave with my coffee mug. I knew that ClearWeld epoxy can mend glass together but, did not know but hoped that the epoxy is microwave safe. But, I guessed that it would be safe. The directions on the package left me confused. The package reads "after removing the replaceable cap, press down on plunger and squeeze..........". I thought that meant the plastic piece on the tip. It was not until I started pushing the plunger and having it stop half way and no matter how hard i squeezed the plungers nothing came out at that time I realized that the real top cap was between the two plungers. Too late for the first batch of mixed epoxy had started to harden. Now with the knowledge of how to dispense and mix the epoxy, I started over to repair my glass turntable. Once again I messed up as the epoxy was meant to be clear and my playing with the glass by repositioning the shard back onto the turntable and by sanding it smooth too. By getting air and dust in the epoxy mix by constant motion, instead of just holding it tight, the epoxy clouded. {see attached photo of the repair}. Although not very pretty this ClearWeld did the job and the microwave has no effect on the repair. The Feature that gives me the best Advantage is the strength of this ClearWeld epoxy and the ability to hold tight. The Benefit I received is a working glass turntable inside our microwave. If you ever need to repair any critical artifact make sure to do the job right and use ClearWeld Epoxy, as I can recommend it to you.
                • Recommended
                J-B Weld makes some really nice products and you can now add the ClearView epoxy to that growing list. This epoxy is so very, very easy to use. No more having to stir up two equal but different ingredients in their own containers and then mix them together. In the time it takes to do that with this product your done epoxying and onto another project. Now its just squirt and quick mix and your ready. This epoxy sets in five minutes and cures in one hour to a clear transparent supper strong bond. It can be used on a whole lot of different materials such as plastics, metal, wood, glass, ceramic and more. It's uses are unlimited. It will harden to a tensile strength of 4400psi.
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                1 found this review helpful
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