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Model # RV351-GM

Slim Series Robot Vacuum in Gun Metal with Scheduling

  • Slim design easily cleans hard-to-reach areas
  • Preprogrammed movement patterns covers more area
  • Daily Scheduling feature lets you choose time of day to clean
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Product Details

About This Product

The KOBOT Slim Series Robot Vacuum RV351 has all the features to make daily cleaning simple. The slim design helps clean hard to reach areas such as under the bed, couch and coffee table with the touch of a button. The KOBOT Slim Series combines roller brush and vacuum technology to pick up large and fine particles. Its gentle touch sensitive bumpers wont harm your furniture or baseboards. Equipped with fall prevention sensors, the robot can clean around stairs and ledges. The preprogrammed intelligent movement patterns maximize room coverage. After cleaning, it will start its journey back to the charging dock automatically. Double Clean mode has the robot clean the space, return to the base to recharge, and will automatically go back out to clean a for a thorough secondary clean. The KOBOT also works around your schedule with the Daily Scheduling feature which allows you to choose when you would like to clean the space, by selecting the time of day you wish on the charging dock. Imagine a cleaner space with the freedom to spend time doing other things, rather than worrying about chores.


Product Information

Internet # 302060394

Model # RV351-GM

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Dimensions: H 3.43, W 11.61, D 13.98


Product Depth (in.)


Product Height (in.)


Product Width (in.)



Amperage (A)

1 A

Appliance Category

Floor Care

Battery Type Required


Brush Bristle Type


Cleaning Path Width (in.)


Color Family




Filter Type


Floor Care Features

Bagless, Low Battery Indicator, Switch On Power Unit, Wet/Dry

Included Accessories

Batteries, Charger, Filter, Floor brush

Navigation Path

Random Navigation

Number of Batteries Required


Product Weight (lb.)

7.72 lb

Recommended Surfaces

Bare Floor, Carpet, Concrete, Laminate, Tile, Vinyl, Wood



Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings

No Certifications or Listings

Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year

Questions & Answers

Q:Hi, can I use it with carpet foam cleaner?
by|Nov 13, 2020
2 Answers
Answer This Question

A:  probably not - if it is the type that drys maybe - but I don't think it would work well

by|Dec 4, 2020

A:  I don't think so.

by|Nov 13, 2020
    Q:How well does this work on hardwood floors and area rugs?
    by|Nov 12, 2020
    2 Answers
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    A:  We purchased this during the Black Friday sale. My husband placed the parts together, charged the device, and we watched it clean our floors.

    by|Dec 5, 2020

      A:  This is the only robot type vacuum I ever used. It works ok most of the time - occasionally failing to negociate the fringed edge of a 9' x14' oriental rug and/or emerge from under our long (and low) sofa. I still vacuum with a regular upright every now and them because the Kobot just doesn't get everything.

      by|Nov 16, 2020
      Q:I need this for a pool
      by|Aug 5, 2020
      1 Answer
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      A:  Mine absolutely refuses to go anywhere near water.

      by|Aug 11, 2020
      Q:how do I get more filters and brushes?
      by|Jul 12, 2020
      1 Answer
      Answer This Question

      A:  Buy Replacement parts at the manufacturer support website: https://www.techkokobot.com/support

      by|Jul 23, 2020
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        The robot vac is a must have it really picks up. I would recommend this vac to my friends and fam...
        The robot vac is a must have it really picks up. I would recommend this vac to my friends and family.
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        Easy set-up, works well for light trafficked floors [not 'heavy-duty'] very much like the schedul...
        Easy set-up, works well for light trafficked floors [not 'heavy-duty'] very much like the scheduling application and dust pad option. Dirt collector box is easy to clean too. Recommend for hard wood & low pile carpets for in-between regular cleaning.
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        This is my first robot vacuum so I did not know what to expect. We fully vacuumed our house with ...
        This is my first robot vacuum so I did not know what to expect. We fully vacuumed our house with a traditional upright vacuum as we have a Husky, and needless to say we can have lots of fur at any given time. About an hour after vacuuming, we set "Skynet" loose just to see how it operated. It surprisingly ran for about 2 hours, (which I imagine will reduce over time as the battery wears). It appeared to cover most of each room it visited, (4 rooms and a hallway). It needed assistance 3 times. The first was when it tangled on a cord that we forgot about under a credenza. The 2nd was when some Husky fur tangled around one of the wheels, and the last was when it finally ran out of juice. I really did not expect too much from the performance, as we had already cleaned, but I was shocked to find the dustbin completely full. That is saying something when it still manages to pick up a bin full of dirt/fur when you have already used a corded upright with a beater brush! I am completely impressed so far. I have only used it twice and you have to figure out where it gets stuck so you can block or remove the obstruction, and when you pick it up to clean the obstruction it loses its "mapping" memory, so it has not found its way back to the base before running out of juice yet...but I believe that after I find all the places that it gets hung up and I am not picking it up to pull out a cord and such, it should be able to return to base, if I understand the operating instructions properly. It does seem to hit the same areas multiple times, and the path seems random, but so far the floors look pretty good. It seems to be able to navigate around chairs and tables nicely. It does not seem to "sense" an upcoming obstruction, but the crescent shaped bumper does not take a lot of pressure to correct the path. So far I'm impressed! I may buy another for our upstairs!
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          great vac for the price
          we first got the Roomba from another box store. We liked so.much bc it picked up a.lot of dirt and dog hair. Then I was at a store and saw the rebranded Kobot for half the price. So I said why not. we can test it and see how it goes. Wow! The Kobot picked up even more dirt and dog hair. Probably bc it has 2 brushes. The Roomba only has one. The Kobot is also shorter and smaller so it can get in to spots the Roomba cannot. Yes it can get stuck in tight spots and has to be freed up at times. But am willing to put up with it considering how well it cleans. I just got done replacing our main floor with wood and these robot vacs are great on them. We are keeping both vacs!!!
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            I'm surprised that this vacuum picked up as much as it does. However, it does the picking up over...
            I'm surprised that this vacuum picked up as much as it does. However, it does the picking up over a long period of time. I may not be standing over it like I would a vacuum in hand, but I still need to be around. The vacuum tends to try to climb over things up to about an 1"high and gets stuck. It will beep to let me know when it's in distress. I have to wait for the beeps to find it especially if it's stuck under furniture. I notice that it also gets stuck under my refrigerator door. I figured that's how it got the scratch marks on top. I have a great room with wood floors. Lots of chair legs and tables to go around. When I used it the first time, I noticed the long bristle side brushes created enough air movement, that any dusty particles in its path seem to be blown to the side and not towards the center of the machine to be picked up by the underside roller brush. The machine seems to take the same similar path as well -- meaning that it gets stuck in the same places over and over again. This is a large great room...and, yes, there are lots of obstacles, but the vacuum seems to only partially reach the open spaces as it seems to rely on bouncing off of objects to determine its next path. It's as if it's striving to reach just the outer edges of the room. So even though it doesn't seem to capture the whole room, the dust bin is proof that it is collecting dust and dirt! It's easy enough to clean the dust bin and to remove the roller to clean out the hairs too. The side brushes seems to reach under the edges of the kitchen cabinets which I like. That's closer than when I use a regular upright vacuum. And this vacuum does know how to find the charging station on its own. The vacuum is probably only slightly less noisy than a traditional vacuum. But that may be because I'm not hanging over it like I would be with a traditional vacuum. There are options for having the vacuum run multiple times - ie. vacuum, return to charge and then vacuum again when it's fully charged. Or to set to a schedule. However, I would never run unattended in my home. I don't think I could ever rely on this vacuum to clean my house regularly. But I do think it's a nice supplement.
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            First, we named her Tillie. There was minor assembly out of the box, a few hours on the charging ...
            First, we named her Tillie. There was minor assembly out of the box, a few hours on the charging station, and she was ready to work. Tillie does a great job going around all the corners of the house, along the baseboards, under the table, etc. She is a bit noisy so there would be no way for us to let her work while we were trying to sleep or had company unless she was on a different floor, and she can't be in the living room if we are watching TV. The only carpet we have in our home is an area rug in the living room and assorted throw rugs - the rest of our home is tile and laminate. She can go over the transition pieces just fine. I can't attest to her not falling down stairs because we don't have any. She does get hung up on light throw rugs if she tries to turn as she goes over the edge of them, but she does okay if she hits them straight on. She also gets hung up under our loveseat and under one recliner. When she is stuck, she stops moving but gives me an audible beep occasionally to call for help. I have had to rescue her enough times that I wouldn't let her work if I wasn't in the house. I watched her try to back into the charging station and, even though it was against a wall, she was angled and it kept sliding away from her so I think it should be placed on a rug or more in a corner than on a straight wall and tile. Her dust bin pops out easily and dumps. There is a replaceable filter but I am getting along fine with just tapping it out - it cannot be washed but they do make replacements according to the manual. All in all, Tillie is a fun gadget that does a decent job on all the dog hair we have in the house as well as all the stuff the parrot throws out of his cage. I especially like to let her work in between my thorough vacuuming days, but she won't completely replace those days for me. The dogs aren't afraid of her at all although the parrot hasn't yet decided if she is friend or foe. She stays charged for quite awhile although she would probably work harder if you had more carpet that we do.
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            And they work well throughout the house....
            And they work well throughout the house.
            • Verified Purchase
            It keeps stopping even after I clean it...
            It keeps stopping even after I clean it
            • Verified Purchase
            I like that it has two brushes in the front,...
            I like that it has two brushes in the front, and it runs for at least two hours
            • Verified Purchase
            Robot doesn't charge and doesn't go back to the charging...
            Robot doesn't charge and doesn't go back to the charging block
            • Verified Purchase
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