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120-Volt/240-Volt Residential Whole House Surge Protector

  • Compatible for use with DHC power line carrier
  • Protect from the spike damage and surges entering the property
  • Ideal for mounting at the service entrance
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Product Overview

The 51110-001 Residential Surge Protection Panel is designed for mounting at the service entrance in homes, apartments and condominiums. It offers advanced surge protection for modern electronics and appliances, reducing the risk of damage from spikes and surges entering the property through AC power lines. The unit shall provide type 4X housing for indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Surge protection for 240-Volt/120-Volt, 50 Hz/60 Hz single-phase AC power lines
  • Real-time diagnostic visual indicator shows power and suppression status for each protected phase
  • UL1449 3.0 edition rated for 600V peak clamping voltage (L-N, L-G, N-G)
  • DHC power line carrier compatible
  • Separate surge suppression indicator lights stay on for phase 1 and phase 2 until protection is lost
  • Note: product may vary by store

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120-Volt/240-Volt Residential Whole House Surge Protector
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Connection type
Panel Mount
Electrical Product Type
Whole House Surge Protectors
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Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
ANSI Certified,CSA Listed,UL Listed
Manufacturer Warranty
10-Year Limited Warranty

Questions & Answers


Can I use 1/2" (1/2 width) 20A breakers for this application, such as: GE Q-Line 20 Amp 1/2 in. S...

Asked by JDSD July 16, 2020

This Device needs to attach to each of the two power bars located in a 240 V power panel. If you are using a 1/2" breaker that only attaches to one power bar then you are not protecting the whole 240 V panel. If your power panel is only 120 V then you will need to consult the directions for proper attachment and protection in the whole house Surge Protector.

What's the connected equipment warranty coverage in years and dollars?

Asked by tjtexas August 14, 2019

Yes. It has a limited warranty of 10 years.

Service comes into house to a fused manual disconnect and then to two separate electrical breaker...

Asked by Wayne July 28, 2019

Hi Wayne, A couple of things come to mind: I suspect that the electrical outlets that you plug your HDMI equipped devices are not of the grounding type, rendering the local surge protectors ineffective; Having panelboards at each end of the house means there are feeder wires between it and the main service. These feeder wires are subject to surges created by lightning and they and their branch circuits are beyond the protection of the surge protector at the service. Because there are so many variables, it is hard to say if second, properly grounded whole house surge protector would alleviate the problem. My recommendation is to get a reliable electrical contractor to review your situation to make sure your electrical system is up to par and safe He will give you options to correct the problem.

Can this be hooked to the main breaker?

Asked by Mark September 24, 2018

No it has to be wired across it's own 220 v breaker

My main breaker panel is full and I have a sub panel. If I install the surge protector in the sub...

Asked by SGTROCK June 3, 2018

Protected is a relative term, so the answer is maybe yes and maybe no. The further the surge protector is from the source of the surge and/or the load(s) you are trying to protect, the less likely it is to provide protection.

Can this be installed at an exterior location?

Asked by Keen April 13, 2018

Yes, the unit is housed within a NEMA 4X 12 enclosure.

What is the clamping current for this device?

Asked by Keen April 12, 2018

Clamping UL 1449 2.5 edition rating Clamping UL 1449 3.0 edition rating

when you mount the surge protector on the bottom of the panel it is upside down is there anyway you can make it right side up

Asked by paul September 22, 2017

No, not as it is manufactured. It won't hurt to be upside down (bottom fed panel) or sideways (top fed panel with no room at the top). If like me, appearances are important, and the wires are long enough, with a special fitting you can flex out of the bottom of the unit into the panel. However, DO NOT splice or otherwise lengthen the wires, it can affect the unit's ability to meet specifications.

how come when you install a surge protector in the bottom of the panel it's upside down

Asked by paul September 22, 2017

It was made to be installed at the top?

Would this be good for voltage spikes

Asked by Ljd September 21, 2017


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Easy installation and great electrical protection for the price
Easy installation and great electrical protection for the price
by Nieves
Its a great product , recomended
Its a great product , recomended
by Felipe
Had electrician install unit and hope this will sub do the damages from brown outs and power surges.
Had electrician install unit and hope this will sub do the damages from brown outs and power surges.
by bountyhunter
Great Insurance
This surge protector is awesome. With computer chips in nearly everything from TV's to refrigerators and even the new stoves this is about the best insurance that money can buy. The installation was easy enough. I had an empty circuit breaker at the bottom of my meter base outside my house. The surge protector is rated a NEMA 4x meaning it is pretty much waterproof so I installed it there. It's actually before my house circuit breaker panel making the location perfect for good protection. Everything went as planned and in this situation no news is definitely good news. With all of the electronics in homes these days and insurance deductibles so high installing this is a no brainer.
by Sa
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Great Price! Great Protection! Simply Great Install!
Having had numerous power surges damage and destroy expensive electronics like laptops and home appliances over the years, the prospect of having whole-house surge protection was a welcome one to say the least. So when saw this item available in the Home Depot Seeds campaign, I quickly selected it. Initially, I expected to be able to install this product myself since it is intended to wire directly into the top-left and top-right 20A circuit breakers, the reality was that in order to have the manufacturer honor the covered devices warranty, a certified electrician must install this product. Now obviously if you have a friend or family member that is a certified electrician this could cost you nothing more than a favor being called in. For me, I contacted a local company who offered to install the product for a reduced cost due to the easy and quick install. Overall the install went smoothly other than working around some odd-ball wiring from the previous owners of our home and I would estimate it took no more than 20 minutes and the install was very clean. Now it would seem apparent that I can't speak to how well this product will protect against a lightning strike or a surge from the power company since I continue to pray that I never have that happen. Based on the Underwriter Laboratory confirmed specifications of this product though, I am reasonably confident my electronic equipment is protected from such an event. With this product costing a fraction of the amount of many of the other whole-house surge protectors on the market and the easy/clean install, I give this item full marks and I fully recommend this product to all home owners.
by SteveW
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120/240-Volt Residential Whole House Surge Protector
The 51110 SRG (SPD Type 2) Residential Surge Protection Panel is designed for use on 240/120 VAC at the circuit breaker panel ( the service entrance) in homes, apartments, and condominiums. It offers advanced surge protection for modern electronics and appliances, reducing the rish of damage from spikes and surges entering the property through AC power lines. The leads from the SPD (Surge Protection Device) must be connected to the power mains through a 20 Amp (maximum) disconnect and fusing means. One breaker for each 120 VAC branch. The SPD may be mounted directly to the Circuit Breaker Panel via built in connector which can be inserted in any "knock-out" hole in the panel. Warranty is for the benefit of the original consumer purchaser only and will continue for as long as such original purchaser uses the Leviton "True Whole-House Surge Protection" package. It is a limited 10 year Connected Equipment Protection for up to $5,000.
by capnbobby
It works! I have the proof
I installed one on each of the two 200amp main panel boxes in my house about 5 years ago. Prior to that I had lost a lot of stuff to power surge and lightning strikes over the years. Yes I said strikes. The chimney has been rebuilt and the same sheet of roofing replaced twice. Yes, it does strike the same place twice. This morning the house took at power surge from the power company and whole house surge protector did its job. I know protector took the brunt of it because the face blew off the front of it and it landed 4 feet away. See the picture attached. Off to Depot to get another one today!
by HomeDepotCustomer
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Great product
PLEASE BE SAFE - if you don't have the experience or are not sure, have a professional do it for you. It is not that hard to install - but you must do it safely. 1. Have all the stuff you need on hand (tools, 2 20 amp CB, and the surge protector) 2. Make sure you have two free spaces in your CB panel 3. Turn off power at the incoming power at the meter CB 4. Remove CB cover 4. Attach the surge protector to the CB box 5. Install the two CB (one on each leg) make sure they are installed correctly 6. Black wires go the CB one each - White wire to neutral - Green wire to ground (make sure you have a tight connection) 7. Re-install the CB cover 8. Turn on power at the meter 9. Make sure you have two green lights on the surge protector That's it
by Zap0007
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Leviton 51110-SRG Excellent Value Surge Protector
Although I am not a certified electrician, I have wired several new homes in accordance with the NEC code. They were inspected and approved by the electrical inspector. Therefore, I was confident in installing this unit in accordance with the installation instructions. Anyone with some electrical wiring experience, especially in breaker panels should be able to install. Otherwise, hire an electrician. Be advised that the warranty is not valid unless installed by a professional electrician. I was willing to take this risk. In this age of appliances with electronic controls and microprocessors, everyone should have a whole house voltage surge protector. The cost is a fraction of a service call to repair a damaged control. I looked for value - price, performance and ease of installation. This Leviton 51110-SRG has a rating of 3400 Joules (a Joule rating value is how much energy the surge protector can absorb or dissipate before it fails). 3400 is a good level of protection. Also the response time, although not listed is short, but may not be not short enough to protect computers. They are not listed in the warranty. You may need extra protection for computers. I purchased the surge protector from my local Home Depot. It was easy to install with the installation instructions provided. First thing was to turn off the main breaker to my 200 amp breaker panel. Then the breaker panel cover was removed. There are options on how to mount the surge protector. I elected to install directly to the breaker panel by punching out a perforated knock-out hole adjacent to where the unit would be attached. The outer plastic flush cover was removed. The connector at the base of the surge protector has four wires (2-black, 1- white and 1-green. They all pass through the knock-out hole and the unit is secured to the panel with a connector nut provided. The black wires (power) must be attached to two new dedicated 110 v breakers (one wire per breaker- I used 20 amp breakers, the max specified by Leviton). and pushed them into the legs of the breaker panel. The breakers must be positioned side-by-side to protect both legs of the 110/220 V system. Since I installed the surge protector adjacent to the breakers, I was able to cut off a considerable length of the black wires as recommended by Leviton before stripping and attaching. I left the green wire (ground) and white wire (neutral) long enough to reach and be attached to the neutral and grounding bars. The wires come 18 inches in length (the shorter the power wires can be cut,, the better the protection). The breaker panel cover is then screwed in place and the main breaker turned on. The new dedicated breakers are turned on. At this time the two lights on the surge protector panel will light-up showing you have protection. The whole job took about 30 minutes.
by BillTheGolfer
34 people found this helpful
by AshAnn
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