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1 gal. Organic Soil Activator

  • Promotes healthier and stronger roots
  • Balances pH levels and stimulate soil microbes
  • Covers up to 4,000 sq. ft.
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Product Overview

The original biological activator for the soil, called Yogurt for the Soil by natural gardening experts, stimulates beneficial organisms in the soil. You'll notice a healthier, stronger root system because it actually loosens and balances the soil. Use to care for and revitalize tired, overworked lawns and gardens. Medina Soil Activator can be used with most fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, or in conjunction with natural soil building practices. It is excellent for compost piles, and derived from a complex bio-catalyst process. It's also fortified with essential micronutrients.
  • Plant and flower food converts nutrients into usable food for the plant
  • Balances the soil micro flora
  • Balances soil pH
  • Balances soil structure
  • Reduces salt accumulations
  • Reduces chemical buildups
  • Promotes root growth
  • Reduces soil compaction

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1 gal. Organic Soil Activator
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Liquid Fertilizer TypeLiquid Plant FertilizerLiquid Plant FertilizerLiquid Fruits and Vegetables FertilizerLiquid Fruits and Vegetables Fertilizer
Season UseAll-SeasonAll-SeasonAll-SeasonAll-Season
Compatible Grass TypeAll Purpose,Bent Grass,Bermuda,Bluegrass,Centipede,Fescue,Rye,St. Augustine (Floratam),Tall Fescue,ZoysiaAll Purpose
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Active Ingredients
Magnesium Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate
Compatible Grass Type
All Purpose,Bent Grass,Bermuda,Bluegrass,Centipede,Fescue,Rye,St. Augustine (Floratam),Tall Fescue,Zoysia
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Water Soluble
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Liquid Fertilizer Type
Liquid Plant Fertilizer
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N-P-K Ratio
Plant Name
African violet,Apple,Avocado,Azalea,Barberry,Bean,Blackberry,Blueberry,Bonsai,Bougainvillea,Cactus,Camellia,Canna,Canna Lily,Carrot,Cherry,Coleus,Cucumbers,Cypress,Daffodils,Dogwods,Eggplants,Evergreen,Fern,Fig,Forsythia,Gardenia,Geraniums,Gladiolus,Hibiscus,Holly,Hyacinths,Hydrangea,Juniper,Lemon,Lettuce,Lime,Mango,Melons,Nut,Onion,Orchid,Palm,Peach,Pear,Pecan,Pepper,Philodendrons,Plum,Poinsettias,Potatoes,Raspberry,Rhododendron,Rose,Strawberries,Tomato,Tulips,Walnut,Woody Ornamentals
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Questions & Answers


How often and when should I apply this product?

Asked by Kara November 6, 2020

Thank you for your question. APPLICATION RATES: GARDENS AND FLOWER POTS: For small areas and flower pots, mix 6 tablespoons or 3 ounces in a gallon of water and apply with a sprinkling can. Use 3 to 4 times a year. COMPOST PILES: To speed up the composting process, use 1 cup of Medina Soil Activator to each yard of compost. Mix this with enough water to keep the pile moist but not saturated. Repeat monthly. YARDS AND LARGE AREAS: Use a hose on sprayer. If the sprayer has an adjustment, set for 6 tablespoons or 3 ounces per gallon. Fill the container with undiluted Medina Soil Activator. One quart should cover 1,000 square feet. Continue spraying an area of 1000 square feet until 1 quart is used. Use 3 to 4 times a year.

Would pesticides kill the microorganism in the soil? Is it OK to spread pesticides after applying...

Asked by Sam September 23, 2020

Sam, I can say that some pesticides have anti fungal ingredients mixed in with bugicides. I have an organic garden because it is safer for me and family to eat the produce. I would ask before buying the bugicides to see if it has antifungals added. Just for giggles go to Abrico Organics with your bug issues and see what they suggest. They have a Ph.D. entomologists to suggest a treatment. Shop around for the products they suggest and see if it sounds ok. To answer your question...We have acid rain everywhere in the US and these kill the natural organisms your plants need to take up the nutrients. It is like a marriage of Jack Sprat and his wife. He could eat no fat and she could eat no lean. Together the plate was clean. No beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soil, the plants are stunted and die, bugs attack and diseases run rampant. Medina can't be heated or frozen as it is a living thing. Using it in the water of transplants and as you fertilize or water. Sick plants that don't have the right microorganisms and nutrients send out a dinner bells for bugs. Strong and healthy plants don't and tolerate bugs much better. I would try to keep keep pesticides on the foliage and not on what you eat. After flowers are pollinated, polypropylene reusable bags( sold for holding produce) cover broccoli and cauliflower heads, smaller plants, Row covers with yards of reusable fabric with 1/2 inch plastic water line hoops, keep even larger plants pest free. Talk to other gardeners. They would love to help as well as your local cooperative extension service. All for free. You sound so darn frustrated and we have all been there too. I started with ivory dish soap and vinegar in a hose end sprayer. Bugs have their breathing tubes on their abdomen. Even eggs of bugs have to breathe...I found a lot of pleasure watching them squirm and die. That is frustration Sam. Best of luck and we are all behind you in your struggles with the killers.

Is this product appropriate for trees in Texas - Oak, Maples, Elm, etc.?

Asked by Julie September 12, 2020

Yes , Heat and chemicals deplete the soil of the living things that are needed to take in the nutrients. No good bugs and the plants starve. They live on the root hairs.

Can I use this for my bonsai trees?

Asked by Napoleon October 4, 2019


Is this like Humic Acid Whats the differance

Asked by tricia September 1, 2019

Hummm,, OK, Humic acid as in compost tea concentrate is a natural fertilizer. Most do not have any beneficial microorganisms in them as the little fungi and bacteria would consume the nitrogen and poison themselves in the bath. Preservatives added to stabilize the Humic acid will kill critters and the acid itself may kill them too. The Medina or Extreme Gardening beneficial organisms are alive. They work with root hairs in order absorb the fertilizers and mineral. No good bugs in the soil, you ca drown the plants in the best fertilizers and they will die a slow death of starvation. The good bugs start the digestion and the roots take up the things they need to live. The roots provide a warm moist home for the bugs. Acid rain has killed many soil good bugs and after giving the plants the good bugs, my root balls were huge and so were my crops. Personally, I was pretty shocked. Some of my tomato plants had roots 2 feet out from the main stem and not the usual 8 to 10 inches AND they were thick big monster roots. I had so many veggies, the food bank and I were on a first name basis and I was on the Christmas card list. Good Luck! Don't forget to contact your local Cooperative Extension Service in your county for help too!

Instead of molasses could you use a liquid soap like Dawn...

Asked by tricia August 15, 2019

You are talking about different treatments. The good bugs in the soil love the molasses and start to breakdown the sugar and iron and then the plants can take the broken down stuff and use it to grow. The Medina or Extreme Gardening beneficial bacteria and fungi are the bugs . Soaps are used for 2 things. It helps to kill bugs on the plants such as aphids, Japanese beetles and such by plugging up their breathing tubes. The second thing soaps due is to soften the clay soil a little so fertilizers and water can get in there. Dawn is a detergent. Plant leaves have a wax that protects the leaves. Detergents can strip off the wax and the bad bugs will be cheering you and sending thank you notes. Ivory soap and insecticidal soaps don't harm the wax on the leaves. I would check with your county's cooperative extension service. It is free and an expert can help you with any questions you have with an email or phone call! Good Luck!

Would this help with lawn renovation while prepping for seeding?

Asked by Longhorn2010 May 7, 2019

I can't say for yours, but whatever killed my grass seemed to affect new seed from germinating in the dead patches. After applying this, I now have an even growth of new sprouts, about 2 weeks old.

Ware there suggestions for temperature when applying? Will it burn grass if it’s applied when it is too hot outside?

Asked by AQ August 26, 2018

Even water on the leaves of grass will burn, when the magnification of rain drops from the sun, creates too much heat... Hypothetically.

Would this help soften up the caliche soil of Arizona (almost as hard as concrete)?

Asked by Samantha June 5, 2018

Yes, I have lived in in the west and in NY. Heavy, compact soil in both places. I think adding build fiber, medina and the molasses will help. I would suggest adding extra nitrogen to this mix as it takes nitrogen to break down the straw or other raw compost. The benefit is adding more fungi and bacteria to the soil as well. It won't pay off right now but in a year, you will get paid back.

Hello, Can I use this to on St Augustine? I use pump sprayer, can you also advise the mixing rat...

Asked by Kashif June 5, 2018

Yes but read the info on the sid for sprayers.... Very early in the day application so the sun doesn't burn the leaves.

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This product seems to work well together with a good...
This product seems to work well together with a good fertilizer. I bought a bing cherry tree from HD and with all the pandemic issues & delays, the tree was struggling to survive, but with the extra sunlight water & this product I see new signs of life, so far, so good. Good luck everyone!
by Carlosb
1 person found this helpful
Used before planting grass seeds 14 days later green grass!...
Used before planting grass seeds 14 days later green grass!
by HomeDepotCustomer
1 person found this helpful
I use Fox Farms Soil Conditioner and I compost, n I "Brew" compost tea fertilizer, n this is for ...
I use Fox Farms Soil Conditioner and I compost, n I "Brew" compost tea fertilizer, n this is for about 6 /7 weeks now... My plants Love me... So, I use the Medina, to up the micro organisms, to see if I can actually makes the plants smile Bigger....I think it's working.....
by Plantman
1 person found this helpful
I used this a couple of weeks ago and noticed last week my lawn is greener and fuller already! I ...
I used this a couple of weeks ago and noticed last week my lawn is greener and fuller already! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about thatching their lawn.
by msrhae
3 people found this helpful
Love this product. Keeps my soil in good shape. My plants are happier, and seeds from last year...
Love this product. Keeps my soil in good shape. My plants are happier, and seeds from last years annuals start popping up. Use it consistently and you'll be a happy gardener.
by Gina
6 people found this helpful
I live in riverside county where the soil is like cement. It's clay soil or whatever you want to ...
I live in riverside county where the soil is like cement. It's clay soil or whatever you want to call it. Point is you can't dig not even after rain. We bought this just like we've bought other products in hopes to soften the soil. Nothing has worked. This thing worked like magic. We spread it on our backyard lawn & we were able to dig a 4ft hole for our fruit tree a month after use. Only 6 days after use our grass turned bright green & the grass seeds we planted in a small area grew grass so fast & tall. I recommended to friends already. This thing is amazing.
by Jazmin
Will know more next growing season....
Will know more next growing season.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
I'm not sure this is the cause, but I had better luck with seed germinating in the lawn's dead sp...
I'm not sure this is the cause, but I had better luck with seed germinating in the lawn's dead spots after application. I had a mystery. About 1/2 of the lawn died in patches and nothing seemed to be growing back. Seed (clovers and grass) would start only at the edges. After application of this product seed has begun sprouting and I have new growth where it formerly failed to sprout. I think this product may have stimulated the surface of the soil after whatever-it-was killed the grass, especially after the second mild application. The remaining, not dead, grass was stunted and seems to be growing at a normal rate again. I applied a second application 2 weeks ago. It could be coincidence but no other treatment had the effect I saw after application of this product. Some of the soil was bare, some still had the dead grass stubble. In the past I have used a different product. It helped the thatch to break down and made the grass healthier. I find a spray easier to apply and this jug has enough product for several year's use on my tiny lawn.
by mperry
Leaked in transit. Bad quality. Not recommended.
Leaked in transit. Bad quality. Not recommended.
by magedghattas
Showing 1-10 of 51 reviews