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5 in. Heavy-Duty Adjustable Brass Spray Hose Nozzle

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The Orbit 5 in. Adjustable Brass Nozzle adjusts from a fine mist to a heavy jet stream. This versatility is great for watering delicate plants or cleaning patios, driveways and siding. It is made of heavy-duty brass and has a comfort grip.


  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Brass construction
  • Comfort-grip handle
  • Jet stream for hard-to-clean areas such as patios, driveways and siding
  • Fine mist for delicate plants
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Product Information

Internet # 100659304

Model # 27928

Store SKU # 262613

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Dimensions: H 7 in, W 4 in, D 11.5 in


Fitting Size


Product Depth (in.)

11.5 in

Product Height (in.)

7 in

Product Width (in.)

4 in


Adjustable Spray Pattern


Body Material


Commercial / Residential


Commercial Grade



Grip Handle

Handle Grip Material


Hot Water Use


Insulated Handle


Maximum Pressure (PSI)


Nozzle Type


Number of Spray Patterns


Pack Size

1 Pack





Spray Patterns

Center, Cone, Fan

Trigger Lock


Water Flow Control

Twist nozzle

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

7 Years

Questions & Answers

Q:Just purchased. Why doesn’t water come out. We have turned it every which way but no water. The water pressure is great
by|Mar 13, 2019
3 Answers
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A:  Talk to the company. They are reasonable and probably know if it is defective. They will probably replace or give refund. Call them first.

by|Mar 16, 2019

    A:  It is in the off position. Try turning it both ways and see what happens. It's a little hard the first time.

    by|Mar 15, 2019

    A:  I would check to see if there is something blocking it (debris or a piece of the o-ring). If not, then I would return it to the store for a replacement. I hope this helps!

    by|Mar 17, 2019
    Q:Is this nozzle safe to be used with drinking water (lead free)? Looking to use it with an RV hose for brewing beer.
    by|Jan 10, 2017
    1 Answer
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    A:  jim, this nozzle is not rated for drinking water.

    by|May 4, 2023
      Q:I've had some problems with this product but when I try to "review" it I get a message indicating that I can not.
      by|Apr 21, 2016
      4 Answers
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      A:  mike, please contact our Support team directly at 1-800-488-6156. We'd be happy to help in any way we can. Thanks!

      by|May 3, 2023

        A:  It actually unscrews and the o-ring tends to get cut causing a leak. Home Depot exchanged mine with no problem.

        by|May 3, 2023

        A:  no you will have to buy a new one

        by|May 4, 2023

        A:  Replacing the tip is not recommended. Buying a new nozzle is a better option to insure good service life and prevent further issues.

        by|May 4, 2023
        Q:I bought this nozzle and when I came home I found no rubber washer in it,
        by|Aug 17, 2014
        10 Answers
        Answer This Question

        A:  Yes, it does. If there isn't one on/in it, it probably fell out when the end piece unscrewed. Home Depot replaced mine with no problem.

        by|May 3, 2023

        A:  Yes it does, the washer may have fallen out during shipping to the store or someone removed it to replace the one they were missing.

        by|May 4, 2023

        A:  yes

        by|May 3, 2023

        A:  Yes

        by|May 3, 2023

        A:  yes it does, back to the store to get a new one

        by|May 4, 2023

        A:  Mine had the washer

        by|Mar 25, 2015

          A:  To the best of my memory, it does. If it does not, then I am sure that Home Depot would not mind throwing one in for no extra cost to please the customer.

          by|May 3, 2023

          A:  Yes, it comes with a washer. The one I brought @HD also included a high pressure nozzle for $7.98 for both. Each nozzle came with washers.

          by|Mar 1, 2017
            1 found this answer helpful

            A:  Of all the nozzles I've ever bought, this adjustable brass nozzle is the best. Its easy to operate, adjusts from a fine mist to a steady stream and doesn't leak and it comes with a washer which prevents it from leaking. If your nozzle didn't have a washer inside, I suggest you take it back to the store and exchange it.

            by|May 3, 2023
            1 found this answer helpful

            A:  It does come with a rubber washer.

            by|May 3, 2023
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            Bought two, both broke less then 30 days
            I bought 2, both separated in after after a few weeks of use. First week worked fine, second week began to be hard to turn, then front of the nozzle just blows off. Useless product.
            Response from OrbitIrrigationAug 2, 2016
            WLP, thank you for the feedback. Please feel free to contact our Support team at 1-800-488-6156 if you have any additional input or questions, and we'd be glad to help. Thanks! OrbitIrrigation
            • DIY
            1 found this review helpful
            Just keeps working!
            I’ve had this nozzle on my garden hose for over two years and it has held up fine. The only problem I have run into is with a new hose I got that doesn’t allow the nozzle to screw down tight enough to prevent it from leaking at the connection. I suppose I could fix this with a washer but it’s not that big of a leak. Other than that, the nozzle still adjusts from mist to full stream without any issues. After two years of use, it's been a good value.
            • DIY
            • Recommended
            serious design issue
            This nozzle reminded me of the brass nozzles my dad had when I was a kid. They were so rugged and had this wonderful feel because of the weight, so I bought it. Unfortunately, the design is flawed in 2 major areas. 1. The tip screws onto the body with threads that are machined into it too deep so that the threads actually break off and the tip gets blown off by the water pressure. 2. Then the o-ring apparently fails and the only way you can replace it is if you somehow remove the rubber/plastic grip to get to a screw that allows you to get it apart. There doesn't seem to be a way to get the rubber grip off without destroying it. I sent a detailed email to the company explaining this and asking them for help but no one has gotten back to me. It's one thing to produce a poorly designed product but another to continue to market it knowing the problems it has. It should be obvious to the company based on the feedback from the reviews on this site. p.s. If I wanted to call them I would have done that instead of sending an email so please don't respond here with the phone number, just respond to my email please.
            • DIY
            3 found this review helpful
            Broke in half after a few uses
            Nozzle broke apart after only a few uses. Very disappointed, looked solid.
            Response from OrbitIrrigationNov 24, 2015
            Dan, this is a pretty rare issue with this product. Please contact our Support team at 1-800-488-6156, and we'd be happy to send you a replacement. Thanks! OrbitIrrigation
            • DIY
            3 found this review helpful
            Adjustable Brass Nozzle from Orbit
            Sorry to say this is nothing special. I have used the gun type plastic type sprayers and I was tired of them not holding up. So I bought the Orbit brass nozzle thinking that would be much more durable for my use. It lasted one season. It became very hard to turn to the point I could not adjust the spray. All I use it for is to wash my truck and water plants. NO good.
            Response from OrbitIrrigationJan 5, 2022
            Hey Mike, I am sorry to hear about your experience with one of our Orbit nozzles. Typically a little WD-40 will loosen up the head to get it working as intended. Our Orbit support team is happy to help make sure that it is working as intended. We can be reached by phone at (800) 488-6156 or online at support.orbitonline.com. Have a great rest of your day. OrbitIrrigation
              1 found this review helpful
              Not able to make right turn while in use, you have to release water pressure (that means turn off...
              Not able to make right turn while in use, you have to release water pressure (that means turn off water) to make adjustment. Worse product.
              Response from OrbitIrrigationJun 7, 2017
              TT, this is an unusual problem for this nozzle, and we'd like to speak with you in greater detail about it. Please call our Support team at 1-800-488-6156. Thanks! OrbitIrrigation
                This nozzle attaches easily to a garden hose and works...
                This nozzle attaches easily to a garden hose and works great!
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                Good ...
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                5 Star Review
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                Just a garden nozzle you turn it on it sprays....
                Just a garden nozzle you turn it on it sprays.
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