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Model # SO1000

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Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart Outlet

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  • 24/7 monitoring service of sump pump
  • Comes with high water sensor alert for easy performance tracking
  • Ideal unit to protect your basement from flooding
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Product Details

About This Product

Most homeowners discover that their sump pump has a problem when the basement is already flooded. PumpSpy's Sump Pump Smart Outlet contacts homeowners that their sump pump has a problem BEFORE flooding can occur. The Sump Pump Smart Outlet connects to the free PumpSpy Monitoring Service that constantly watches your sump pump automatically, 24/7. The PumpSpy Sump Pump Smart Outlet works with any 120-Volt sump pump. Simply connect the Smart Outlet to your Wi-Fi network and plug in your sump pump. PumpSpy's computers will automatically track incoming data from your sump pump and check that the pump is working properly. If any issues are detected, PumpSpy automatically sends out text messages, emails and app alerts. Download the FREE PumpSpy App to receive reports, alerts and check your sump pump anytime, anywhere. The PumpSpy Sump Pump Smart Outlet includes: Smart Outlet, screw, high water sensor, mounting bracket and installation guide. Wi-Fi network required. Protect your basement from flooding with the PumpSpy Sump Pump Smart Outlet.


  • PumpSpy sends text messages, emails and app alerts to your smart phone, tablet and computer if your sump pump has a problem
  • Makes your sump pump a Wi-Fi connected smart pump, works with any 120-Volt sump pump
  • Free monitoring included, connects your sump pump to PumpSpy's 24/7 monitoring service
  • Apple and android PumpSpy apps available for free download, check on your pumps and receive important alerts and updates
  • Detects motor malfunction, faulty switch, high water, blocked discharge line, power failure, pump performance and much more!
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Product Information

Internet # 301296688

Model # SO1000

Store SKU # 1002335546


Dimensions: H 6 in, W 4 in, D 3 in


Product Depth (in.)

3 in

Product Height (in.)

6 in

Product Width (in.)

4 in


Brand Compatibility

Universal- Works with any 120V sump pump



Hub Required

No hub connection available

Pack Size


Power Options


Product Weight (lb.)

1 lb

Remote Access

Remote Access

Requires Hub?

No Hub Required



Smart Home

Smart Home Enabled

Smart Home Protocol


Voice Control Hub Required

No Voice Control

Works With

Proprietary App

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

When used and maintained in normal use and in accordance with the Installation and Operating Instructions, your PumpSpy product is warranted against original defects in material and workmanship for a full three years from date of purchase (the “Warranty Period”).

Questions & Answers

Q:Where can we see specific information showing the various alerts sent, and how long history goes back to, and detailed product info.?
by|Dec 19, 2023
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Thank you for your interest in the PumpSpy WiFi Sump Pump Smart Outlet. You monitor your pump health through our free app. We give detailed pump history going back 90 days (rolling). Alert history will be kept for the lifetime of the device.

by|Jan 8, 2024
    Q:How will the system communicate a power failure if the WiFi is also down?
    by|Feb 27, 2023
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  Great question! Our current app revisions will alert you to this function by way of your connection status tab. If your power is out, your device will not ping our servers, and your connection tab turns yellow or red with messaging to indicate that your connection may be unstable, and then in the troubleshooting one cause listed is AC power outage.

    by|Aug 13, 2023
      Q:No system ok message
      by|Nov 19, 2022
      1 Answer
      Answer This Question

      A:  Hi Diana, Can you explain a little further, or are you able to contact support@pumpspy.com so that we can troubleshoot your concern?

      by|Dec 25, 2022
        Q:In many localities,this unit would is not code compliant.New sump electrical rules in many jurisdictions require the outlet to be a single type only(just 1 cord can be plugged in-not like a duplex type outlet) & be GFCI protected.Not allowed where I live.
        by|Jun 28, 2022
        1 Answer
        Answer This Question

        A:  Please contact us at support@pumpspy.com, we would like to hear about your experience, and see if we can find you a good solution.

        by|Jul 5, 2022
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          I've had the Pumpspy for about a month now. It performs as expected and was easy to install. It w...
          I've had the Pumpspy for about a month now. It performs as expected and was easy to install. It was more expensive than some other monitoring devices, but because of the Wi-Fi feature which allows you to monitor your sump pump when you're not at home, I feel it is worth the extra cost. Great product, but I wish it also had an alarm on the unit itself. I would recommend the Pumpspy.
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          The Pump Spy has given me a sense of comfort. It easily connected to my home WiFi and my phone t...
          The Pump Spy has given me a sense of comfort. It easily connected to my home WiFi and my phone to send me alerts at any time of day. Excellent purchase.
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          Not getting email or text alerts
          It's about time someone made a device like this. If you have a basement with a sump pump having some sort of an overflow alarm is almost a necessity. Even if your basement is relatively dry, your air conditioning condenser probably drains into it. My sump pump serves to drain the foundation under my house, drain the A/C condensate, as well as the water that is discharged from my dehumidifier. So, it needs to move some water and do it reliably. Prior to getting this little device I was using an audible high water alarm system for my sump pump. For some reason the float on my sump pump gets stuck quite often (probably debris) and a couple of times the water has overflowed out of the lid of the sump pit. An audible alarm is great for when you're home but when your out and about or on vacation, or asleep in bed two floors up, it does you absolutely no good. That's why I love the idea of this module. The design is very simple really. You attach a small foam float sensor inside the sump pit to the outlet pipe of your sump pump so that the float is just a bit higher than the water level where the sump pump kicks in. You then run the wire to the module which plugs in to a standard outlet. The module uses your 2.4GHz wireless G or N network to connect to the Pump Spy servers. With the app installed on your phone any time the sensor is triggered you'll receive an alert on your phone by way of text message or email. Real world usage unfortunately has been horrible for me. First, the literature does a poor job of detailing exactly which app to download from the Google app store. There are two of them. At the time of me writing this review the correct app to use has a purple icon. After finding the correct app I was able to link my outlet to it and create an account. Now I can see inside the app that the sump pump has power, it's connected to wifi, how often the pump has kicked in and for how long. It's really neat. The only problem is, when I activate the high water float I DO NOT get a text message. I have two different phone numbers in the contacts tab and neither one gets a text message. I can see the alarm being triggered from within the app but there is no notification on the phone and no text message. I tried adding an email contact but when I click the save button, nothing happens. All I can do is cancel out of it. It seems others have had great success with their alarms but after three hours of struggling with it I have had nothing but a headache and for what this simple little device costs, that shouldn't be the case. I had to switch back to my old alarm setup until something that works for me comes out. I am giving this product 2 stars because while it won't alert me to problems at least I can view the Alarm log within the app to see if the pump is starting to fail or anything like that.
          7 found this review helpful
          Well worth the piece of mind for the investment. Not only if the sump pump has a problem, but you home lost power!
          Sump Pump Outlet Monitor - "PumpSpy" Very easy to install and set up. Provides advance warning of problems. Well worth the piece of mind for the investment. Not only if the sump pump has a problem, but you home lost power! I'm color blind (red/green); Just wish they (and other devices) would use colors other than red, orange and green LED's. Perhaps red, white and blue. Install the application on your phone/device before you start the physical installation. Setup / create an account etc. Suggest you write the 15 digit serial number on the back of the unit in the manual. You will need it if you go to their web page - http://pumpspy.com In my application, it does not allow the unit to plug directly into the duplex power outlet. My outlet box is too close to the breaker box. I used an 8" 'extension cord' to connect it. I'll need to 'adjust' that outlet later, to eliminate that 8" jumper cord. The hardware base software works fine; the phone app could use an additional button/function. Should include a 'send a test message' in the application, to verify the number and other information is correct. There is no help/FAQ web page (phone number (515) 999-6935 listed is for missing / broken in shipment issues) in the provided information/guides. The only way to 'test the messaging / alerts'; (probably the best way), is to get it set up and running, and then unplug it and see if sends alerts to your phones. Mine did in under 30 seconds. Now to test it without the router / network up and running...to test the 'home network down / power failure' I went to their web page and sent them an e-mail about this, have to see what they suggest. If I loose power; The outlet maintains enough power to send an alert on WiFi to the router. (Verified - works) My home network will be down. I'm on a DSL/VOIP service. If it does not 'check in' every 2 minutes, their 'watch dog' server should send an alert about power loss. Useful to see how it monitors 'pump performance' and perhaps provide preventative maintenance information.
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          Great way to add some smarts to a sump pump!
          I think this is a great product. Who checks on their sump pump to make sure it's working ok, very few or no one. And to check on it the way the PumpSpy WiFi Sump Pump Outlet checks on it is not really convenient. It's easy to install, easy to set up and there is no fee to monitor which is another big plus that I like. The install and setup instructions are easy to follow. If you can install a lamp and connect your smartphone to Wifi you can install this. I contacted the Manufacturer to find out a little more on how it monitors your sump pump and they were very prompt and gave straight answers. I asked this: I understand that it can tell the following: -high water level (via sensor) -on/off cycles -determine if the pump is on or off -network status -power status Does the unit monitor any of the following: -line voltage -Current draw of the pump -Temperature -Local weather conditions that might lead to changes in pump cycles or run times And their response was: The Smart Outlet does monitor the current draw of the pump throughout the cycle, along with the cycle duration and what you included in your list. No for temperature or weather conditions. We occasionally compare your data to other PumpSpy systems in your area if unusual pump activity is detected. Our monitoring software collects the data from your system and establishes baseline parameters. If your pump begins to deviate from baseline, we can diagnose many issues by looking across the incoming data. For instance, we can diagnose a blocked discharge line looking at the amp draw and pump cycle deviation from normal, which will present different values than a jammed pump impeller. For a piece of mind knowing your sump pump might need some attention before it has stopped working can really help you sleep at night. Plus the hassle of not having to deal with a flooded basement is not as likely. Even if every is working fine you are notified if there is a unit is not responding because there might be a power failure or maybe a tripped circuit breakers.
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          Out of sight - out of mind
          This product is a great idea. The hardware works reliably. The software is currently under development to add more features and fix some glitches. I don't have a sump pump, I have a 9-year-old septic pump with a separate high-water alarm that runs about once a day for a few minutes. I contacted the company before getting the Smart Outlet and was assured that the PumpSpy should work with all kinds of pumps. I did not use the high water float provided with the Smart Outlet. I initially couldn't connect the Smart Outlet to my wifi because my wifi password has a space in it. I had to create a guest wifi network with a password without a space in order to get it to connect. That said, the connection has been rock-solid ever since. If the server doesn't hear from the outlet for a couple of minutes it will alert you to the power or network outage. The software learns what the normal pump run time is from the initial run times, and will send an "excessive run time" alert if the run time is abnormal. However, it also sends an "excessive run time" alert whenever the pump run time exceeds 60 seconds, so I get an alert every time my pump runs. This is currently being fixed. I have to give kudos to their technical support - I get helpful responses in short order to issues that are particular to my usage. The app has a summary of the last run time and duration, but that's the only time you'll see either under normal conditions. The history page just has a summary by day of the number of cycles run and estimated number of gallons with no detailed breakdown available. The app is the only way to access data at the moment, there's no web interface. PumpSpy support says they would like to add a history that details every run and a way to access the data using a web browser, but there's no schedule for when that will be available. To sum up, the Smart Outlet works well for the basic task of alerting you if there's something amiss with your pump. Getting more detailed data and working properly with other types of pumps is currently a work in progress. Since the purchase price included free lifetime monitoring, it would be nice to be able to review the collected data graphically to look for trends - does my pump run more at a specific time of year? Is the pump aging and not working as effectively? The only suggestion I have about the Smart Outlet itself is that I would have preferred that the lower outlet be the "smart" one, as you can see from my last picture. I've since replaced the pump cord with one that doesn't have the angled connector to get rid of the 3-way adapter. The "good" rating is based on the current state of the product. Hopefully it will be excellent in a few months as the software gains additional functionality.
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          Free monitoring, easy to install, and works great!
          I've been looking for something like this because I always worry when I go out of town, especially if I know it's going to rain a lot. It worries me that my pump might fail and nobody is home to check on it. This was really easy to install, basically just plug it in to the outlet near your pump and follow set up instructions after downloading the app. You then install the high water sensor and plug it into the Smart Outlet and you're all set. I set the high water sensor about a foot above the normal water level. Some people have had issues with their WiFi signal so I took a picture of what my bandwidth is because I've never had an issue with connection and I've been using this for a month. The only problem I had was one alert I received saying the Smart Pump was not communicating with my pump but when I went to check the outlet, it was green so I didn't know how to reset it. The instructions don't give you any instructions on how to reset it. I unplugged it and plugged back in and it fixed the issue. I think the power had gone out and that's what caused the issue. I noticed although I had my cell phone set up under contacts to be notified, I never received a text. I set up my e-mail, and I did receive an e-mail but the text was not working. I re-saved my mobile number by adding a 1 in front and maybe that will work next time I get an alert. This could have included a manual on how to use but all it comes with is the installation instructions.
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          great idea
          PumpSpy wi-fi sump pump smart outlet is a great idea. I have two sump pumps in the basement. The one I have plugged into this outlet is for washer drain. The install is very simple. First thing I did was download the app. to connect the smart outlet to the smartphone and computer. Very fast and easy. The smart outlet sends information to pumpspy about my sump pumps condition. Pumpspy then sends me text and email if the sump pump fails to work. Monitoring is free of charge. Quality is very good.
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          A Smart Idea
          When I saw the Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart Outlet available, I immediately grabbed it. Although I didn't know exactly how it functioned or how reliable it would be, the idea was a good one and worth the risk. The package came only a few days later with no problems what-so-ever. The outlet itself comes in a pretty descriptive box that sums up the function of it's contents pretty clearly along with a picture of the outlet. Everything that was suppose to be in the box, was, along with directions and a manual. Installation was not as easy as I thought. I followed the directions precisely, which was the root of my problem. The directions state to download the PumpSpy Smart Outlet App from Google Play or the App Store. Apparently PumpSpy has 2 apps on the market, both of which do totally different things and are not capable. I mistakenly downloaded the incorrect app, which resulted in a lot of problems. So I went online to try to open an account. Although there is clearly a link to accomplish this goal, once again it proved to be impossible. Frustrated, I sent off an email to customer support. They were great. I got an email back within 24 hours along with clear directions as to my mistakes, which could have been prevented by writing clearer directions. Everything seems to be working fine now. The app is easy to use and seems to provide all of the relevant information one would need like the quality of the WiFi connection, the outlet's power status, the pump's motor's current, and water level. In addition, when the pump is on the app will alert you to status of the cycle length, and time it went on/off. Overall, if the PumpSpy Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart Outlet prevents even one minor flood in my basement, it will be worth it. I definitely recommend it to any friend or family member.
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          Wish it had Ethernet
          The basement of my very old house occasionally floods. My sump pump does a great job keeping it in check. Knowing it floods, I put very little in it. Having little in it, causes me to seldom use it. So, if my pump failed, it potentially could be a few weeks before I would noticed. Got this, so I would know immediately ... It comes with very easy to understand directions (clearly Made in the USA), and the App you download to your phone (Apple or Android) is equally simple. Set up and installation take a few minutes. 24 hour monitoring is free. This clearly is a 5 Star product ... ... but my WiFi router's signal does not reach the outlet in the basement. I get to Step 3, and the outlet light remains yellow (see pic). The direction say I can set it up at any outlet (i.e. near my router), and then move it, but I figure it will just turn red (no WiFi connection) once moved back to the basement. An extension cord, to get it closer to the router, would be a simple solution, but the directions on the sump pump and outlet both caution against using one. I could move the router, but I just moved it for another device. I guess I am going to have to buy a repeater or a stronger router? Personally, WiFi is great for things that you move around (e.g. phone, laptop, iPad), but things that are stationary (e.g. oulets, refridge, computer) hardwired Ethernet (Cat 6) seems better. Especially in a hard to reach (signal wise) spot where a sump pump would be located. Running Cat 6, in my unfinished basement, would take me less time than it took me to write this review. Also, save you from getting Alerts from weak/lost WiFi (instructions claim ... 2 minutes of lost signal, they will send you an Alert). Bottom line ... before you buy this, take a WiFi device to where your sump pump outlet is, to test the strength of your signal. If it is strong, this is a no brainer!
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