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8 qt. Seedling Mix: Microbially active living soil for germination and propagation

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  • Sustainable: made from eco-friendly, high-quality ingredients
  • Resealable plant-based packaging in convenient sizes
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About This Product

Meet our Seedling Mix: a nutrient-dense, eco-friendly blend that's perfect for all types of houseplants. It boosts aeration and reduces transplant shock. This living seedling is eco-friendly with high-quality ingredients. Packaged in a resealable plant-based bag, it's free from peat and synthetic additives and is designed with a mission to fight climate change through a carbon-neutral blend. Try it and let your houseplants flourish with this sustainable, high-quality seedling mix.


  • Nutrient dense boosts soil aeration, drainage and nutrient uptake to help seedlings flourish
  • Resealable plant-based packaging in convenient sizes for gardeners
  • Sustainable: made from eco-friendly, high-quality ingredients (biochar, worm castings, compost, mycorrhizae) and is free from peat and synthetic additives
  • Living soil fortified with beneficial fungi and microbes to help promote healthy root development and lush foliage
  • Mission-driven: our carbon-neutral blend helps fight climate change and is perfect for all types of seedlings, cuttings and microgreens
  • Vibrant foliage support: provides the ideal environment for young plants, fostering strong roots and robust growth
  • All-around compatibility: suitable for a wide range of seeds, microgreens and cuttings
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Product Information

Internet # 328753652

Model # SD8

Store SKU # 1010842095

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Bag Capacity/Dry Volume (qt)

8 qt

Ideal For Growing

Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables





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Warranty / Certifications

Mulch and Soil Council Certified


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Very rich and fine, good drainage
This soil is very rich and more fine than I’d expected. It is not clumpy at all, and drains well. When adding water to the pot, a lot of dark silt runs out. It has small pieces and bits of things in it, and according to the description they are all good things! I haven’t yet used it for cuttings or seedlings, but I used it to enrich the soil in some of my houseplants and they seem to like it. The resealable bag is such a plus because I don’t feel like I’m keeping a messy bag of dirt inside my house.
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Happy Planting
This seedling mix is a product I can use right away. It is time to start seedlings inside to be planted out in late April. I have my containers ready and my grow lights. I am anxious to see if this soil will make a big difference in getting my seedlings off to a really great start. The soil looks nice and it is fine, which is what you need for seed starting. I like the fact that the bag can be resealed. Depending on how many seedlings you start, you most likely will not use all of the soil at once. Most homeowners have a limited space to start seedlings. I like to start seedlings to grow specific varieties of plants I can't find at the garden centers. And or course, even after you buy your supplies, it is still far cheaper to grow your own plants. It is sort of an adventure and fun too. Happy planting!
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Great mixed starter soil
This soil is a mix meant for seedlings and indoor plants and other indoor uses. It has a nice texture which seems to not pack down and will hold water well. This soil is all natural so you don't have too worry about chemicals and any other dangers. The real test for this soil will be in how it performs over an entire season. I will update my review at that time to let you know how it performs long term.
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Indoor potting mix with Biochar
‘Rosy Soil’ is an indoor potting mix of carbon-negative Biochar, vegan compost, mycorrhizae, and non-plant food ingredients in a resealable 8 quart package. This blend provides nutrients and drainage for all your houseplants with no synthetics or peat moss. The dark fine blend is easy to work with very little odor. NPK rating is 0.72 - 0.22 - 0.37.
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nice and dark houseplant soil
My review is for the houseplant soil by Rosy Soil. It is a nice and dark soil that seems a nice texture. you can feel a bit of sand in it, and you can see a bit of small organic materials in it. The color is good and dark. And when I water it - the soil does not compact much, it stays loose enough to allow for good drainage. I was surprised to find no peat in this soil, as peat was a thing I usually went for. I think the texture is better without it! time will tell but my transplants all perked right up in their new soil.
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Good Soil for Houseplants
I have many houseplants that could use a little help with their soil. This Rosy Soil has beneficial active microbes which reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and root boosting mycorrhizae which help to lock in moisture and hold in nutrients. This soil is peat and synthetic free and the bag is resealable which is a big plus and recyclable also. This soil is a nice rich dark brown color and slightly moist. Guess I should get started and repot some of my houseplants.
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Great Way to insure great looking healthy plants.
This seeding mix from Rosy works to grow and keep your houseplants or outside deck plants looking great. This is a organic mix so you can use it and not worry. I live near the 45th parallel so I have a very limited growing season June, July. August if lucky so starting your outdoor plants early is a better way to grow and maintain them. Make sure you read and follow the recommendations on the easy open close package. Now I can enjoy my work longer when I set on my deck and relax or when we have get togethers and I receive many nice remarks on how nice all the plants look. This comes in a resealable bag make sure you read and follow the instructions.
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Good Looking Soil
I was excited to receive my seeding mix. It has microbially active soil for germination and propagation. It is an eight quart bag. This will come in very handy when I start seeds in our greenhouse in just over a month. I grow a lot of pepper plants from seed. This might make them grow better. I bag was easy to open with a tab to pull. The bag also has a nice ziplock to close it back up after using. The soil looks awesome. I filled a four small pots and planted some jalapeno seeds to see if they will grow. I gave it a 4 star rating but if I could wait a couple months to see how it works it might get a better rating or maybe a lower rating.
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Rich light soil for pots, planters, and raised beds
I used this soil as an amendment to my patio pots and planters, as well as in my raised garden beds to boost the microbes and other helpful life in my soil. The package is beautiful and functional. The sides and back provide lots of information. There is a handy pull tab on the top back side that actually worked - a strip came off that then allowed me to pull open the bag, use what I wanted, then reseal. A great product, well done.
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Great Soil!
If I could the ROSEY SOIL a ten, I definitely would! I was impressed with the package that it came in alone, which is reusable and recyclable. The soil itself is top notch in my opinion. Its light weight making it easier to work with. The ingredients are Carbon-Negative Biochar. Biochar is produced by converting organic waste material into a charcoal like substance. Their Vegan Compost is aged which provides organic matter creating soil structure while supporting optimal drainage. Root Boosting Mycorrhizae: naturally occurring fungi mesh with plant roots to increase the amount of nutrients and water they can access. They also release gum like substance called glomalin, which helps to further lock in the moisture and hold onto the nutrients. It is highly recommended that you wet the Rosey Soil before planting. I can't wait to use this product. I am sure I am going to have some happy plants.
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Showing 1-10 of 11 reviews