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Drip System Expansion and Repair Kit in a bag

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  • Convenient & portable dispenser includes 100ft. of 1/4 in. tubing
  • Organizer tray filled with 102 universal drip irrigation devices
  • Includes 40 pressure compensating, self-piercing emitters
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Product Details

About This Product

This convenient and portable storage dispenser kit contains all of the parts and tools commonly needed to repair and expand a Drip irrigation system. Contains 102 professional grade universal Drip irrigation parts such as: emitters, tees, couplings, plugs, and stakes. Stored inside the bag is a 100 ft. roll of 1/4 in. distribution tubing. With this kit, you're prepared to handle common maintenance projects such as: repairing tubing breaks, replacing a clogged emitter, adjusting flow for growing plants, or expanding coverage to adjacent planting beds. Includes 40 pressure compensating self-piercing emitters: (10) 0.5 GPH, (20) 1.0 GPH, and (10) 2.0 GPH. Rain Bird's patented Emitter Installation and Removal Tool makes it easy to work with spot watering emitters as well as 1/4 in. barbed fittings. Trouble shooting guide provides tips on system maintenance, suggesting where common problems may occur and showing how to correct them by adjusting flow or fixing clogs and breaks. Rain Bird "The Intelligent Use of Water".


  • Convenient and portable storage kit contains 102 professional grade universal parts to repair or expand any drip system
  • Plastic pouch neatly stores an included 100 ft. of self-dispensing 1/4 in. blank distribution tubing
  • Individual bags inside the kit hold commonly needed parts such as: emitters, connectors, plugs, couplings, and stakes
  • Rain Bird's patented emitter installation/removal tool makes it easy to work with emitters and 1/4 in. fittings
  • Contains 40 high-quality pressure compensating, self-piercing emitters: (10) 0.5 GPH, (20) 1.0 GPH, and (10) 2.0 GPH
  • Includes trouble-shooting guide with tips on how to adjust flow or fix clogs and breaks
  • Replace non-working devices with Rain Bird's clog resistant, pressure compensating emitters
  • Start a new drip zone to water flower boxes, patio plants or a small flower bed
  • Black color
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Pressure Regulator, Stakes, Tubing

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Drip Irrigation Potted Plant Kits, Drip Irrigation Repair Kits, Patio Irrigation Kit

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If a purchaser of any new Rain Bird consumer product becomes dissatisfied with it for any reason, he may return it to the retailer where it was purchased within a reasonable time for a full refund. Rain Bird’s obligation is limited to this refund for any product that does not meet a purchaser’s expectations.

Questions & Answers

Q:Can you supply an itemized list and quantity of the 102 components included in the kit?
by|May 23, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  1 - 100 ft 1/4" Tubing 10 - 1/4" Tubing Stakes with Bug Guards 10 - 0.5 GPH Spot Watering Emitters 20 - 1 GPH Spot Watering Emitters 10 - 2 GPH Spot Watering Emitters 10 - 1/4" Tubing Plugs (Goof Plugs) 20 - 1/4" Barbed Tees 20 - 1/4" Barbed Couplings 1 - Emitter Installation/Removal Tool

by|May 23, 2024
    Q:How does it connect to spicket?
    by|Apr 16, 2024
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  This is an expansion and repair kit targeted for a system already in place - you would need to have an existing system with a faucet connection to use this kit. For additional questions, please call our technical support at 1-800-RAIN BIRD (800-724-6247) so we can help.

    by|Apr 22, 2024
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      Lots of useful parts in this expansion set
      This is a nice set of extra hose, emitters, connectors, plugs, couplings, and stakes. It is not meant to be a starter system. It is compatible with other types of drip systems and has a good variety of useful parts. Rainbird is a little different than other systems I have used in that they recommend putting the emitters on the main line, then the 1/4 in. tubing. This allows for a 'bug guard' on the end of the hose to keep bugs from clogging the end hose or emitter. My only issue with this set is that it did not include the troubleshooting guide as advertised. I was easily able to find several videos online explaining how to use the installation tool and some of the less-familiar parts, so no stars lost.
      • Recommended
      Lots of Goodies in a Bag
      Rain Bird Expansion Kit - There are lots of goodies in this bag. My neighbor gave me some leftover parts from their Rain Bird garden kit and this expansion kit offers the extra parts I need without getting a full kit. I wish I would have picked up a kit sooner to use during the extremely dry summer, because I was hand watering everyday and a slow drip was what I needed. This kit comes with a 100' of 1/4" tubing, along with tees and connectors to direct it to the places you need. There are also 40 emitters in 3 sizes, and even some plugs to fill any extra holes. Included is a hand tool to help add or remove the parts. I'm prepared for next summer!
      • Recommended
      Drip irrigation repair kit
      Rainbird drip irrigation repair/expansion kit helped me to repair my drip irrigation in my vegetable beds as the squirrels have a tendency to chew on the pipe or emitters and break them. I like the variety of this pack as it has several different emitters that let you get the rig by amount of water to the plant. I had an area that was getting too much water and was causing my foundation to leak, backing off the flow of the emitter solved the issue
      • Recommended
      Simple & Easy!
      I like that this is an all in 1 repair / expansion kit. This going to be added to my plant bed on the side of my house in the spring. I enjoy that its a one stop shop package. It really keeps things simple and easy. The items are as good as it gets. The best part is that there is no guessing if its going to fit or not. I have Rainbird products and they've yet to disappoint me. This is an easy RECOMMENDED product.
      • Recommended
      Perfect repair or starter kit
      Drip irrigation is a great way to reduce water waste and tailor your plants watering needs to be specific to each plant all on the same system. There are times when you'll need to make repairs or expand you system. The Rain Bird Drip System Expansion and Repair Kit is a great choice for all your supply needs in a single package. This kit comes with a variety of emitters, tee junctions, couplers, stoppers, emitter holders, 1/4" hose and a connector tool. Use this kit to easily make repairs to existing systems or expand your current. Could also be used to start a system if paired with other drip irrigation supply hoses. These items are simple to use and will provide water to the roots of your plants with limited waste. Let's get growing!
      • Recommended
      Handy installation and repair kit
      This ended up working very well for me. I added a raised garden in my yard which covered up one of my sprinklers. I extended the sprinkler up and put a pressure reducer on it then ran drip irrigation to my plants, so they got watered every time the lawn did. The installation tool works fine, and the barbed fittings are intended to puncture the three-quarter inch line without having to pre-puncture. A couple of instructions would’ve been nice, but there are good videos on YouTube. See my pics for how to use it. At any rate, my garden did amazing and I didn’t have to worry about remembering to hand water it regularly.
      • Recommended
      Great Kit!
      The Rain Bird Drip System Expansion and Repair Kit is an inexpensive, reliable way to keep you flowers and plants happily watered. I have been using this system for years, and the expansion kit is perfect for adding on th=o an existing system. Kit is packaged in a resealable bag and contains 100' of tubing, stakes, various emitters and T's, couplings and an emitter tool for easy installation. Easy to use and it all works great!
      • Recommended
      Good, inexpensive system.
      Good inexpensive system. When used in combination with a Rainbird valve/timer it will keep your garden plants watered as desired. The fittings will not be the most attractive things in your yard, but they are very tiny and will likely go unnoticed as your plants grow. The kit comes with tubing, stakes, and fittings to drip at desired rate. They work! You may need to experiment with the timing to get the watering dialed in, but it is a great system for the price.
      • Recommended
      Great Variety, good quality and a very handy included tool
      I ordered the Rain Bird Drip System Expansion and Repair Kit to have on hand next spring when I prepare my irrigation system for our outdoor potted plants next spring and to have on hand for repair of our outdoor drip system for perennials. We have been using our irrigation system for over 20 years and every spring we have repairs to make after the hard winters we experience at 7,500 feet elevation. Based on our experience we expect this repair kit to last 3 to 5 years. I replaced one of our drip nozzles and connectors. The kit comes with an Emitter Installation/Removal Tool but without instructions. A quick internet search revealed a short YouTube that explained its use at: https://youtu.be/Xgan1wLODRU?si=sbaw4LzbKESfQIaK . The tool is a time saver and it fits the rain bird parts precisely. Using the tool made the replacement of the drip nozzle a snap and the drip works great. The drip nozzles are high quality. The variety and quantity of drip nozzles and connectors was just what I was looking for. I’m looking forward to the spring when I’ll be well equipped to bring my irrigation systems up to speed.
      • Recommended
      Drip system kit
      This is a nice kit to add on to a drip system, I really like that it has little spikes to drive into the dirt to keep the quarter inch tubing from moving. I also like that it comes with 3 different regulated emitters 0.5, 1, & 2 gph. It also comes with 100’ of quarter inch tubing, tees, plugs, and an installation and removal tool that really makes it so much easier.
      • Recommended
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