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8 Zone Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller

  • Adjusts daily watering needs according to weather forecasts
  • Easy Wi-Fi access keeps you connected from anywhere
  • Control up to 8 zones in your lawn or garden
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Product Details

About This Product

Rainmachine Mini-8 is a 8 zone smart Wi-Fi sprinkler controller that uses weather forecasts and weather station data to dynamically adjust watering levels for your lawn and garden. Rainmachine is able to increase watering efficiency by gathering and processing weather information for your area, up to several days ahead of time. By design, nobody else has the control of your garden. You are not tethered to any cloud service third party providers. Rainmachine directly connects to trusted National and International weather data sources and adjusts daily watering amounts.


  • Access from anywhere, through iPhone android and PC web browser
  • Save water, save money: the average user can recoup the cost of their Rainmachine in a little over a year
  • Use free weather data sources from NOAA, METNO, Netatmo or Wunderground simultaneously to create a redundant and accurate weather network for your garden
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi with superb sensitivity for connection anywhere in your home
  • Most compact 8 zone smart Wi-Fi sprinkler controller on the market
  • Open API integrates with IFTTT, SmartThings, Amazon Echo, Rainmachine fits right in with most home automation setups
  • Cloud independence by design, secure data path without 3rd party providers, all personal data is stored locally on the Rainmachine itself
  • 15 minute setup time, the Rainmachine is convenient and easy to use right from the start
  • Slim simple 3 button touch display plus intuitive app interface
  • EPA WaterSense certified, check local water municipality for rebates
  • Our units are for indoor/outdoor but outdoor will need to have enclosure (not included with unit)
  • Click here to learn more about Eco Options and Water Conservation
  • Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs
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Product Information

Internet # 207052601

Model # SPK2-8

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From the Manufacturer


Dimensions: H 4.5 in, W 4.5 in, D 1.25 in


Product Depth (in.)

1.25 in

Product Height (in.)

4.5 in

Product Width (in.)

4.5 in


Back Battery Type

No Backup

Color Family




Compatibility Type

Computer Software Compatible


Digital Display, Electronic, Manual Bypass





Irrigation System Component


Mount Location


Number of Programs


Number of Start Times


Number of Zones


Pack Size


Power Options


Power Type


Program Type

Odd/Even Day Program, Programmable

Remote Access

Remote Access

Requires Hub?

No Hub Required



Smart Home

Smart Home Enabled

Smart Home Protocol


Smart Technology

Smart Timer, Wi-Fi

Sprinkler Location

Above ground

Sprinkler Type


Timer Type


Timing Segments

10 minutes

Voice Control Hub Required

No Voice Control

Works With

Samsung SmartThings

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

2 Year Limited Warranty

Questions & Answers

Q:Hi, interested in this, but need to know....in order to connect to Wi-Fi, does this have to have an actual wire connection to my router or can it be remotely connected? Only asking because my system is in the backyard and my computer and router are located in my office which is in the front of the house...also, is there a protective box available I can purchase to put the controller into to protect it from the elements outside??
by|Mar 3, 2021
1 Answer
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A:  This controller uses a wireless connection to your network. Also, if your existing controller is outside, then it must be in a box with a source of electricity. Can you remove that controller and reuse the box that your old controller is in? If not, you can purchase a new weatherproofed box from Orbit or a similar brand. You might want a box with a clear cover to show off the big display on this RainMachine, but you have to open the box to touch the screen so a solid box works, too. You can download an app on your phone to check the signal strength. Actually, RainMachine has a lot of information on their website. I suggest going to their website to see how they suggest testing your wifi signal strength before installing your Rainmachine. You may need to get a repeater or something if the controller will be a long distance from your router.

by|Mar 8, 2021
Q:Is this controller "pump capable" and will it work with the Orbit Pump Start Relay that I purchased at home depot?
by|Aug 29, 2020
0 Answer
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Q:Is there a monthly fee
by|Sep 22, 2019
6 Answers
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A:  No Monthly Fee

by|Sep 23, 2019

A:  No fee

by|Sep 23, 2019

    A:  No. This is what they state on their website. "The Rainmachine has several high precision environmental sensors flying above Earth in polar-orbiting and geostationary orbits. These are the best satellites in the world and are operated , maintained and owned by NOAA.gov, therefore owned by you too! :) For more info on NOAA’s hardware, please visit: http://www.noaa.gov/satellites.html That is also why we do not charge monthly fees — we feel that the data produced by NOAA should remain free, 100%. Additionally, the RainMachine will be able to access other local based IP sensors using our network API."

    by|Sep 23, 2019

    A:  No monthly fee. I have 2 of these and I love it.

    by|Sep 23, 2019

    A:  No. There is no monthly fee.

    by|Sep 23, 2019

      A:  No. You have to have wifi for it to connect to though.

      by|Sep 23, 2019
      Q:Does this sync with local watering restrictions (e.g., day of week, time of day) to help with pro...
      by|Jul 28, 2019
      5 Answers
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      A:  It has built-in settings for odd/even and other time prohibitions. You have to notate the restrictions when you create a watering program. You can then create multiple watering programs as well so that you can have heavier application days. It also monitors weather services and can be coordinated with a rain gauge to automatically % adjust run times. I installed the unit myself, replacing an old Irritrol digi-analog controller 2 years ago and have never regretted it.

      by|Jul 30, 2019

        A:  Not sure if it syncs with it, but it does have a section where you can enter that info. I haven’t had to use it as we don’t have watering restrictions.

        by|Jul 30, 2019

          A:  If you mean by "sync," connecting to an external restriction, then no. It does however have a "restrictions" area in its programming that you can restrict days of the week, months, and hours that it will restrict watering schedules.

          by|Jul 31, 2019
            1 found this answer helpful

            A:  No, you will need to program it to your local water restrictions

            by|Jul 30, 2019
              1 found this answer helpful

              A:  you can customize this device to any schedule you choose

              by|Jul 30, 2019
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              • 4.3 out of 145 reviews
              • 79% recommend this product
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              Intelligent watering
              Purchased several months ago, it works beautiful. Simple to program and saves a ton of water. Check my lawn, flowers and vegetables, with a moisture meter, all good based on weather and evaporation. Highly recommend The app is GREAT
                • Recommended
                The ease of installation (followed instructions and there were no hitches or surprises). The abi...
                The ease of installation (followed instructions and there were no hitches or surprises). The ability to manage all from my phone makes this unit great! I paired it with a rain sensor and the system works perfectly. The only part I could have a slightly irritated comment about would be Home Depot and its shipping to stores. They are slow about moving product to you. Other than that I would highly recommend this unit to anyone who is upgrading. An added bonus for my area is that the City Water Division is offering to rebates on upgrades like this. So after all is said and done I ended up getting back 80% of what I spent for the until and the rain sensor!
                • Verified Purchase
                • Recommended
                Wonderful all around- great features unlike any competitor. Attractive
                Works perfect. I have 8 zones for water, 1 for kavk forty trees 1 for misters. Two for sessonal drips to hanging baskets and porch and deck plants. For lights. I have it hooked up to alexa. On a hot day i can activate anything. I have it hooked to three weather sources. NOAA, Dark Sky and a local weather undergoeound. It averages them for predications. It also updates past rain predictions with actual rain every 4 hours. Then it adjusts watering based on actusla. If the internet is down it uses last ten years history. It also has another fail safe to water the same as last day. I never have had one failure. It has software api that rocks. It has full local ip connection control or world wide web control if you choose. Full logging of eventes and os errors. Only down side is it only has wifi dobgle and no hard wired ethernet. But that was well documented. It also has an un-needed method for rain detextion. Pretty lame. Last it can run a pump or that circuit could be used to have a master valve before your entire system to assure a system failure is limited. With the api you could even monitor excess water from base line and send notices but that would be up to you to program, however, it is super cool that you can mist system dont even give you that option. On notices it sends text messages for everything. I have it send one for shorted valves and freeze condition. It also graphs last 30 days and last years use. I extended the location 50 feet just so I could have it in the house to see the weather forcast and easily access the sweet touch screen. It has a responsive touch screen with all the cobtrol the phobe offers. Buy it if you are a pro or want full control. Or if you just want to water at fixed times and durations then you can do just thst and build from there as you are comfortable. Either way you are set. I programed mine from my iphone and also from the control pad. Both worked well. The phone has features the panel does not have but nothing that required me to have to use both. The control pad has feature the phobe does not have but again those are related to how you want the control pad to display stuff like, sleep, brightness wtc. and its os stuff.
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                  As described. Easy install and setup. Minimal space required. Adjusts watering schedule based on ...
                  As described. Easy install and setup. Minimal space required. Adjusts watering schedule based on weather but can easily override or on demand/manually water areas/zones as needed. Within app you can add pictures to the zones to easily identify areas. Can access and program by smartphone or computer. Once installed no need to physically access unit. Makes watering fun.
                  • Verified Purchase
                  • Recommended
                  1 found this review helpful
                  The hardware is good. Sometimes the app takes too long to load or needs to reload itself to work....
                  The hardware is good. Sometimes the app takes too long to load or needs to reload itself to work. Only get this if you are willing to invest the time it takes to program the app to automatically water the plants. (it took me about 30 minutes to do the 6 zones in my yard, but it's capable of doing 8) If you run the program manually, it won't save water on cold or rainy days. You should program it to start automatically at certain times, then it will use the weather data to save water. Mine wasn't accessing the NOAA website correctly (the software thought that the min. temperature each day was zero degrees,) so i easily added another weather service, now it's working better. Sloppy app programming but easy workaround. If you want a better app and either have more zones or want to spend the extra money, try the one by Rachio.
                  • Verified Purchase
                  • Recommended
                  What can I say? I'm just simply blown away by this tiny sprinkler controller. It's certainly ve...
                  What can I say? I'm just simply blown away by this tiny sprinkler controller. It's certainly very clean aesthetically speaking and installment was a breeze, virtually tooless with the exception of the 2 screws to mount to my sprinkler box. Setup was a breeze, I'm a network admin by trade and can honestly say a non techie person can set this up in their WiFi network. From open box to full programming took me less than 15 minutes. The cool camera feature allows you to take pictures of your zones that are active making for impressionable conversations. I origonallo bought the Orbit B-hyve and it was huge it wouldn't fit in my sprinkler controller box and then I read about this Rainmachine with a bit of skepticism and apprehension because of never hearing about this brand, but I'm totally sold on this idea gong forward. It totally makes sense that a controller box is simply that a small circuit board, no need for a monster size box. The only improvement I would recommend for Rainmachines next model is for a better outdoor box with weatherstripping, we live in the high desert and it gets cold. Other than that phenomenal piece of engineering!
                    • Recommended
                    1 found this review helpful
                    We love being able to adjust the sprinklers from our phone. We just reseeded some of the backyar...
                    We love being able to adjust the sprinklers from our phone. We just reseeded some of the backyard and its very easy to adjust/add additional time depending on the weather to keep the new seeds moist. Would definitely recommend this controller
                    • Verified Purchase
                    • Recommended
                    Stop looking and get this one. This is the only Smart Sprinkler Controller I could find that is...
                    Stop looking and get this one. This is the only Smart Sprinkler Controller I could find that is cloud independent--no fees, and will still work without an internet connection. It is not reliant on Rainmachine's cloud service. Hookup is very simple for up to 12 stations. Use either or both common wire connection points. Works with existing rain delay. TFT touch screen is all you need to get going and program. Use a smartphone or any internet connected device to dive deeper into the settings for better water control. Access, adjust, and change water setting from anywhere. Uses NOAA, or choices of other weather stations to automatically adjust watering. Total time for install and programming is about 15 minutes. Internet connectivity is very automated and has very strong signal even for a large home. PROS 1) Not cloud-based. No subscription charges. Will work as a standalone. 2) Super easy installation and setup. Integrates with any sprinkler system. 3) Access and adjust programming from your laptop, tablet, or anywhere. Lot's of adjustability. 4) Intuitive instructions. Easy to use large TFT (touch screen). CONS 1) You pay for what you get, and this system is a bit more than others. 2) So simple to set up, smart guys will overthink it a bit and wonder what steps they missed. You didn't miss any, it's just that simple. 3) This is nitpicking: You can't set the "soak" feature independently for each station--it's either all or none. Since Rainmaker updates their firmware from time to time, they may change the soak feature to be accessed independently for each station.
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                      Watering your lawn made easier
                      To start this is a very compact and minimalist unit. It was extremely easy to install, it had good instructions on how to wire it and I like that instead of having to screw wires in all you had to do was strip the ends of them and the push down a small spring loaded button and then simply insert the bare section of wire and release the button. Then when it comes to programing it you download the app to your phone where you can program it or you can use your computer and go online to program it. There are a lot of options and it may seem a little intimidating at first but once you start to use the program you realize how easy it is to use making it very easy to, program, adjust and operate things. The app works excellent and so does the online site you can use on your computer to program it. I started with the same base times I have always run my sprinkler zones on and I have already noticed it working according to the weather where it has canceled watering on days where it has rained a lot. I also like that your not tethered to a third party cloud service so there is never a fee to pay and your not dependent on single system. The WiFi on it works excellent and it is cool that you can access it thru an app on your phone or online on a computer anywhere or anytime. I have already got it programmed very easily and seems to be working very well and I will be interested to how well it works over the summer and I will update my review after I have used it a couple of months. As for now I have rated it 5 stars because it was super easy to wire and install, programming it thru your phone using the app or using the website on you computer is very straight forward and easy, and your not tied to a 3rd party cloud based service that you have to pay for.
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                      love this Rain Machine smart sprinkler controller!! amazing!
                      I absolutely love this smart sprinkler controller! This controller is a life saver, lawn saver, and time saver! We recently reseeded our front lawn as it had become a bit patchy and weeds have invaded after last's year drought and watering restriction in California. With our old controller, watering everyday felt like a huge burden, since we had to do it manually. However, this smart sprinkler controller has completely changed lawn watering. The product is absolutely flawless. It is very easy to install, it took me no more than 5 minutes to put it on the wall and plug the wires, and a total of maximum 15 minutes to install the app and do the configuration. The controller itself is so simple, compact, and easy to install. The smart phone application works on both Android and iPhone. The app also is amazing, super simple to use and it never crashes. Besides that, it uses weather data to adjust watering. All in all, this smart sprinkler controller is super convenient and easy to use. Highly recommend to anyone, it is an amazing product!
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