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24 in. Aluminum Landscape Rake

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  • Wide, lightweight head levels quickly and smoothly
  • Wrap-around brace for strong handle to head connection
  • Strong aluminum handle with end grip
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Product Details

Razor-Back has been manufacturing tools since 1936

Over 80 Years of Work Site Experience

Razor-Back has served Pro customers with cutting-edge tools since 1936.

View the Razor-Back rake collection

Choose the Right Tool for the Trade

With features demanded by the pros, our rake line tackles even the hardest jobs.

Professional rakes for tough jobs

Tough Rakes for Tough Jobs

From breaking up compacted soil to spreading asphalt.

Different rake heads for different jobs


Large aluminum heads tackle tough landscaping tasks. Heavy-duty forged steel heads impart strength and durability for the toughest projects.

Handles offer control


Materials such as pro-grade wood, fiberglass, and aluminum added strengthened durability. Extra-long handles help prevent fatigue.

Strong head to handle connection

Head to Handle

Steel ferrule, wrap-around brace and bolted steel heads.

Grips offer comfort


Double-layered cushion grips offer leverage and control.

Lifetime warranty

Strength Guaranteed

Razor-Back rakes have a long legacy of quality and durability with professional end-users.

Bow rake for loosening and chopping

Bow Rake

Breaks up soil and spreads mulch. Outside tines are thicker for chopping compacted material.

Landscape rake for spreading and leveling

Landscape Rake

Spreads material and levels large areas quickly and smoothly.

Leaf rake for dethatching and clearing leaves

Leaf Rake

Dethatches lawns and clears landscape rocks, leaves or mulch from any surface

Contractor lute and asphalt rake for roughening and smoothing asphalt surfaces

Asphalt Rake

Roughens, smooths and safely spreads asphalt.

Level head rake and road rake for working with soil and gravel

Level Rake

Digs into soil and gravel to remove debris. Rake heads work a level grade.

The Razor-Back aluminum landscape rake is designed with a wide head to level quickly and smoothly. The aluminum head is light weight despite its size. It is a heavy duty rake that is great for contractor and professional use, as well as serious homeowners.
  • 24 in. aluminum head
  • Strong metal handle
  • Comfortable end grip
  • Strong head connection for years of use
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Questions & Answers

Q:Is this good for raking up rocks and stones?
by|Aug 13, 2022
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  This is a finishing rake so it would not be good for raking large rocks and stones. Rake these with a standard garden rake. This rake should be used for spreading, levelling and evening out loose dirt. It will pick up smaller pebbles and twigs.

by|Sep 23, 2022
    1 found this answer helpful
    Q:Is this a good rake for moving a large pile of wood chips?
    by|Apr 28, 2022
    6 Answers
    Answer This Question

    A:  Yes as long as the wood chips were not too impacted

    by|Nov 28, 2022

      A:  Yes. I suppose that this could be used on a large pile of wood chips. It has the rake side (with teeth) and the straight edge for leveling the surface. I used it for stone and topsoil. It's well-made and effective.

      by|Dec 11, 2022

        A:  This rake is a landscape rake. The tool end is aluminum. I will bend trying to push or pull too much weight. It is more useful spreading and leveling chips, soil, or bark dust

        by|May 2, 2022

          A:  No, we do not think the landscape rake would perform the task very well. If you are moving large wood chips, a heavier rake would work better or a manure / mulch fork can pick it up and then you can throw it.

          by|Apr 29, 2022

            A:  If you're talking about mulch this would be a great rake for that.

            by|May 6, 2022

              A:  Yes, this is an excellent rake for wood chips, mulch, leveling large piles, and large areas. It's light weight, study and well built.

              by|May 1, 2022
                Q:Can I use this for dethatching a lawn?
                by|Aug 16, 2021
                4 Answers
                Answer This Question

                A:  No

                by|Jun 16, 2022

                A:  Technically you could, but not really. You would spend hours and not get good results. Rent a gas powered dethatcher or buy an electric one. I recommend buying an electric one.

                by|Sep 22, 2021

                A:  It might, but it is more of a grading an moving lose soil device. It has aluminum teeth that I think would bend or break. I think a steel metal rake would do better.

                by|Aug 18, 2021

                  A:  Yes, it's a very good quality tool. Works great for dethatching your yard and leveling it.

                  by|Jun 1, 2022
                  Q:I need a wide rake to drag behind a lawn tractor to rake the tree limbs into a single pile to pic...
                  by|Mar 28, 2021
                  5 Answers
                  Answer This Question

                  A:  I don't think this would work well for that. The tines will load up quickly and not pick up many sticks. You probably need something with 10-20" long tines, more designed for your purpose

                  by|Mar 28, 2021

                  A:  I don't think this would work well for that. Maybe hire a local kid. This would just rip up your land and all the tines would bend

                  by|Mar 28, 2021

                  A:  This would do the job but the teeth might bend on you if your trying to pull up and weeds.

                  by|May 4, 2021

                    A:  Yes it will because is wider than most

                    by|Apr 22, 2021

                      A:  Hi NVR4get I would not purchase this rake with what you described its great to level out land like top soil and spread around mulch its not to be used on a finished lawn. Hope that helps and answers your question

                      by|Apr 1, 2021
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                        great rake
                        makes life easy on gravel lot
                        • Verified Purchase
                        • Recommended
                        Misleading advertising.
                        Assembly was easy, product seems sturdy. 3 stars is for feeling mislead by the companies manufacturing page. RB's website says they use resources from a global market, but they, "go about hand forging, assembling, packaging, and distributing Razor-Back tools" in their "Thirteen U.S. Facilities." The handle and head are made in China, and I'm the one who assembled it, so I guess that's true. I don't mind Chinese tools, but I feel they tried to make me think it was made in America when it's not.
                          12 found this review helpful
                          Good for leveling yard
                          I dug up all of my grass because my yard was a mess. I got this rake to help with the job. I'm glad I did because not only is it able to grab alot of stuff in one swipe but it is nice for leveling the lawn.
                            • Recommended
                            3 found this review helpful
                            light weight for sand only
                            i thought with the reviews pros were using this. I used it for 1 hour the tins are bent, and most likely fall off. tThis is the size i need but in steel not aluminum, it bends if hits hard soil.
                              13 found this review helpful
                              Very good product, for right price!
                              Very good product, for right price!
                              • Verified Purchase
                              • Recommended
                              4 found this review helpful
                              I have owned the landscaping rake for about 3 weeks and find the product initially very useful fo...
                              I have owned the landscaping rake for about 3 weeks and find the product initially very useful for my existing yard as we are developing it to plant. the tines dug in and grabbed the soil well, pulling out rocks and clumps of grass was exceptional. the flat side allowed me to smooth and level the ground. The rake lasted approximately a week until I got to ground that had some narrow roots from a tree nearby. the tines caught on the roots and ultimately bent , further into the 2nd week more bent tines and less efficient product. I think that a millimeter or two more of the aluminum or possibly a durable metal core i.e. tungsten, titanium, steel to reinforce the tines would be an effective way strengthen them.
                              • Verified Purchase
                              19 found this review helpful
                              works great
                              This rake is easy to assemble and I put it right to work leveling out sand in a walkway I've been working on. It makes it a lot easier to get the ground level and flat rather than using a narrower garden rake and the scrapper blade helps with getting everything smooth and flat. The toothed side is handy for getting the small rocks and other unwanted debris out of your project area.
                              • Recommended
                              9 found this review helpful
                              Makes Quick Work Of A Large Project
                              I bought this rake when my wife and I decided to do some excavation in our back yard. It worked great for leveling the grade and moving dirt around. It is much more efficient that the standard yard rakes that are only 18" wide. I liked it so much that I bought another one to give away as a gift. Definitely worth the money if you have a large area of dirt that you want to work with.
                              • DIY
                              • Verified Purchase
                              • Recommended
                              8 found this review helpful
                              Great rake, saves a ton of times....
                              Great rake, saves a ton of times.
                              • Verified Purchase
                              The rake is sturdy and does all I expected, I...
                              The rake is sturdy and does all I expected, I use as a rake for the our ponds edge and it pulled the muck and dying water weeds well. I was able to pull the debris up on the bank to let it dry and eventually rake away. Met all my requirements for a reasonable price!
                              • Verified Purchase
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