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FastTrack Garage 25 in. Upright

  • Extension hooks onto FastTrack rail to maximize storage space
  • Constructed of heavy-duty steel for optimal strength
  • Use with FastTrack brackets and rails (sold separately)
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Product Details

FastTrack rail system in garage

Reclaim The Floor with Rubbermaid FastTrack Rail

The Rubbermaid FastTrack Rail system is the ultimate storage solution, allowing you to reclaim the floor by getting items off the ground.

Man installing FastTrack rail system

Easy Installation Using Everyday Tools

One person can quickly and easily assemble the FastTrack Rail system using everyday tools.

FastTrack rail with cabinets

Create a Customizable Storage Solution

Tailor a storage solution for all belongings by choosing from a variety of Rubbermaid Garage products.

Man installing FastTrack rail accessory

Flexible Design for Changing Needs

FastTrack Rail Accessories can easily be relocated on the rail as storage needs change.

FastTrack Rail in basement

Fit For Any Room Throughout the Home

The FastTrack Rail system can be used to fit the needs of any room from basements to laundry rooms.

Man installing accessory onto FastTrack rail

Thoughtfully and Intuitively Designed

The FastTrack Rail Accessories easily snap into place on the rail in seconds.

FastTrack Rail in exercise room

Long Lasting Durability from Rubbermaid

Heavy-duty steel construction provides years of maintenance-free durability that won't rust with age.

Leaf blower on FastTrack rail

Proven Strength

Locking hooks can hold 50 lbs and non-locking hooks can hold 25 lbs.

Bikes and ladder on FastTrack Rail

Solutions For All Belongings

Choose from a variety of accessories for all belongings, from bike hooks to ball racks.

man installing shelves on FastTrack Rail

Heavy Duty Storage

Rubbermaid shelving can be installed to the FastTrack Rail system for large, heavy items.

FastTrack Rail in laundry room

Expand As Needed

Add on additional FastTrack Rails at any time to provide additional storage.

FastTrack rail in garage with trash can

Everything Has a Place

Free up valuable floor space in the garage to help get vehicles back inside.

FastTrack rail in mud room area

Versatile Storage Solution

Pick up the Rubbermaid FastTrack Rail system today and get your home organized.

The Rubbermaid FastTrack 25 in. Upright Track easily hooks on to the FastTrack rail (sold separately). And offers complete adjustability for FastTrack shelving (not included). The durable steel construction ensures lasting quality and allows you to place the track in a variety of places to accommodate your layout.



Questions & Answers

Q:Does this product come with the upright connector clip so it can be attached to another upright?
by|Jul 17, 2022
1 Answer
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A:  Thanks for your interest in our products and reaching out! The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage 25 in. Upright does not have a connector clip to add another upright.

by|Jul 18, 2022
    Q:Can the uprights be installed *above* the rail? (If I have a rail at 7'-3" height but want shelves to go up to the ceiling)
    by|May 24, 2022
    2 Answers
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    A:  Assuming "rail" means the horizontal bar from which the uprights are hung, then you could install additional upright rails above the horizontal rail as long as they are properly attached to the wall, such as screwed into studs.

    by|May 26, 2022

      A:  Thanks for your interest in our products and reaching out! The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage 25 in. Upright is designed to hook on to the rail from the top and hang down. There is no way for it to attach at a mid point. You can direct mount them to your walls above the rail but it will not attach to the rail.

      by|Jun 1, 2022
        Q:How many are in a package do I need to buy two for the large metal shelf?
        by|Feb 11, 2022
        4 Answers
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        A:  They are sold in singles. I usually use three for a large shelf. The instructions tell you how much to space between the uprights. You’ll want to verify, but as I recall, it should be an upright every 18”

        by|Feb 15, 2022
          1 found this answer helpful

          A:  The 25 in. Uprights are single packaged, while the 4ft. shelves are packaged in pairs. We covered 3 walls in our garage with the "system" and purchased some of the material in a package (e.g. 2-shelves, 2-4 ft uprights, etc).

          by|Feb 15, 2022
            1 found this answer helpful

            A:  There is only one upright in the pack that I bought. You would need 3 uprights and 3 shelf supports for one 4 ft. shelf. (You need middle shelf support.) These uprights are only 25 inches long, so you would have to buy longer uprights if you want additional shelves supported by these uprights. Uprights https://www.homedepot.com/p/Rubbermaid-FastTrack-Garage-25-in-Upright-1784365/100592309 Shelf supports https://www.homedepot.com/p/Rubbermaid-FastTrack-Garage-16-in-D-Shelf-Bracket-with-Speed-Clips-FG5E20FTSNCKL/100387763 This shows all the hardware needed for a 3 shelf installation. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Rubbermaid-FastTrack-Garage-16-in-x-48-in-Wire-Garage-Wall-Shelving-Kit-3-Pack-1937545/205853700 Although not necessary to install the shelf, this track makes it easier to assure that all three uprights are level when installed. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Rubbermaid-FastTrack-Garage-48-in-Hang-Rail-Track-Storage-System-1784415/100498598

            by|Feb 14, 2022

              A:  Thanks for your interest in our products and reaching out! The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage 25 in. Upright comes as one unit.

              by|Feb 17, 2022
                Q:Do they make hook accessories that will attach to the upright track holes?
                by|Nov 1, 2021
                1 Answer
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                A:  Thanks for your interest in our products and reaching out! The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage 25 in. Upright uses brackets to hold a wire shelf. No accessories.

                by|Nov 2, 2021
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                  This is just one of the parts I purchased to install FastTrack wire shelves. I purchased three of...
                  This is just one of the parts I purchased to install FastTrack wire shelves. I purchased three of the uprights, 6 shelf brackets and two wired shelves. HomeDepot also sells this in a package. My son and I installed it in his garage and I will be purchasing more shelves to install. Excellent quality, easy to install. States it holds up to 350lbs but I will never put that amount of weight on any shelf. I used a stud finder, a leveler, a drill to start a hole and to screw in the brackets. You can install this two ways. I installed it with the parts I stated in this review. Each railing comes with one screw but you will need three screws for each railing. I used sheet rock screws. If you decide to purchase Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage 84 in. Hang Rail Track Storage System which cost $16.98, then no additional screws are required. I highly recommend this product and definitely will be installing more shelves for my son. The picture will show exactly how I installed it without The 84 inch Hang Rail Storage System. My railings are 25 inches long which fits two shelves.
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                  FastTrack (Upright Review Only)
                  This review is specific to the upright. Like some other reviews, I have to agree that the new upright design is a step in the wrong direction for the FastTrack system. The older design had a cleaner finished look, it fit snug to the track, had a shallower depth so the completed shelf system fit closer to the wall, and was almost 3" longer in total length (comparison between old and new 25" product). The new upright hangs very loose and does not provide that secure connection. Definately some opportunity here to improve the design.
                  Response from Consumer ServicesMar 8, 2018
                  Thanks for sharing your review of our 25" Upright! We apologize for any inconvenience that you've experienced with the newest Upright design. We value all customer feedback and will pass your comments along to our Brand Development Team. Thanks for choosing Rubbermaid!
                    My Garage Facelift
                    After 20 years in my home, I had collected an enormous amount of "stuff" some of which had overflowed into the garage. For at least five years I had been forced to park in the driveway because 1/2 of the garage was stuffed. So after some prodding, I convinced two of my sons to help me weed, paint, and organize. I had been looking at the Rubbermaid FastTrack system for quite a while and wanted it all, including the hanging upper cabinets and lower cabinets. Unfortunately the cabinets had been discontinued. :( I purchased the rails and an assortment of hooks which were readily available from HomeDepot. However, the uprights, wire shelves and brackets were a little harder to come by but I ended up ordering the uprights directly from Rubbermaid. Shipping was exactly as they had said - three to five business days after the order had been received and processed. The installation was easy, and didn't take too long. The transformation is incredible! All i can say is that this is one fabulous product at a reasonable price point, and I highly recommend the Rubbermaid FastTrack System! The only way it could be better is if Rubbermaid could make a few more selections of hooks (smaller single hooks, vertical golf bags support and shelf unit for golf shoes or golf accessories, short rails - 2' or 3' - and shelves to match) etc.
                    Response from Rubbermaid Consumer Service Jan 29, 2013
                    Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your product. We appreciate and value the comments you provide. We work hard to design and manufacture the highest quality products and are pleased when consumers take the time to let us know of their satisfaction. The Fast Track cabinets are still being manufactured. For a list of retailers carrying this product, start by clicking on the blue "Online Stores" link which is located on the product page of the item you are interested in purchasing under the product specifications. This link will redirect you to a list of websites that are offering this product. Also, you can click on the "Find a Local Stores link" for a list of retailers that are ordering the product for sale in stores. For further assistance with retailers, please contact our Consumer Service Department at 1-888-895-2110 Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm ET.
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                      Garage storage
                      Great system for storage, disappointed that it appears home depot is not going to carry this system any longer.
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                      • Verified Purchase
                      Easy to install. Works great. Clean neat tough look....
                      Easy to install. Works great. Clean neat tough look.
                      • Verified Purchase
                      Easy to install, works great....
                      Easy to install, works great.
                      • Verified Purchase
                      Great, sturdy product
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                      • Verified Purchase
                      Shelves were perfect....
                      Shelves were perfect.
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