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  • Allows for quick and easy installation of spline
  • Innovative ergonomic design with an angled handle
  • Feeds spline directly through the tool
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The Screen Tool Plus features a unique ergonomic design for maximum comfort when installing screen. This double-sided multi-tool can be used to roll spline into frame channels and secure spline into frame corners. This is the perfect solution for all of your screen installation needs.
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and support
  • Spline feeds through the tool for quicker installation
  • Double-sided end features a spline roller and a flat head edge for pushing spline in to tight corners
  • Perfect for completing multiple projects
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Questions & Answers

Q:will this tool work with flat spline?
by|Nov 6, 2022
2 Answers
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A:  Hello Conne, Yes.

by|Nov 7, 2022

    A:  Yes, I used it on my pool screens to replace the old flat spline and damaged screens without any issues. Of course, run the tool across the screen to create a canal for the spline to seat easy.

    by|Nov 9, 2022
      Q:Will this tool work for .175 screen spline? The type used in the "Screen Tight" systems for s...
      by|Jun 8, 2018
      6 Answers
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      A:  No it will not

      by|Aug 13, 2021
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      A:  Hello, The screen tool plus is compatible with all ADFORS spline sizes.

      by|Aug 12, 2022

        A:  No it's too small for that size spline it will cut the screen trying to put it in the groove

        by|Mar 23, 2020
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          A:  We used this tool for our Feldco patio door screen. We purchased Phifer pet screen with a thickness of 0.036.

          by|Mar 23, 2020
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            A:  It will, however the tool is not the best quality and there are less expensive tools that work much better and will take half the time. I used this cheap roller to screen my entire enclosure and it worked great or as designed. The one in question I used to put in one panel for a friend and it didn't work as designed.

            by|Jan 20, 2023
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              A:  It’ll work with .175 spline but I found it to be flimsy. I would purchase a spline tool made of wood with metal wheels. HD has them.

              by|Jul 12, 2022
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                just when you think plastic CANT be made any cheaper! Here comes this screen tool plus
                have barely replaced 1 small screen and this tool isn't even worth being One Dollar. Garbage, super flimsy, cheaply made, hard to believe HD even sales these in their stores. There is absolutely nothing of quality in this tool, even the "wheel" part is all chipped up and I am simply replacing a few window screens. I would absolutely never recommend this product.
                Response from Saint-Gobain AdforsOct 31, 2022
                Thank you for letting us know about this. Your feedback helps us do better.
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                  Cheap Mexican junk! I did one screen door and the plastic wheel is all chewed up. Groove in the m...
                  Cheap Mexican junk! I did one screen door and the plastic wheel is all chewed up. Groove in the middle and high on the sides, one high side was barely there when new. I would buy the cheaper metal one and use a screwdriver for the corners. Good for one or maybe two times!
                    6 found this review helpful
                    Cheaply made, wears out quickly. Might be OK for doing one screen. Get one made of metal and wood!
                    Cheaply made, wears out quickly. Might be OK for doing one screen. Get one made of metal and wood!
                      5 found this review helpful
                      I have been re-screening for about 50 years. For the homeowner or occasional handyman use this i...
                      I have been re-screening for about 50 years. For the homeowner or occasional handyman use this is a terrible tool. It has a wide grooved roller that is too wide to roll in narrow spline. I just re-screened a heavy duty sliding glass door screen frame that will not allow the "Screen Tool Plus" model to work. The nose that holds the roller is too bulky and I had to roll it on a great angle to make it work. Lucky I only had one screen to do and I made it work. It will be returned on my next trip to my HD. The HD has a cheaper double plastic tool with a narrow nose and a thin roller to fit in many frames that have a small spline. Stick with the Home Depot Model # 654 Internet #205619545, this plastic double wheel model, save some money and take your time, the job will come out great.
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                        A worthwhile tool for screens
                        The last time I installed a replacement screen in a grooved edge frame with rubber bead "rope" I did not have one of these tools. I used the tip of a paint stir stick and a flat bladed screwdriver to install it. This tool is MUCH better! The flat tip on the end is good for pressing the bead into each corner and the roller wheel makes it very easy to use one hand to roll press the bead into the groove while holding the screen material straight with the other hand. Definitely the way to go.
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                        The right tool for the job
                        I bought this for a DIY project that I planned to rescreen a few tattered window screens. If I were going to make a living doing this, I may have invested in the more expensive product the professionals use. But for the price and the scope of my project, this is the right tool for the job. The roller part of the tool glides smoothly into the channel, pulling the fiberglass screen material in. Then it pushes the spline in at the correct depth. The other side of the tool has a narrowed edge that can be used to set the corners. My original project of three window screens has increased to twelve, and my little tool is working just fine.
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                        It can do the job
                        The Screen Tool Plus is a dual ended tool to assist in the installation of new screen material for door and window screens. This tool has a two part plastic handle with convex and concave wheels. I had misplaced my tool with wood and metal parts, so I used this one. However, I cannot truly cannot give this tool a high rating as it came apart under pressure. The tool had no glue holding the sides together, just plastic sides with clips. I had to tape it up in order to use it. However, I was replacing a standard screen with a pet-proof and I may have needed a smaller spline size. I used this tool for all but the last side.
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                        good to have it for diy tool for screen door replacement
                        It took me a while to get used it to use it on my first time diy project on screen sliding door. Good to have roller to roll from edge except on corner area. I used corner tip for those 4 corners of screen sliding door. It had a roller, a corner tip, thumb rest & handle to grab on to work with my hand. it was strong rubber, good for heavy duty use.
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                        cheap screen tool
                        This tool quickly installed the spline in my screen. The rollers worked well, and the tool neatly fed the spline. I was disappointed that when I used the tail end to press the spline into the corners of the frame, the tail split on the first corner. I used a standard screwdriver on the remaining corners. The screen looks good and professional, and it's as tight as a drum. The HD video at https://youtu.be/wJX3M8bGAnA is a good, concise tutorial on replacing window screens.
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                        Nice design
                        This screen tool is designed for a comfortable, secure grip as well as to allow application pressure where it's needed -- over the spline wheel. The grip forms an arch over the wheel where your thumb rests and when you press down on the wheel with your thumb, it won't slip from the area. The wheel is also designed with a groove to ensure that the wheel rolls over the spline. I think that the wheel should be just a bit bigger in diameter because the frame holding the wheel in place could be a problem in setting the spline on some frames if the frame is raised on one or both sides of where the spline is being set. You won't be able to push the spline deeply into the channel if the wheel is restricted in its depth reach. The other end of the spline tool is plastic and looks like it will be helpful in digging out old spline or pulling out the new spline without damaging it so that it can be re-set.
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