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AirDresser with Steam and Sanitize Cycle, Wi-Fi Enabled, Deodorizing Filter in Dark Black

  • Steam: Refresh clothing inside and out while relaxing wrinkles
  • Sanitize Cycle: Eliminate 99.9% of common bacteria and dust mites
  • Easy Installation: Installs with one simple step - plug it in
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Product Details

The Samsung AirDresser combines powerful steam and air to relax light wrinkles and remove 99% of common bacteria, dust mites and odors from your clothing. Based on testing by Intertek: 1) Sanitize Cycle eliminates 99.9% of E. coli and S. aureus and 99% of house dust mites. 2) Normal cycle eliminates 99% of isovaleric acid, 4-ethenylpyridine, valeraldehyde and tetrachloroethylene.
  • Steam - Refresh clothing inside and out while relaxing wrinkles
  • Sanitize Cycle - Sanitize cycle eliminates 99.9% of common bacteria and dust mites from fabrics
  • Easy Installation - Install AirDresser with one simple step: plug it in
  • Deodorizing Filter - Remove and absorb 99% of stubborn odors with AirDresser's built-in Deodorizing Filter
  • Fresh Finish - Insert your favorite dryer sheet for a laundry-fresh scent
  • 4 General Cycles - Normal, Delicates, Quick, Sanitize
  • 3 Dry Cycles - Sensor Dry, Time Dry, Room Care
  • 9 Special Cycles - Suit, School Wear, Winter Coat, Wool/Knit, Outdoor, Down Jackets, Fur/Leather, Heavy Duty, Self Clean
  • 6 Downloadable Cycles - Denim, Down Dry, Accessories, Babywear, Bedding, Toys
  • Front Facing LCD Touch Display
  • British Allergy Foundation (BAF) Certified
  • Included Accessories - 3 Air Hangers (for both Tops and Bottoms), Hanger Kit, Weight Kit, Shelf
  • Smart Access and Wi-Fi Enabled - Use the SmartThings app to control AirDresser remotely
  • California residents


Dimensions: H 72.88 in, W 17.56 in, D 24.25 in



Door Opening Height (In.)
Door Opening Width (In.)
Product Depth (in.)
24.25 in
Product Height (in.)
72.88 in
Product Width (in.)
17.56 in


Amperage (amps)
12 A
Appliance Category
Capacity - Dryer (cu. ft.)
Color/Finish Family
Control Type
Door Material
Tempered Glass
Door Shape
Square Door
Door Style
Right Swing
Dry Cycles
Bedding, Delicates, Quick Dry, Sanitize, Sensor Dry, Timed Dry
Dryer Features
Front Control, Heat Pump, Rack, Sensor Dry, Wi-Fi Enabled
Power Cord
Lint Filter Location
Number of Drying Cycles
Number of Drying Temperatures
Power Options
Product Weight (lb.)
196.2 lb
Remote Access
Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Home Protocol
Steam Function
Vent Type
Voice Control Hub Required
No Voice Control
Voltage (volts)
Works With
Samsung SmartThings

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
CSA Listed
Manufacturer Warranty
One (1) Year Parts and Labor

Questions & Answers

Q:Does this need anything other than an electrical outlet? Duct and vent like a dryer? Water source?
by|Aug 8, 2021
2 Answers
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A:  Great news, Rami. Simply plug your AirDresser into a standard 120V outlet and you're all set. No separate waterline or professional installation is necessary. The refillable water reservoir is all you need and filtered water is required. ^Lo

by|Aug 10, 2021

    A:  Nope, all it takes is a 110v power source.

    by|Sep 21, 2021
    Q:Is the door reversible?
    by|Aug 7, 2021
    1 Answer
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    A:  Hello PhillyHomeOwner, this model does not offer the reversible door feature. Thank you for choosing Samsung. ^Lena

    by|Aug 9, 2021
      Q:so all this does basically is steam your clothes? does it clean or iron them too?
      by|Jul 5, 2021
      2 Answers
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      A:  Hi- you’re right. The basic idea is that it steams your clothes AND runs a dry cycle. They use special wide hangers so shirts/jackets/etc lay correctly and clips (with weighted clips for the bottom) for pants. It can remove light wrinkling. And the steam removed light odors.

      by|Jul 6, 2021

      A:  Thanks so much for asking, nathanniice! This model uses steam technology to help remove wrinkles and odors from clothes items. This is especially useful for items that cannot be washed in a machine, or that just need a quick refresh. ^Jecca

      by|Sep 24, 2021
        Q:Yes I have ms need somthing that will press my shirt ect will this air dresser with stem and sanitize cycle i
        by|Nov 8, 2020
        3 Answers
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        A:  Can you rewrite your question, because it's not very clear what you're asking.

        by|Jan 4, 2021
        1 found this answer helpful

        A:  First, It does a great job on my cotton business shirts on the regular (45 minute) cycle. So, that part is fine. It's hard to know how to answer the question about your MS. I will try to compare it to other tasks so you can decide... You would have to be able to hang the shirt on the special hangers that comes with the unit (it holds 3) and then slide them into place - the steam comes out the center of the hangers. The hangers slide into grooves that are about shoulder height for an adult while standing up. After that, you just swing the door closed and press a button to start the cycle you want. Since the shirts stay on the special hangers, they don't get wrinkles if you don't open it right after the cycle ends, which is very helpful. It uses a tank of water (to make steam) which is attached in the lower front - I filled it from a gallon jug of distilled water. There is also a "dirty" water tank on the lower front that would have to be emptied every once in a while.

        by|Jul 15, 2021
        3 found this answer helpful

        A:  While the Airdresser does not press clothes, running them through the steam cycle leaves them wrinkle free!

        by|Dec 18, 2020
        1 found this answer helpful
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        Awesome Unit
        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I love it! My clothes come out looking brand new. I have very delicate clothing pieces that have to be cared for and this takes care of it. I love the app and all the features. The unit is made very well and feels well designed. The unit is also very quite you can barely hear it. Overall I highly recommend it
          • Recommended
          Great features!!
          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought one month ago i really love this product.
            I had moderate expectations for the airdresser. And I guess that my expectations were met. It is ...
            I had moderate expectations for the airdresser. And I guess that my expectations were met. It is not a miracle machine and it doesn't replace the dry cleaner around the corner. I've tried several types of clothing and by far the most success has been with dress shirts. They respond really well to the treatments. Sweaters, sweatshirt, and pants did not work very well. - Pants: It states very clearly in the instructions that pants should not touch the bottom of the unit while on the hangers. Well, I wear a 34 inch inseam, which means all of my pants are going to touch the bottom of the machine. - Sweaters: The instructions say that sweaters should not be processed while on a hanger and that they should be placed on the rack instead. Well it is pretty tough to get even mild wrinkles out of a garment when it is not hung up, much less folded on the small space the rack affords. I did try removing storage wrinkles from a sweater. I was bold and put it on a hanger despite the warnings. As you can see in the pictures it helped, but cannot replace laundering. - Dress Shirts: This is where I see the most benefit to the airdress. I wear a lot of dress shirts, when I actually go to the office outside of 2020. And I am always irritated to either send them to the dry cleaners or launder them at home on cold and then damp dryer to a hanger when all they are is a little wrinkled and not necessarily "dirty". I have tried a couple of dress shirts and it noticeably removed wrinkles, even from the forearms where I tend to roll my sleeves up. *See the pics below. Overall it should not be considered a wrinkle remover for all types of clothing. It should really be considered a freshener of clothing. The sanitize cycle is cool, but it takes 2.5 hours to complete. At that amount of time I may as well just throw them into the laundry and do a regular load. The quality of the product is very high and it is very stylish, just make sure you set the right expectations for what it can do.
            Response from SamsungFeb 3, 2021
            Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your experience with us, twf816. We appreciate your feedback and are proud to have you as a member of the Samsung family. ^Lo Samsung
            9 found this review helpful
            I don't wear a lot of dress clothes but every once in a while it seems like I have to take a whol...
            I don't wear a lot of dress clothes but every once in a while it seems like I have to take a whole bunch of clothes or sometimes bedding to the dry cleaners to be cleaned. Every time I do it it seems to be getting more and more expensive. This Samsung AirDresser has all but eliminated going to the dry cleaners except for my king size bedding which is unfortunately to large to fit inside. This Samsung AirDresser is great for sanitizing your clothes and removing most of the wrinkles in them based on what cycle and how long of a cycle you put them on. It is not meant to remove stains or clean your clothes. It's mostly meant for an item of clothing that you wear that is not dirty but you wan't it to be clean and fresh smelling the next time you put it on. It works great for those jackets you wear but you never wash. It's great for sweaters and scarves. If you are a lover of polo shirts it works great for those also. It has all but eliminated having to iron my clothes prior to wearing them. They don't have that pressed look that you get from the dry cleaners but they are not all wrinkly and look good enough to go out in public in. This AirDresser has all kinds of features that I have not even began to use. Since we have a Samsung washer, dryer, refrigerator, tv's and now air-dresser and they are all connected to the internet there is all kinds of features I have yet to explore. If you are an executive or someone who wears a lot of dress clothes I would highly recommend utilizing one of these to keep your clothes looking fresh, clean and new. You will be extremely happy that you did and after the initial cost of the purchase you will save thousands of dollars over the long run of not having to go to the dry cleaners.
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            1 found this review helpful
            Worth the price
            My wife and I spend about $150 per month on dry cleaning. When I read a review of the Air Dresser a year ago, I had to have one. Ordered as soon as it was available at Home Depot in September. Couple weeks to deliver, easy install... put it where you want it and plug it in. Add some water and a dryer sheet. I had some clothes that were stuffed in the bin and were wrinkled messes as we haven't gone to the dry cleaner. Hung them up, used a normal 48min cycle... what a difference. The wrinkles disappeared and the clothes were fresh. You aren't going to get that starchy pressed result as you would from a dry cleaner, but this does the job. As it is not your typical appliance, I did opt for the extended warranty service plan. This will pay for itself in a year. If you have a lot of dry cleaning, I highly recommend.
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              I obtained the Samsung AirDresser on a tryout basis, and so far I'm really pleased with it. I am ...
              I obtained the Samsung AirDresser on a tryout basis, and so far I'm really pleased with it. I am specifically thrilled with the fact that it has, for the most part, eliminated my need to iron dress clothes. While the AirDresser is not as perfect as an iron, it does manage to reduce wrinkles to a great extent in different kinds of fabrics. The AirDresser can also be used to substitute for dry cleaning certain items. Keep in mind, the AirDresser uses steam in practically all available cycles, except the 3 drying cycles Some dry cleaning-only items should not be exposed to steam. Also, the AirDresser does not remove stains, so if you have items that cannot be washed in a washing machine, but you want to deodorize or sanitize them in the AirDresser, you should probably spot-clean stains first. The AirDresser is mostly made to care for clothes; it comes with three sturdy AirDresser hangers that have clips for pants or other items. It also comes with a regular smaller hanger. It comes with a removable shelf, on which you can position small or very delicate items that should not be hung up, such as wool and cashmere. There's also a weight kit for maintaining creases in pants, and it has an accessory care zone on the inside door. You can put a dryer sheet in the fresh air filter, which will release in the stream that's generated during a cycle to make your clothes smell fresh. The included instruction booklet is very comprehensive and gives you a good overview of which fabrics can be used in the AirDresser (most can, but silk is a notable exception) and which cycle to use with what fabric. Most available cycles are accessible through the digital panel on the outside door, however additional cycles for bedding, toys, and babywear can be downloaded through the Samsung SmartThings app. The app allows you to operate the AirDresser remotely with a Wi-Fi connection. I have not yet tried this so I cannot say if it works well. The AirDresser's operation is very quiet, which is definitely a plus. It also does not get warm or hot at all on the outside. Like any major appliance, it does need regular cleaning and lint removal in order to keep it functioning optimally. It also recommends using filtered water with the steam cycles. If you're concerned about your AirDresser's energy usage, that information can only be obtained through the SmartThings app. I'm looking forward to getting many years of good usage out of this appliance.
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              1 found this review helpful
              The Airdresser is a fantastic alternative to paying for constant dry cleaning, and a great way to...
              The Airdresser is a fantastic alternative to paying for constant dry cleaning, and a great way to take care of expensive clothes so they last longer than using a traditional washing machine all the time. Also great to add a clothes washing option to a space with no water hook-up--ours lives in a walk-in closet. My only complaint is that the water reservoir needs to be refilled with every use. Still more convenient that hauling things to a dry cleaner, and much healthier considering no added chemicals are used for cleaning. This could be a huge time and money saver despite the initial cost.
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              Interesting product that will be useful for some people. I rarely wear suits anymore, just need ...
              Interesting product that will be useful for some people. I rarely wear suits anymore, just need professional looking business shirts. I was hoping the Samsung AirDresser would be good to freshen up a business shirt if I ran out mid-week (or due to my laziness). Unfortunately, the quick cycle (about 25 minutes) wasn't enough to get enough of the wrinkles out to consider it work-ready. The normal cycle did the job at 45 minutes, but that is more time than I was really expecting (which is why it got 4 stars instead of 5). You can operate the AirDresser from the front panel without connecting to the internet, but it is also capable of connecting to the internet and integrating with other smart devices using the SmartThings App. Setting up the app was pretty simple after I figured out one trick. The button you have to press and hold for 3 seconds on the front panel is the one with no name (!!). It has an icon that looks like a combination of a smart phone and a wifi symbol. Holding that for 3 seconds will activate it and it will try to connect to your phone. If you have started a search in the SmartThings app already, it will prompt you with the password (mine was 10 digits). You connect to the wifi signal the AirDresser is putting out using that password, then enter your home wifi password, and after that it will connect automatically to the internet and to your phone. The water tank (bottom front of the unit) says not to add any sort of detergent or softener. I decided to use distilled water since the AirDresser works by making steam and things that make steam usual don't like the minerals in tap water. Some great news is that it is extremely quiet in operation. There is a very faint wooshing sound when it is making steam. The rest of the cycle is barely detectable. Our plan is to put it in the closet off the primary bedroom for quick refreshes without having to run to the basement laundry. To test it, we set it up in the bedroom, and it was easily quiet enough to sleep with. It has a super modern look - silver writing on a reflective front door panel (which I would have preferred to be a mirror with some uniformly distributed LED lights - that would be useful in the closet!). My middle aged eyes found it very hard to read the silver writing on the controls on that shiny surface. The good news is that you can also set the controls on the app. You can choose the cycle and see what time the cycle will be done and how many minutes are left on the app. You can also save special recipes (for delicate or unusual fabrics) in the app if you go to the trouble of creating one. The manual is 60 pages (in English, plus another 60 pages in Spanish) and has many charts and suggestions about how to handle special and delicate fabrics. In the end, I am not sure this is a big win in our family - the 45 minute cycle is about what a quick wash and quick dry would be, but it is fully automated (no switching from washer to dryer). The unit has a bright light on the inside, so you can see what you are doing when you open the door.
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              Never thought I needed something like this till I tried it. Installation was a breeze. It is not ...
              Never thought I needed something like this till I tried it. Installation was a breeze. It is not too heavy to carry it with someone else. Only need a outlet to plug it into. No water hookup needed. Just fill up the tank. I tested this with 3 old fleece jackets that i wore for years and never cleaned. I ran this through a normal cycle (48 mins). These smell fresh with out any deodorizer. There is an option to add your fragrance to a sheet to add a nice smell to your clothing. The user manual has all the fabrics and how to clean them. I never thought I would need this but i will say that i will be using this all the time. A must have if you wear suits and dresses' all the time.
              1 found this review helpful
              Fantastic! The Samsung Air Dresser is everything as described - quiet, effective and invaluable -...
              Fantastic! The Samsung Air Dresser is everything as described - quiet, effective and invaluable - especially if you like to freshen your clothes but don't want the time or expense of taking clothing to the dry cleaner. The Air Dresser arrived well packaged and 99% assembled. The most difficult part of the delivery was moving the Air Dresser into it's final location in my home. The measurements are accurate. And it is HEAVY. We used a two-wheeled dolly to bring it inside. It's over 6ft tall and weighs over 200 lbs. I couldn't manage it myself due to its weight and size, I've used the Air Dresser three times in one week - first for a t-shirt to assess the functionality of the Air Dresser, the second to freshen a bed pillow, and the third time to freshen three sweaters. See pictures attached. Pros: Works as described. Several settings allow the user to customize the cycle Uses very little water May use a dryer sheet or scented cloth to add fragrance to your freshen cycle The outside of the machine stays room temperature while in operation After initial investment of the purchase, the only other cost is distilled water The Steam function may also be used to remove wrinkles Many items can be "freshened" - toys, handbags, furs - see the care list in the instruction manual Cons Steams odors out of clothes - it doesn't clean clothes Takes up some space - it is about as big as half of a side-by-side refrigerator The pros far outweigh the cons. I highly recommend this product. The Normal cycle is 48 minutes. You can freshen clothes in less than one hour - no stinky clothes in your hamper, and no need to run a load of clothes if all you want to do is get some odor out of your shirt or steam the wrinkles from your favorite garment.
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