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Model # SW3084#01

C5 Washlet Electric Heated Bidet Toilet Seat for Elongated Toilet in Cotton White

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  • 120V GFCI Electrical Outlet Required, 4ft cord
  • Warm water cleansing, warm-air dryer, and deodorizer
  • SoftClose heated seat, Remote control with 2 user settings
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Product Details

About This Product

The TOTO WASHLET C5 Elongated Electric Bidet Toilet Seat with PREMIST delivers ecology-minded luxury with a streamlined design. Unlike traditional toilet paper that can often be rough and ineffective, the WASHLET quickly provides comfortable warm water cleansing at the touch of a button. Part of the newly redesigned C Series, the WASHLET C5 is fully automated, featuring a soft rear spray, rear cleanse, and front cleanse with the option of an oscillating or pulsating stream. The controls are located on a slim, wireless remote. The PREMIST function sprays the bowl with water before each use, preventing waste buildup and keeping the toilet bowl clean. The C5 model utilizes TOTO's EWATER+ system when the wand self-cleans. EWATER+ uses electrolyzed water generated by a technologically advanced process, transforming the water into a safe and powerful compound. This cleaning technology helps to keep create peace of mind by cleaning the inside and outside of the wand before and after every use. The C5 WASHLET features a heated SoftClose seat with 5 temperature settings, an air deodorizer, and a warm air dryer with 5 temperature settings. Using a WASHLET reduces the need for toilet paper, saving trees and water used to manufacture each roll. As we get older, reduced mobility, medical conditions, and debilitating illnesses can make it increasingly hard to clean ourselves after using the toilet. With a WASHLET, just the touch of a button can leave you feeling clean and refreshed.


  • Premist- using incoming water supply, a misting of the toilet bowl is performed before each use to help prevent waste from adhering
  • Wand self-cleans inside and out with EWATER+ advanced technology
  • Adjustable front and rear warm water washing with 5 temperature and pressure settings
  • Oscillating and pulsing stream options:Automatic air deodorizer removes odors while sitting on the seat
  • Heated seat and warm air dryer with 5 variable settings
  • SoftClose function built into the lid and seat, no more slammed lids
  • Remote control operated with easy to read illuminated touch pad and 2 user memory to save preferred settings
  • Streamlined design, elongated front WASHLET bidet toilet seat
  • Quick release, easy seat removal for simplified cleaning of WASHLET and toilet
  • Easy, do it yourself installation, includes mounting and connection hardware
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Product Information

Internet # 315742608

Model # SW3084#01


Dimensions: H 5.8125 in, W 15.0625 in, D 20.875 in


Bolt Spread (in.)


Power cord length (ft.)


Product Depth (in.)

20.875 in

Product Height (in.)

5.8125 in

Product Width (in.)

15.0625 in


Bidet Power Type

Electric Plug-In

Bidet Spray Type


Bowl/Seat Shape


Color Family



Cotton White


Adjustable Sprayer Settings, Adjustable Water Pressure, Heated, Remote Control Operation, Warm Water Wash


No Additional Items Included

Product Weight (lb.)

15.5 lb



Seat Front Type


Seat Length (in.)


Seat Material


Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year Limited

Questions & Answers

Q:Is this compatible with the Kohler Cimarron Revolution 360 elongated toilet? (Model # K-31648-0)
by|Jun 19, 2024
2 Answers
Answer This Question

A:  Please see Toto's response.

by|Jun 20, 2024

    A:  Hello, Many toilets will work with TOTO WASHLETS and you don't need a special toilet specific to TOTO. Just make sure that your toilet is compatible with the WASHLET in terms of dimensions. To be sure please take a look at the fit chart provided on the page. The WASHLET will attach to your toilet with a mounting bracket that is installed just like a regular seat. Check to make sure there is ample space under the seat mount area and that there is nothing to interfere with the hardware (such as proprietary features). There is also an adapter tee that connects to the fill valve of your tank. As long as you have access to the fill valve, you'll be able to connect the tee. Please take a look at the instructions diagram on the page for reference. You can also get a hose extension (9AU321-A) that will help with the connection if your toilet has reduced space. I hope this is helpful and thank you for choosing TOTO!

    by|Jun 19, 2024
      Q:Is this model compatible with the Kohler elmbrook revolution 360 elongated toilet? Also, will the Kohler white match the “cotton white” of the Toto? Thank you!
      by|May 5, 2024
      2 Answers
      Answer This Question

      A:  Please see Toto's response.

      by|May 8, 2024

        A:  Hello, The C5 should work well with your Kohler Elmbrook. The whites will not match exactly, but should be close enough that you will not notice. If you'd like a swatch to compare colors, please reach out to us directly. Our Technical Support team is standing by to take your call. They can be reached at 1-888-295-8134 between 8am - 8pm Mon - Fri EST and press 4 when prompted. We also have live chat on the TOTO USA website. I hope this helps and thank you for choosing TOTO.

        by|May 7, 2024
          Q:Will the lid go up when you arrive and close upon completion?
          by|Apr 29, 2024
          2 Answers
          Answer This Question

          A:  Hello, The C5 has a SoftClose lid, but does not feature an auto open and close lid. Please take a look at the S550e or S7A models for this feature. We hope that you will give one of the WASHLET bidet seats a try and we thank you for your interest in TOTO!

          by|Apr 29, 2024

            A:  Please see Toto's response.

            by|May 3, 2024
              Q:If I pair this Toto Washlet Bidet C5 Model SW3084$01 with a Toto Nexus toilet Model MS642124 CEFG #1 will I be able to hide the Washlet's water supply hose and power line behind or within the toilet skirt?
              by|Apr 25, 2024
              2 Answers
              Answer This Question

              A:  Please see Toto's response.

              by|May 3, 2024

                A:  Hello, In order to conceal the cord and hose, you will need the SW3084T40 version of the C5. The standard SW3084 can be installed, but you will not be able to conceal the cord and hose. I hope this is helpful and thank you for choosing TOTO!

                by|Apr 26, 2024
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                  The positive: relatively easy to install; No additional plumbing or electrical supplies needed. Hooked electrical up to nearby outlet. Fairly easy to program. (Mounted the remote on the wall near the front of the toilet.) Negative: none really except my early reluctance to buy this; wish I had purchased it sooner. Works well and it’s a nice addition to our bathroom..
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                  Quality check poor
                  I’m not sure how this product performs because I was unable to install it. One of the four seat levelers underside was either missing or poorly formed during manufacturing. Which means I need to return this and find an alternative and this will hold up my finishing the bathroom in a timely manner. I’m not sure how this passed quality control.
                  Response from VPC, Home-Flex ExpertNov 1, 2023
                  Please see Toto's response. ValenciaPipe
                    Great way to add a bidet to an American bathroom and upgrade your whole potty experience to a hea...
                    Great way to add a bidet to an American bathroom and upgrade your whole potty experience to a heated seat. This is our third Toto bidet seat. The first one we had from 2003 to 2018 and I replaced out of caution - it was still working fine, but the other rubber parts in the toilet were starting to wear out so I decided to replace the bidet seat at the same time. We are still using that one (the 2018 replacement), and we just got this C5 model to put in another bathroom. They fit on Toto elongated toilets and match the Cotton White Toto color. You can install this with the hose and wire hidden in a special hole in some Toto toilets (look for Toto Ultramax II + model CST604CEFGT20#01 or Toto Carlyle II model SKU# CST614CEFGT20#01) or with the hose and wire going out the side on toilets without the special hole. It looks cleaner to hide them if you can. There are a few weird things to pay attention to with this: 1) You need a GFCI outlet right next to your toilet. Most houses won't have this, so plan ahead! 2) The unit has a built in water filter that can get clogged over time. The manual explains how to clean it and recommends checking it every 6 months or if you notice the pressure dropping. 3) There are more buttons on the back of the remote that are hidden when its in the holder 4) The remote holder can be attached to the wall and the remote stays in place with a magnet. 5) Don't sit or stand on the lid! It is fairly thin and has a steep angle. This seat has a lot of features, so I will try to touch on all of them 1) Aerated, warm water, bidet spray with oscillating and pulsating options (you choose on the remote) 2) You can adjust the water temperature and pressure from the remote 3) Has warm air drying (fan) with three settings 4) Automatic air deodorizer with filter (you can clean the filter and reuse it - they suggest scrubbing with an old toothbrush and letting it dry). 5) wireless remote with lights 6) Wand cleaning - it will auto clean the wand with EWATER+ or you can tell it to clean the wand from the remote 7) It has a heated seat with temperature control on the remote (HEATED SEAT!!!!) 8) Premist - sprays a light mist of water on the bowl as you sit down to reduce "sticking" to the bowl. 9) Ewater+ - this uses electricity to electrolyze chemicals in tap water to form sodium hypochlorite which is what most of us call "bleach" - this is used to mist the bowl after you flush to disinfect it and keep it cleaner for longer. The same Ewater+ is used to clean the wand. 10) soft close seat
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                    Better, best and perfect! BETTER hygiene (self-explanatory). BETTER for our septic system (no mo...
                    Better, best and perfect! BETTER hygiene (self-explanatory). BETTER for our septic system (no more wet wipes and paper waste). BEST quality. BEST cleaning. PERFECT way to add multiple bidet functions to existing elongated-shaped toilets. PERFECT for aging family members and persons of limited strength and mobility. Notable features include an auto-activated “pre-mist” function; a seating sensor; an air deodorizer; 5 temperature settings for both the seat and air dryer; a very soft-close seat; a slim multi-operational control with optional wall mount. Planning access to electricity is essential. The unit requires 120V-60Hz and a 15 amp GFCI outlet. The plug is 3-prong. The cord is white and about 48-inches long. We have only one bathroom that meets those requirements (this is an upgrade replacement seat for an older, basic bidet model) and are considering having the electrical work done to equip every bathroom! The Home Depot website includes a helpful product overview with graphics providing installation guidance and suitability for your one-piece toilets. The installation manual itself doesn’t appear to be online, but arrives in 3 separate pamphlets in 3 languages. Plumbing is simplified by a well-designed T-valve, premium quality components, snug-fitting connections and
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                    We recently installed this bidet seat, having experienced the pleasure of bidet usage at another ...
                    We recently installed this bidet seat, having experienced the pleasure of bidet usage at another location. The “Toto” name has become synonymous with “bidet,” and for good reason. There is no such thing as “less is more” with this seat. Here is our summary: Likes: 1. Large number of customizable functions, many can be automated. 2. Slender, modern seat and lid design, with slow close lid. 3. Skirt hides water supply hose at seat connection from view (nice!). 4. Remote keypad (2”W x 7”L x 1”D with wall cradle) is detached, does not interfere with sitting. 5. LED icon display on lid surface offers quick view of the active status of automated functions, although the meaning of some icons are not intuitive. 6. Energy saving feature available to manually set times for seat/water heating, or to have them “machine learn” based on user activity. 7. Ability to program a limited sequence of customized, automated functions for up to two users. 8. Comfortable seat, enhanced by user-set automated warming feature that will likely bring a smile to your face every time you sit. 9. Improved hygiene with an ability to program automatic deodorization, and cleaning of the wand/bowl (before or after each use). 10. Easy one-button seat removal/reattachment to the toilet fixture for cleaning. 11. Exceptionally well-illustrated and comprehensive 15-page installation and 46-page user manuals. 12. Quick, easy, and leak-free installation (15 minutes). Needs Improvement: 1. Large number of buttons (totaling 20 on both the back AND front) of remote keypad can be confusing for infrequent users. 2. Warm water temperature diminishes/ends with extended use, leaving cold water that may cause some discomfort. 3. Other than manual shutoff, there does not appear to be a way to pre-program the amount of time for washing or drying. 4. A warranty may be an expression of a manufacturer’s confidence in its product. This premium-priced, technologically advanced product, that is likely to get frequent use, carries a limited warranty of just 1-year. Although the array of separate functions offered by this product can become dizzying, in most instances individual functions can be programmed to perform automatically and/or in concert with another function. Therefore, except for manually judging the amount of wash or dry time needed, the use of many of its features can be largely reduced to “set it and forget it.” For example, up to two preference settings (for water pressure, wand position, and water temperature) can be stored for future one-button activation of these common functions by two separate users. The “Instruction Manual” does a good job of explaining and illustrating each feature, and it is something you may wish to read while using the facility (instead of a newspaper). Most importantly, having used the bidet for a few days now (and except for the warm cleanse turning cool after a period of use), we find that it operates well. Like most bidets, it has the immediate benefit of significantly reducing the use of paper products – something our wallet and septic system both appreciate. Best of all, it was effective at both cleaning and drying. Compared to our experience using other seat bidets, we think this product has some great features that others lack; however, the inability to sustain a supply of warm water temperature through an extended washing process and to provide a pre-set wash/dry period (features available on competitive products) were disappointing for a bidet seat at this price point, and is reflected in our rating that it is just short of outstanding. Whether it is a good value is more of a personal judgment since several lesser-priced products do a reasonably good job of handling the basic function of cleanliness. However, if you want a product with an exhaustive list of features and versatility, this is the one you want. We would recommend it to a friend.
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                    I have never owned a Toto product but have always wanted one. When ever go somewhere I notice wh...
                    I have never owned a Toto product but have always wanted one. When ever go somewhere I notice what manufacturers they use and in very upscale placed I have noticed that they use Toto alot. Their products seem to be very high quality and very well built. At just over $440 this C5 washlet electric bidet toilet seat is on the pricey side but looking at it the quality is worth the price. I have not installed it yet as I need to install an outlet near my toilet but I could tell just by taking it out of the box that this was a high quality product. And after looking at some other name brand seats I can say that this one is priced very competitively.
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                    We are amused by the name and the diminuitive “-let” for something that is considerably larger th...
                    We are amused by the name and the diminuitive “-let” for something that is considerably larger than the standard toilet seat it replaced. In daily parlance, my wife and I refer to this as the “BBlaster 5000”, as the logical upgrade to our entry level “BBlaster 1000” whose features were limited to a focused squirt of cold water. This one does so much more: When the user takes a seat, this begins a process of misting the toilet bowl and running a fan to cut down on odors and reduce bowl soiling. The seat itself is heated (with three different settings, in addition to “off”) so the user doesn’t suffer the indignities of a chilly seat; in THIS user’s warm climate, even the low setting was too much, but it was easy enough to customize that, along with most other settings for this device. After the user is done eliminating, they can then, with the press of a button, direct a cleansing stream of water, front or rear, as needed. (That water can be adjusted for temperature, focus, flow, location, oscillation, and pulsating, with two presets for user preferences. Strangely, the presets DO NOT cover the settings for oscillating and pulsating, so those must be specified with each use.) After cleansing, another button press can start the flow of a warmed air dryer (also with temperature presets.) After the Washlet senses that the user is no longer on the seat, the filter fan kicks into high gear to clear the air, and it begins a brief self-clean process for the wash wand. To save energy (the Washlet’s rated power consumption is 403 watts at 120VAC, 48 watts just to run the heated seat), there are several energy saver modes that shut down various heaters when the seat is not in use, and most of the settings have some level of customization that we still have not mastered. This customization and all manual operations are directed from a sturdy remote control that rests in a magnetized holder on the wall. The remote can also be screwed to its holder to make it more secure and tamper-resistant. The remote works better if you have a side wall to which the remote it can be attached. Reaching behind for the remote, as our installation required, can be an exercise in flexibility and dexterity since there are no controls on the bidet seat itself. Toto also offers a version with embedded controls and no remote that could be a better choice in that instance. Both the seat and lid are soft-closing, are made of high quality materials and are well color-matched to our white porcelain toilet. Installation was fairly quick and straightforward after placing a new ground-fault protected AC outlet with reach of the Washlet’s 3.9 foot (1.2 m) power cord. The seat assembly can be easily removed to make cleaning easier, but it did leave some wobble between the seat and mounting bracket. Strange as it may sound, this is a product that might benefit from WiFi integration, transferring the setup’s obscure button combinations and limited feedback LEDs requiring the user manual to decipher, to a richer experience with an app and a straightforward palette of options. For all its sophistication, the Washlet still needs cloths or some toilet tissue to get the user adequately clean (by our standards), but is a welcome addition to the house.
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                    The TOTO C5 Washlet electric bidet seat for elongated toilet is great for our bathroom use. I li...
                    The TOTO C5 Washlet electric bidet seat for elongated toilet is great for our bathroom use. I like the cotton white color it matches our toilet very well. It has a Premist and Ewater+ wand cleaning system. Its easy to install. Its battery operated and comes with batteries. The heated seat is great during winters. The bidet wand extrudes and retracts as well as cleans. The bowl also gets misted. The system activates with you sitting on the seat so it is not recommended to use this as a seat with the lid closed. Overall a great toilet electric bidet. I'm happy with this order.
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                    Right out of space travel is what we have here. Many moons ago, after you went, you needed leave...
                    Right out of space travel is what we have here. Many moons ago, after you went, you needed leaves, bark or corn stalks. Then, rather recently, actual Toilette was invented. However, whoever thought it was a good idea to run dry paper over the most sensitive part of your body. Why did it take so long for moist paper to enter reality? Anyway, this unit is truly remarkable especially for those amongst us with certain disabilities. The process is simple, follow the instructions, make your choices and the choir is completed!
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                    Cut down on toilet paper use and dependence. This may be seen as an indulgence to many but beli...
                    Cut down on toilet paper use and dependence. This may be seen as an indulgence to many but believe me once you discover how clean and good all down under you will wonder why you have not had one for years. Adjustable cleansing water, seat and air dry temperatures sure to make your GO a more pleasant one and settings can be saved for two users. Water pulsation and force are also adjustable. The cleansing wand self cleans itself and the misting feature sprays a mist on the bowl to let things not stick to the sides when that happens to be needed. There is also a deodorizing feature that circulates and filters the "air" in the bowl and yes it does reduce a great deal transference of that odor to the room. (Filters must periodically, depending on use, be replaced) Anyone with a sensitive bum or other issues back there such as hemorrhoid's, fishers, fistulas etc. will appreciate the near no contact with paper experience as well as those who just want a more fresh experience on the toilet. I do still blot a bit with a small amount of paper to help reduce the time spent using the dryer. It does not have a night light which I would find very handy. Installation is easy. If you have replaced a regular toilet seat and a water supply line to the bottom of the tank you can install this. Just be sure to read and follow all directions carefully (measure, moisten black bolt retainer fixtures with water and twist into place, etc.) and you will be fine. Its a wonderful thing to have.
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