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#9 x 1 in. Steel External Hex Head Washer Sharp Point Roofing Screws (120-Pack)

  • Secure Flashing for Corrugated Roofing without pre-drilling
  • Teks Metal Roofing Screws are Corrosion Resistant
  • Tap and fasten metal to metal or metal to wood in one motion
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About This Product

Teks #9 x 1 in. Fine Steel Hex-Head Sharp Point Roofing Screws (120-Pack) provide secure metal-to-wood fastening with strong holding power, without the need to pre-drill. The sharp self-piercing point is ideal for fastening corrugated roofing panels to wood structures. A self-sealing neoprene washer provides a waterproof seal and a premium finish provides exceptional corrosion resistance in harsh outdoor environments. Installs with a standard screw gun and a 1/4 in. hex drive bit.


  • Ideal for metal to wood applications and provides exceptional corrosion resistance especially when fastening roofing panels to wood structures
  • Self-sealing neoprene washer provides a waterproof seal in harsh outdoor environments
  • High performance drive surfaces and hex head reduce camp-outs to penetrate surface the first time for easy installation
  • Zinc based with Thermalset polyesther metal filled coating (metal in coating is zinc)
  • Precise sharp point designed to drill, tap and fasten all in 1 motion
  • No pre-drilling necessary
  • Provides secure fastening with strong holding power
  • Highly versatile
  • Common project applications: corrugated roofing, HVAC, steel stud framing, gutters, flashing for corrugated roofing and register vents
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Product Information

Internet # 100128842

Model # 21400

Store SKU # 183948

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Fastener Length (in.)

1 in

Screw Length

1 in



Thread Pitch (mm)

1.7 mm

Threads Per Inch (TPI)



Color Family


Drive Style


Fastener Color


Fastener Material

Carbon Steel

Fastener Type

Self Piercing Sheet Metal Screws


No Additional Features



Head Style

Washer Head


No Additional Items Included


Exterior, Interior

Materials Fastened

Metal to Wood

Measurement System


Package Quantity


Product Weight (lb.)

.009 lb



Thread Style

Coarse Thread

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

This product is sold "as is" without any express or implied warranties. ITW Brands' sole liability, if any, shall be to replace this product or refund the purchase price.

Questions & Answers

Q:Will they go out the other side of a 1x4
by|Apr 14, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Hi there, thank you for your interest in our roofing screws. We need a few more details about your specific application as we want to ensure we are providing the best recommendation. Can you please reach our to our experts either by call or email? Please feel free to call us at (800)222-6990 or email us at teks@itwbrands.com. There we will gather the necessary specs to recommend the product you will need.

by|Apr 15, 2024
    Q:Can you use these screws with pressure treated wood
    by|Feb 25, 2024
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  Hi Joe! Yes you can, they are approved for use in ACQ Lumber.

    by|Mar 1, 2024
      Q:What is the ASTM number for these roofing screws ??
      by|Sep 27, 2023
      1 Answer
      Answer This Question

      A:  Hi Abriel! Our Teks roofing fasteners are of a proprietary design. We need to clarify what requirement or specification you are asking about, please feel free to call us at (877) 489-2726 or email us at CS@itwbrands.com. That way we can get you the information you need.

      by|Jan 9, 2024
        Q:I am mounting 12' Suntop panels vertically to create a shade. What size drill bit do I need to predrill holes for these fasteners?
        by|Sep 13, 2023
        1 Answer
        Answer This Question

        A:  Hello - Thanks for your question. These Teks fasteners are self-drilling and do not require the use of a drill bit to pre-drill a pilot hole.

        by|Sep 15, 2023
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          Sturdy, self tapping, metal hex head screws
          I selected these number 10 metal screws made by tech to attach some metal roofing and siding to our barn. Our barn is a Morton building which has metal that is quite a bit thicker than your average metal roofing. I was surprised at how well the screws worked. The tip is very sharp and I did not have to pre-drill any of the screws because the self-tapping feature worked great. The only problem I had was torquing the screws down too far and displacing the neoprene washer by squeezing it too hard between the screw head and the metal. I set the clutch on my drill driver to a lighter setting and that fixed the problem. I believe these will last for a long time as the zinc coating should protect them from corrosion. Highly recommend the screws.
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          Great Roofing Screws are Suitable for Many Other Uses
          I've used similar self-drilling washer head hex screws before to fix loose corrugated fiberglass and metal roofs on our chicken shed. These Teks Coated Steel Hex Head Washer Sharp Point Screws appear to be as good or better than those I've used before. The sharp self-drilling point eliminates the need for pilot holes in all but the most extreme circumstances. The coating on the screws both protects from rusting and eases penetration into the substrate. Of course, the hex head makes them drivable with any appropriately sized socket, but an impact driver often works best with a torque limiter to prevent over-tightening which can damage the rubber washer. The rubber washer makes the screw self-sealing against leaks. I recently discovered that the rubber seal under my motorhome slide-out which was attached with a flat metal plate to the motorhome structure had come loose and was allowing mice to enter the motorhome where they made a big mess. The original 4 screws were only 1-inch #8 Phillips Head screws that had pulled out completely. I replaced those with 8 of these #10 x 1-1/2 inch roofing screws and they worked great!
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            great product!
            We were adding a roof over our shop door as the shops roof sends all wet precipitation straight down over the entry doors and your head when entering. We used the Teks #10 roofing screw with self piercing point to attach the corrugated metal to the wooden frame. They went in one handed based on the penetrating point drilling the hole as the screw drives in. The neoprene washer sealed tightly to the roofing material and has allowed no water to leak through, as they are stated they do. They are beefy and I will use again for future projects of this nature. Highly recommend.
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            Nice screws for mounting corrugated roofing.
            BACKGROUND: I have several steel sheds and want to put corrugated metal roofing over the (thin) existing roof. The Teks #10 Hex Washer drill screws looked perfect for the job. FIT AND FINISH: I have used other Teks fasteners before and these were the same high-quality appearance and feel. FEATURES: From the Teks product page with my comments as appliable. • Teks Elite sharp point roofing screws (300-pack) are designed with stronger holding power and improved waterproofing. o A great idea in a roofing screw. • The Maxi seal washer provides improved coverage of the screw aiding in better waterproofing, even when fasteners are driven at an angle. o The washers are thick enough and soft enough to provide a good seal. • The Hi-Grip threading help secure the fastener with stronger holding power, minimizing the need for rework down the road. o Not sure how well this works with corrugated roofing, but it’s there if you need it. • The new Shank guard feature reams out the hole during install, protecting the fastener's shaft and washer from sharp metal frays that could strip the protective Climaseal coating. o This is handy as it de-burs the hole in the roofing. But you do need to make sure none of the drill and reaming chips are under the neoprene washer when driving the screw down. • The Type 17 tip eliminates the need to pre-drill with a 1-step installation for secure metal-to-wood fastening. Overall, Teks Elite fasteners are designed for the Pro. Less rework. More productivity. o The type 17 is a type of drill point. IT is a sharp pointed design with a cut out flute to help capture and remove the waste allowing a self-drilling type function similar to a drill bit. • Premium finish provides exceptional corrosion resistance in harsh outdoor environments o Also good in a roofing screw INSTALLATION AND USE: The screws use a 5/16” hex head driver. They held snugly in my cheap magnetic driver bit. The Type 17 point was better for corrugated roofing as it was less likely to wander of the ridge of the corregation.. Once started they drilled, tapped, reamed, and snugged down easily. SUMMARY: Great for corrugated roofing work. PROS: Hex head easy to drive. Weather resistant coating. Good seal washer. CONS: None PHOTO CAPTIONS: 1. 300 count in this bucket. 2. Nice configuration for roofing. 3. Drove in easy and snugged down well.
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            Washer makes an excellent seal on roofing
            I used the Teks #10 x 1-1/2” Steel Hex Head Elite Roofing Screws to attach some flat steel roofing material to my garage roof. They worked well. I like that they are self drilling, must faster installation. The attached washer also is a huge plus as I had no leaks, even with the strong rain that happened just after the installation. The screws also have a grey coating that makes them rust resistant. They also come in a nice plastic container that is easy to open and reseal, so I can keep my spare screws for later. Excellent product.
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            Good quality, sharp point for quick drilling
            For my potting shed/greenhouse I had considered metal roofing but couldn’t find an installer, so decided to shingle it. I could have used these screws then. I used a similar product for the polycarbonate roof on the greenhouse, but these are better. They are thicker, #10 size, which will split narrow wood, but is fine going into 2x stock. The quick drilling tip is effective at going through the plastic material without pre-drilling. The other screws I used I had to predrill holes. They are grey in color, which will blend well with many roofing colors. They do require. 5/16 hex driver to install.
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            Works for metal siding too!
            Although these specifically say "roofing screws" they also work for metal siding. We had some storm damage on the side of our pole barn and had to remove a section for repair. The existing screws were showing some wear after being exposed to weather for 15 years. Teks hex head screws with washers worked very well. Granted, the old screws were powder coated to match pole barn siding, but that's aesthetics rather than performance. When a flush-mount screw isn't needed, I can't say enough good about hex head screws: they are easier to screw down with no risk of stripping out a screw head.
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            Roof attachment screw with gasket
            Great quality screw that will attach your roofing material to the beams with little effort. The screws come with a gasket so that you don't have to stumble to put it together. The gasket will make a wonderful seal and stop any leaks from happening. This screw will penetrate many materials without having to predrill any holes. If you are going through metal you may want to use the screws that have a drill point on them. Love these screws and they made my job easy.
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            A very good screw for roofing steel to wood connection
            I have used these Teks roofing screws for quite a while now, these screws were in a silver or galvanized type finish. I always drill my steel roofing or siding to ease in the instalation of the screw to the wood underneath when building pole barns. These screws fit my drivers really well, some brands are hard to get in the driver due to excess paint on the head, I had no issues with these. The rubber seal is more of a square sided oring and squishes down well to give a good sealing surface. The directions on the box are a good reference for anyone who has not used this type of screw before. The screw pulls well into the wood and has a good design to keep it in place. These fasteners work well and look good when used correctly.
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            Elite Sheet Metal Roofing Screws
            The Teks #10 x 1-1/2 in. Steel External Hex Head Washer Sharp Point Elite Sheet Metal Roofing Screws (300-Pack) arrived well packaged and in good time. Ah, the science of it all. They just keep making them better and better. They redesigned the point and the shaft for cleaner drilling while eliminating the the little burrs from the older style. They have a slightly larger head and washer to help eliminate the possibility of leaking thus insuring a more watertight seal. Also the self-sealing neoprene washer is indeed, slightly thicker than the old style, giving better guarantee that there won't be any leakes down the road. Good job guys.
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