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Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Soil Mix (16 Qt./4 Gal./15 l)

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About This Product

Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix is specially formulated to enhance your standard growing media to produce ultra-luxuriant growth, appearance, and fragrance in your potted specimen. This proprietary, patent-pending, 3-in-1 soilless blend of perlite, diatomaceous earth, and plant nutrients will improve your soil quality. Simply mix with your favorite medium of choice to enable your plants to flourish. When growing success matters, you need a hero on your side: Harvest Hero A breakthrough, patent-pending, soil amendment comprised of perlite, diatomaceous earth, and essential nutrients for your growing media needs. This mix is designed by Harvest Hero's team of engineers, operations personnel, and agronomists to improve soil structure for nutrition which promotes bigger plants and bigger yields. Meet your plants' needs throughout the first critical 6-weeks of growth by improving soil quality, providing plant nutrients, and amending soil properties to make it easier for the plant to absorb and translocate essential plant nutrients to the root system. Perlite: 71.40% - Natural Diatomaceous Earth (17.10%) - Fertilizer: 5.70% - Proprietary Aqueous solution: 5.00% - Essential Nutrients (5.70% - 0 - 10 - 10) - Other ingredients: 0.80%. 28% Increase in Flower Bud Dry Weight - 16% Increase in CBD Yield - 22% Increase in Plant Diameter - 8% Increase in Plant Height - 12% Increase in Nitrogen Accumulation - 35% Increase in Phosphorus Accumulation - 21% Increase in Potassium Accumulation.


  • Patent-pending, soil amendment comprised of perlite, diatomaceous earth, and essential nutrients for your growing media
  • Perlite for gardening - perlite for planting is primarily used to aerate compost for seedlings, it also helps to retain some water and create free drainage compost for plants that need good drainage such as cacti, succulents, and hemp, it gives plant roots greater nutrient access, harvest Hero perlite is ideal for rooting, cutting and potting on, helps increase absorption and water retention
  • How it works - perlite bulk helps to create an optimum balance of air and water, which makes water logging almost impossible and minimizes damage to roots when transplanting, when added to compost it accelerates rooting and reduces the risk of fungal diseases
  • Ingredients - perlite: 71.40% - natural diatomaceous earth (17.10%) - fertilizer: 5.70% - proprietary aqueous solution: 5.00% - essential nutrients (5.70% - 0 - 10 - 10) - other ingredients: 0.80%, increases your bloom
  • Results -28% increase in flower bud dry weight - 16% increase in CBD yield - 22% increase in plant diameter - 8% increase in plant height - 12% increase in nitrogen accumulation - 35% increase in phosphorus accumulation - 21% increase in potassium accumulation. developed by dicalite which was founded in 1949
  • Instructions - mix perlite nutrients with compost at a ratio of around 1:4, do this before planting to ensure an even mix, store in a dry, frost-free place away from weed killers and other garden chemicals, wear gloves when handling and thoroughly wash hands after use, for longer life reseal bags after use
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Product Information

Internet # 320394950

Model # F003003-2

Store SKU # 1007692384

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Bag Weight (lb.)

5 lb





Soil Amendment Type

Perlite, Vermiculite

Soil Matter


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Great Mix
I got this a bit late in the season so I used it on a struggling potted plant. The plant seems much happier and is looking really good with the perlite added. I had hoped to use it in an outdoor hanging planter that is too heavy but that won't work. You need to mix it in the soil. I will use it with some of my special outdoor bushes and vines next season. Because of how well it seems to have worked with my indoor plant I am hoping this extra bit of love will work with the outdoor plants. I'm sure it will. You don't have to use much. It is very light.
  • Recommended
Ideal for Seed Starting Mixes
I am thinking this will become my go-to for creating seed starting mixes in particular. A bit of this perlite and some coco coir or peat moss would be ideal. The perlite is a relatively small and standard size that is great for starting seeds. Sometimes perlite can come in some really big chunk sizes that prohibit seed growth. That is not the case with this product. It seems very good quality with consistent sizes. Another aspect of it that I like is the small amount of fertilizer that is just right for brand new seedlings until you add supplemental water soluble fertilizer once the seedlings are old enough. Another unique aspect of this perlite is the diatomaceous earth. I think this should help prevent fungus gnats which will definitely be beneficial when starting seeds indoors.
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Viagrow Harvest Hero 2 pack Enhanced Perlite soil mix, for super growth.
We were excited to receive our Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix. The mixture of perlite about 71 percent, natural diatomaceous earth 17 percent, fertilizer 5 percent of 0 - 10 - 10 will increase the size, health and yields of flowers, fruits and vegetables. The best mixture is around 1 part perlite to 4 parts compost before planting or potting to ensure an even mix. Your plants will thank you!
  • Recommended
Works fine, just wish the bag zipper actually worked
I'm using this with a recommended 1 to 2 mix of Harvest Hero Perlite to coco coir for some new rootings of rosemary plants, and it seems to be doing the job well. After all, perlite is a commodity product -- however, this brand has a few extra little nutrients to help along the young plants or seedlings. The analysis is less than 0-1-1, so I'm assured it won't burn. I'd give it a 5 if the built in reseal zipper in the bag worked. It doesn't, so I guess I'll have to put it in one of my containers. Made in USA
  • Recommended
Easy to use for cuttings or seed starting
I used this perlite mix as part of the planting medium for growing holly plants from cuttings. I followed the instructions on the package and used a mixture of approximately one part perlite to two parts coco peat. After mixing everything together, I filled a six-pack plant container with the mix. The ends of the cuttings were dipped in rooting hormone and inserted into a hole in the planting mix. The last step was thoroughly saturating the soil and keeping it moist until enough roots form so they can be transplanted into larger pots. This product was very easy to work with, and I look forward to using it in the spring as part of a seed starting mix for my tomato and pepper plants.
  • Recommended
Ideal mixture of Perlite & Diatomaceous Earth
With the exception of the Winter months, I have over twenty potted plants, many flowering, outside, around the house. I had been adding potting soil alone when replanting until I realized that this was not enough. A fairly new product on the market is Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix. It consists primarily of Perlite (71%), and Diatomaceous Earth (17%). For potting, I found it quite simple to mix 3 parts Harvest Hero with 10 parts peat moss. I then added an equal amount of potting soil. Although it is not possible to see results after just a couple of days, I am confident that my new recipe will be superior to my old one. From the company's website, it appears that both primary ingredients are mined & processed right here in the USA.
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Showing 1-6 of 6 reviews