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Questions and Answers for 2.8 in. Lead Acid 12-Volt 5.0 Ah Black Replacement Battery

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Model #B LA 12V 5.0A

Store SKU #1003532040

  • Ideal for emergency lighting, security systems, and more
  • Sealed, non-spillable, maintenance-free battery
  • Rechargeable for optimal user convenience

Questions & Answers

Q:Will this battery replace a Duracell 12-5F. 12V 5 Ah AGM?
by|Dec 20, 2019
2 Answers
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A:  Yes. These batteries should be interchangeable

by|Aug 29, 2022
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    A:  Yes you can use it.

    by|Jan 23, 2020
      Q:how can i install or connect?
      by|Dec 17, 2019
      3 Answers
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      A:  There are many applications that use a 12V 5.0 AH Battery. We recommend consulting the instruction manual for the product you are installing the battery in to determine installation/connection method.

      by|Dec 19, 2019

        A:  The battery has slip on connectors. It comes with slip on adapters to accomdate both popular widths found on batteries, known as F1 and F2 connectors. The wiring is simple. The wiring convention is Red = Positve (+) and Black = Negative (-). It's as simple as that.

        by|Nov 6, 2022
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        A:  Best bet is to unplug the old battery and plug in the new one. Make sure the electrical connector that was on the "+" contact on the old battery is connected to the "+" contact on the new battery. Similarly, that the "-" contact on the old battery is connected to the "-" contact on the new battery. They are nearly always marked as "+" or "Positive" and "-" or "Negative" and are also frequently identified as RED for "+" or "Positive" and BLACK for "-" or "Negative" as in the photo. If the connectors are not marked for you, it is a good idea to use masking tape and a Sharpie or other commercial markers to identify which connector is on "+" and "-" before disconnecting them from the old battery. Also a caution, allowing any metal tool to contact both battery terminals at once will cause a rapid release of energy and may cause fire, explosion or injury! Best of luck!

        by|Jul 6, 2020
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