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Questions and Answers for DEWALT 18-Gauge Pneumatic 2 in. Brad Nailer with Carrying Case

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Model #DWFP12231

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  • Maintenance-free motor is built to last
  • Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment plus tool-free jam release
  • Backed by 3-year limited warranty

Questions & Answers

Q:Does this have a method to where it will bump shoot? Or shoot in rapid succession without me having to pull the trigger
by|Sep 7, 2020
2 Answers
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A:  yes

by|Jul 24, 2021

    A:  Bump shoot requires a different trigger, available from Dewalt. I have not changed mine. It seems like applications for this nailer are more likely to be where careful placement of the brad is important.

    by|Sep 10, 2020
      Q:Can the air pressure/pressure be adjusted so the nail only goes half way in? What size head of nail does this take?
      by|May 3, 2020
      4 Answers
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      A:  The depth adjustment is on the gun. Not sure if halfway is possible. minor adjustment for the nail depth is possible. but not by air pressure. Insufficient air pressure can cause the nail to jam in the gun if it is not fully discharged. The head of most stick nails is only slightly larger than the nail. I couldn't even give a credible measure of the size difference.

      by|May 6, 2020

      A:  Yes it can be adjusted at the top you'll see it

      by|May 10, 2020

        A:  This gun requires an 18g nail....head size is set and just about 75% larger than actual nail size. Pressure changes will affect gun performance....mostly dependant of wood species but will only affect depth slightly. The gun has a depth adjustment at trigger...will set nail at maximum or just above flush....but a lot less than half-way.

        by|May 9, 2020

          A:  Can this shoot staples?

          by|Jun 17, 2020
            Q:Just took this out of case, no operator's manual. Hooked up to air hose (set at 90 psi). Brads in the tray came with the gun, 2 inch. Gun fires or sounds like it does but no nail delivered. Is there a setting that I may have missed. Also is there a manual with this gun that I can get? Thanks.
            by|Feb 23, 2020
            3 Answers
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            A:  Double check your nail gun. It comes with a guide. No issues with mine. Great tool.

            by|Apr 15, 2020

              A:  You should be able to get a manual from the internet. That said there is a tab on the front of the gun that will release the "cover" that covers the driving mechanism, there could be a bent nail lodged in the channel. That happens occasionally. I am also guessing that you might have gotten a returned gun, lack of manual, and it might be defective. I own one of these and it is one of the better nailers I have ever owned.

              by|Feb 25, 2020

                A:  No, my gun does the same. Put it back in the case and return. It’s broken/defective.

                by|Feb 26, 2020
                  Q:Is this able to be use with a battery
                  by|Dec 28, 2019
                  4 Answers
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                  A:  No, it requires an air compressor.

                  by|Jan 14, 2021

                    A:  This is a pneumatic nailer, meaning you need an air compressor and hose to power this. If you have a battery powered compressor then technically you'll be powering it by battery, but that would be the only way.

                    by|Dec 29, 2019

                    A:  No. This is an air driven nail gun. It requires an air compressor with a reservoir . A tire inflator will not do either.

                    by|Dec 30, 2019

                    A:  No. it needs a pump of 100 psi

                    by|Jan 8, 2020
                    Q:Does this item require a lubricant before first use?
                    by|Dec 8, 2019
                    5 Answers
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                    A:  No it does not !

                    by|Dec 10, 2019

                    A:  Anything mechanical, lube is always helpful

                    by|Dec 30, 2019

                    A:  It is always a good idea to lubricate air tools before use. If it is used lightly it’s not required, but it is a good idea.

                    by|Dec 10, 2019

                    A:  No.

                    by|Dec 10, 2019

                      A:  no. it is ready to use

                      by|Jan 7, 2020
                      Q:which brad nailer do I used to frame a wall with 2 x 4?
                      by|Nov 30, 2019
                      4 Answers
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                      A:  A nail gun capable of shooting 2 1/2" to 3" nails

                      by|Dec 30, 2019

                      A:  18 gauge nails are too small to do framing work with, this gun is for small trim and molding only. You will need a framing nailer to construct a wall frame. Mike

                      by|Dec 3, 2019

                      A:  To frame with 2x4 you need a framing nailer. A brad nailer that shoots 18ga brads is for light moulding and other small finish work. Not structural work.

                      by|Dec 29, 2019

                      A:  it uses 18 gauge nailers up to 2".

                      by|Jan 7, 2020
                      Q:Can i return this even if ive had for few months and never used it?
                      by|Nov 30, 2019
                      1 Answer
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                      A:  Please Contact your local Home Depot or DEWALT at 1-800-433-9258 for further assistance.

                      by|Dec 8, 2019
                        Q:will this tool fit in the bonus case tool box?
                        by|Nov 20, 2019
                        1 Answer
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                        A:  It probably will...if you remove the interior boxes. But why bother -- the DEWALT NAILER case is an excellent one, plus it's a perfect fit.

                        by|Dec 24, 2019
                          Q:Im curious to what the dimensions for the compressor are, can someone please give me a Height x Width x depth? please and thank you.
                          by|Oct 20, 2019
                          1 Answer
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                          A:  The dimensions of the compressor are 15.5" D x 35.03" H x 12.97" W.

                          by|Oct 29, 2019
                            Q:Do you think this will work with a 3 gallon air compressor/tank? It will go up to 150psi. Thanks...
                            by|Aug 6, 2019
                            8 Answers
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                            A:  Yes this will work.

                            by|Aug 10, 2019

                              A:  Yes, you only need about 80-100 psi to run this gun. You should be ok. However, I just had the gun jam on me and stopped working completely you might consider looking into better brands like hitachi or senco if you want something more reliable. However if it’s not gonna be used a lot then this is a ok nailer for the money.

                              by|Oct 4, 2019
                                1 found this answer helpful

                                A:  yes sir, it does excellent job

                                by|Aug 22, 2019

                                A:  Yes, but I would keep the air to around 90. The 3 gallons of air just means you'll have less reserve and your compressor will cycle more often. I'm using a 3 gallon currently myself.

                                by|Oct 4, 2019
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                                  A:  Definitely. Yes, I have a 3 Gals , 125PSI Craftsman compressor it works excellent with this Dewalt 18Gauge 2inch Brad Nailer

                                  by|Jun 23, 2021
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                                  A:  Yes it will work. Depending on how much you need to get done it will probably make the compressor run more frequently. I run mine on a 5gal at 100psi with no problems.

                                  by|Aug 9, 2019

                                    A:  Yes

                                    by|Aug 11, 2019

                                      A:  The DWFP12231 has a recommended operating psi of 70 to 120 psi.

                                      by|Jul 5, 2021
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