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Questions and Answers for Philips 60-Watt Equivalent A19 Non-Dimmable Energy Saving LED Light Bulb Soft White (2700K) (2-Pack)

Internet #205815532

Model #455576

  • Soft white light bulb creates comfortable & relaxing environment
  • 60 watt equivalent LED ideal for use in living rooms and bedrooms
  • Energy saving LED bulb replaces standard 60 watt incandesent bulb

Questions & Answers

Q:Can I use this in 3 way lamp. I not implying that I want to use bulb as a 3 way. I just don't to ...
by|Nov 5, 2016
3 Answers
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A:  Yes, the three-way feature of the lamp will not work, but the light bulb will work just fine.

by|Nov 7, 2016

A:  Yes you can. The bulb will light on the second selection on a 3 way switch. So if the lamp is off and you turn the switch one time the bulb will not light till you turn the switch one more time. I use this bulb in 5 three way lamps myself.

by|Nov 6, 2016

A:  I have one in a 3-way lamp. It works fine although you only have one light setting, not three.

by|Nov 6, 2016
Q:Can this bulb be used in an appliance? Refrigerator or Oven??
by|Nov 22, 2015
1 Answer
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A:  No it cannot.

by|Nov 24, 2015
    Q:Cold room turn on
    by|Nov 14, 2015
    2 Answers
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    A:  They are instant on instant 60 watt equivalent ligh in my unheated garage where the temperature gets down during the winter to the upper twenties/lower thirties. I also have 6 outside entrance way lamps that have the bulbs in them too. Instant on. instant 60 watt equivalent light.

    by|Nov 16, 2015

    A:  No difference

    by|Nov 16, 2015
    Q:Is this an Omni Directional LED ?
    by|Nov 4, 2015
    4 Answers
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    A:  Standard LED bulb.

    by|Nov 6, 2015

    A:  Yes, the light distribution pattern is very even, and is similar to a traditional frosted incandescent bulb.

    by|Nov 10, 2015

    A:  Yes

    by|Nov 6, 2015

      A:  Omni-directional- this is a great lamp and you will not be able to tell the difference from an incandescent, except in your electric bill.

      by|Nov 7, 2015