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Customer Reviews for Circulon Elementum 3 qt. Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Sauce Pan in Oyster Gray with Glass Lid

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Excellent cookware
I have had my other Circulon pans for decades & I could not be happier. It is the Cadillac of cookware. There are just occasions when you need two sauce pans of the same size.
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I was charged for the
I was charged for the item and had zero communication on shipping status for a month. I called, dead end. I emailed, dead end. I created two tickets and followed up three times, dead end. It took me publicly shaming them on social media for anyone to respond to me. You’ve lost me as a customer, we’ll never purchase your products again.
    Always excellent quality
    I have had my previous sauce pan for decades. I am very pleased with the durability. Also, the technology used to evenly food is great.
      Perfect saucepan
      There’s nothing bad to say about this pan. Does exactly what it supposed to do. It almost cleans up itself. Don’t wash it in the dishwasher, wash it by hand. Dishwashing strips off any functioning oils that help the pan remain nonstick. The spout and straining lid are so useful! Something which was very disappointing though, I had three sauce pans and one skillet which comprised my order. It came in two separate boxes. Very large boxes absolutely loaded with Styrofoam packing peanuts. That really upset me and I think that is very disappointing too many other people. There is no need for Styrofoam. There are many other recyclable materials which can be used for packing/shipping. Shame on Circulon. I have two large kitchen garbage bags full which I need to find somewhere to donate for reuse as Styrofoam does not recycle. Again, shame on Circulon!
        My second piece! Great looking, easy clean, non sticking, no scratches!!
          I had the original design and I liked it better...
          I had the original design and I liked it better because you did not have to hold the lid while pouring. However, I bought this for myself, and my children and I am very happy with it. It cleans easily and heats well.
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          Everyone needs a good straining pot
          I didn't think I needed a straining pot until I tried this circulon pot. It's amazing nothing sticks and holds a lot even though it's small. It's really nice and sturdy. I love the grey color and the glass lid.
            Recommend and Must Buy
            I used this saucepan for most of my cooking. I even used it as a pot. It is easy to clean, but the best part that I love most is making food items (sauce, noodles, melted chocolate, vegetables). It has a one-side pour spout to make life easier. This product can replace some of your other pots and pans at home. I think its a great all-in-one inclusive product that contains everything I need. Another great thing is that it is afforable, easy to use, and convenient.
              I would buy this brand over again!
              I used this pot to make soup, so easy to drain/pour I ljust loved it!!!
                Two Kitchen Products in One!
                Prior to receiving this product, I was unaware of the Circulon Elementum 3-Qt.Covered Straining Saucepan with Pour Spouts in Oyster Gray, but after receiving this product, I want everyone to know that they need this product! Having a very small kitchen and a family of 4 can lead to cramped cooking at mealtimes. Whenever I cook something that has to be strained, I have to really plan ahead to make sure there is room in the kitchen sink for a collander. However, this product takes that planning out of the equation. The Circulon Elementum 3-Qt.Covered Straining Saucepan with Pour Spouts functions as two kitchen products in one, and I absolutely love it! Making anything that needs to be strained is very simple with this product with the pour spouts. I love that it has two sides, for larger or smaller items and the lid fits tightly on the pot so that it does not all spill out while being strained. Additionally, the stay-cool handle makes picking up the pot simple with no added potholder. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to reduce the number of things in their kitchen, yet retain the same functionality of those items.
                  Si lo compraria
                  Lo he usado para cocer pasta y no ocupó nada mas porque ahí mismo lo puedo escurrir. la tapadera me encanta el diseño
                    Love it!!
                    I first used this saucepan to boil noodles for a cold pasta. I loved the fact the noodles did not clump on the bottom and it's a perfect size pot. Straining the noodles was a breeze, no issue whatsoever. The lid held perfectly. I will be buying more of these!!
                      Great size, good looking, nonstick pan
                      This saucepot is really nice. It's got a good feel to it- heavy enough that you can tell it's going to hold up a long time, but not so heavy that it stains your wrist when emptying it. The finish on the outside is really modern and attractive. It looks and feels like really high end professional grade equipment. The ridges at the bottom keep contents from sticking and the size is perfect as an all purpose saucepan/pot.
                        Best product on the MARKET!!!!
                        I used my Circulon Elementum 3-Qt.Covered Straining Saucepan with Pour Spouts to make spaghetti definitely nonstick and withold oven heat temperature!!! I recommended this saucepan to all my family members in purchasing one, there is not one negative downside of this product.
                          I love this Circulon Elementum pot
                          I received the Circulon Elementum 3 qt. covered pot with strainer lid. It is fabulous!! Extremely well made and sturdy, the Elementum line is exactly what I want in my kitchen. I used this pot so far to make pasta sauce and also boil noodles in. The strainer lid is great for draining water. The nonstick surface was extremely easy to clean up after having pasta sauce in it. The only small thing I noticed is that there is a tiny rim in the lid where food could get stuck and be more difficult to clean. But I loved this pot and would definitely purchase more items from this line!
                            Quality Saucepan
                            The Circulon Elementum Hard-Anodized Nonstick Covered Straining Saucepan, 3-Quart, Oyster Gray is a great saucepan that is some of the best cookware I have used. Before using it I hadn't known about it, but I would purchase it in the future. I would reccomend this saucepan because it is sturdy and the nonstick aspect works perfectly. I cooked pasta in the pan and drained the noodles using the lid strainer. It would also work perfectly for many other foods.
                              Grest pot
                              This pot heats up very quickly and evenly. It is very sturdy and seems like it will last a very long time. I will definitely buy this brand again.
                                Love the ease and function of this pan!
                                I received this 3-Qt.Covered Straining Saucepan with Pour Spouts Oyster Gray from View Points and I absolutely love it. The color goes with any kitchen and it takes away the need for a strainer. I make Mac and Cheese daily with 4 kids and I love the simplicity and convenience. I had never heard of this brand before sampling and will definitely be purchasing more. The best feature of the pan is the ease of clean up. It literally washes right up. With my previous brand I would have to soak in soap and water and scrub, not anoymore! Do not hesitate to buy.
                                  This is a great little pot
                                  I used this pot for lots of things but the best use is pasta. it's so easy to drain the water off .the lid is made just for doing that. This is my new favorite pot.
                                    love my Circulon Elementum 3-Qt.Covered Straining Saucepan
                                    I used to use another popular brands straining sauce pan but since I got this one I noticed that I like this one better because the bottom of the pan is not flat .. it has like ridges so that it makes it really stick resistant for the foods that I cook in it. i love my Circulon Elementum Straining Saucepan with Pour Spouts!! …. it makes draining so easy too so I don't have problems when I cook pasta and need to drain out the water. I would totally buy it again if something happened to this one... and I recommend this if you need a saucepan that drains and if you like nonstick pans.. I find that the nonstick on this pan is really nice. I rarely need to use oil too!!
                                      I'm in love!
                                      First let me say I'm in love with this pan. Everytime I cook I catch myself reaching for this pan to use. Who ever had this idea of a strainer included in the rim of the top is ingenious. I'm wondering how I lived without this my whole life. The person who thought of this design must of had the same struggles I did say while making spaghetti. First you cook meat, drag out your huge strainer, wash the strainer only to use it to strain the noodles later. The little divots on each side of the pan make it easy to pour liquid out with out a mess! I'm in love with the top not only does it strain liquids out its glass and I can watch what I'm cooking. This pan was easy to use and clean and has withstand me using it numerous times and still looks new. Now I'm seeing a full set in my future!
                                        Wonderful saucepan!
                                        I am loving this saucepan! We cook a lot and I needed a bigger saucepan. This is the perfect size. It's easy to clean and the lid makes straining so simple! I highly recommend, it is great quality!
                                          I would buy this again
                                          This pot is nonstick. I love that you don't need a drainer to pour your food into.
                                            Must have if you love to cook!
                                            I've had quite a few different brands but this is by far my favorite. I don't fret when my husband goes to cook cause I know how tough they are! Highly suggest gets these!
                                              Sturdy and perfect size
                                              I live the pan, it's perfect for my flattop stove. It is right shape and size for it. Perfect for family of 3-4 people.
                                                I would buy product again
                                                I love this product and the slotted lid is awesome, especially from making mash potatoes and pasta. I made mac and cheese and it was soo easy to drain the water. Also it is definitely non- stick and easy clean up. I have used this pot 3 times already and it is a breeze to clean. I also love how the lid and handles do not get hot when using.
                                                  It's a perfect pan for everything.. from noodles to soup, boiling to regular gravy. All is possible and easy to cook
                                                    Best 3-Quart saucepan
                                                    I love my Circulon Elementum Hard-Anodized Nonstick Covered Straining Saucepan, 3-Quart. This saucepan is so deep that you can cook just about anything from sauce to pasta to soup. The Hard-Anodized Nonstick really makes it nonstick and easy clean up. I prefer to wash this by hand as its so easy to clean. I just love the grey color as well. I recommend Circulon Elementum Hard-Anodized Nonstick Covered Straining Saucepan, 3-Quart.
                                                      I would buy this product again
                                                      This Circulon pan Does a really good job. I have made steamed veggies, soup and pasta in it and the draining features works well. The pot is very easy to clean and looks really nice. I would buy this product again, but I might look for a slightly larger pan. I was not aware of this brand before, so I will now look for it when I need other new pans and I would definitely recommend it to Others..
                                                        Fantastic pot
                                                        I've been looking at pots like this for awhile now and so glad to have found the circulon brand. This pot is sleek, solid, cleans easily, cooks quickly and evenly, and feels expensive but isn't excessively heavy. I hated cooking pasta just to pull out a strainer and put right back in the pot. This pot has made that a simple process. Lid stays and fits nicely so when you go to drain the liquid it doesn't just plop right off. Clean up is a breeze. We love mac and cheese but the clean up has never been fun. Not anymore. Quick rinse with water and practically ALL cheese residue is gone. Very minimal effort to clean. Absolutely love this pot.
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