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  • Laser reveals microscopic dust on hard floors
  • Dyson's most powerful, intelligent cordless vacuum
  • Cordless with up to 60 minutes of fade-free suction (1)

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I had the original dyson stick vacuum. This is so...
I had the original dyson stick vacuum. This is so much better. Love it...except I don’t like taking it apart to dump the canister
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Amazing vacuum
Treated myself to this. Previously had a Bissell pet vacuum. I struggled to vacuum once a week. With this, I vacuum every day. It's truly amazing. I don't sweep anymore either - which was another task I hated. I use this thing every single day, if not more often. It pulled out an amazing amount of crap (hair, tiny pieces of dirt) from my carpet. I was able to easily get the debris from between my washer/dryer and the fridge and the walls. I put my hand on the tube while it was on the boost setting and it hurt my hand a bit. I LOVE this thing.
by SomePerson
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    Got my V15 a month ago. Excellent product! Makes cleaning fun and easy (it was not the case befor...
    Got my V15 a month ago. Excellent product! Makes cleaning fun and easy (it was not the case before). Great for dusting, cleaning hardwood floors and rugs.
    by helena
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    Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
    Rating provided by a verified purchaser
    by HomeDepotCustomer
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    Great vacuum for hard surfaces....
    Great vacuum for hard surfaces.
    by MOHAMED
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    incredible piece of equipment, light, powerful, quiet, and the laser...
    incredible piece of equipment, light, powerful, quiet, and the laser beam is not a gimmick, it really does show an incredible amount of fine dust you otherwise might not see
    by a33dr5
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    Best vacuum ever !!! But one suggestion
    I just moved from an apartment to a large house with a very fluffy cat. I was very worried about how I’d manage the cleaning. I have got to say that this product has blown my mind when it comes to cleaning, ease of handling and tools that come with it. The whole design thinking that has gone in to this helps in cleaning and experience in every way possible. I was torn between V11 and V15 , but I am glad I chose V15 - the suction is amazing and so are the tools - especially the laser - helps me figure out where all is my cat shedding. I would’ve loved to see an App that gives a topology of the house and connects to the V15 - helping us identify which areas have what kind of dirt - hopefully Dyson is working on this. Would highly recommend V15 to all.
    by Faiz
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      I can't really explain how much that I love this vacuum. I didn't think Dyson could do anymore, but I was wrong. Not only do I like being able to see what I'm picking up, the extra power is simply incredible in such a small form factor. I've had nothing but great experiences with Dyson and I will continue to purchase their products =)
      by Aemen
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        Not the Dyson I remember
        We had a Dyson for 15 years that was absolutely amazing. When it finally died, we switched to another brand but it just wasn't the same so we came back to Dyson. I just got my V15 and while I was excited over the features especially the cordless and laser features, it definitely was a complete disappointment. Nowhere did I see I was going to have to hold down the “on” button the whole time I’m vacuuming. That is ridiculous for something in this price range. You couldn’t put in an on/off switch? This thing is so flimsy on the floor, it just kind of goes willy nilly in different directions. You really have to maintain control of where you want it to go. Dyson’s are known for their suction but this left a lot to be desired. My old Dyson, one swoop and the floor was spotless. This one, I went over the floor with one tool then used the laser tool to see how great it did and wow, what a mess. The laser tool had a lot to pick up that should have been picked up with regular vacuuming if the suction was truly great. I’m talking dog hair and crumbs, not dust. Even the laser tool wasn’t doing the best picking it up. Had to run over the same spot multiple times which is the whole reason I left my other brand and came back to Dyson. I mean c’mon. This is improvement. Please! The vac is also ridiculously top heavy. That canister is tiny as is but it also has next to no depth with the inner workings inside so filling that canister took just a few minutes. The vac also can not stand upright since it’s so top heavy so don’t expect it to work like a true upright vacuum. About the only feature I truly appreciated on this was the fact nothing was wrapped on the rollers which with 2 huskies and 3 long haired girls, that’s a huge plus. I did get the separate stand because I don’t have wall mounting capabilities in a house we are getting ready to sell and that was nice. I also got the accessory kit. I do like all the attachments but if the vac isn’t doing its job, accessories are worthless. The real tragedy now is having to figure out how to pack all of this back into the box it came in so it can be returned.
        by pbjkids
        Response from Dyson Customer SupportApr 10, 2021
        Hi there, this is Kelly with Dyson. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience thus far with the new Dyson V15 Detect™. Our newest cord free introduces several technologies. An angled laser makes invisible dirt visible on hard floors. The piezo sensor counts dust particles, showing you real-time scientific proof of deep clean on the LCD screen. One more exciting feature is the de-tangling comb, which automatically cleans hair from the brush bar on the high torque cleaner head. We've also introduced the hair screw tool which picks up pet hair in a jiffy! With regard to the trigger, we know that battery run time is a very important aspect of performance for our owners, so we developed a trigger that helps maximize the amount of time you can clean on one charge. We chose a light-touch trigger over an on/off switch to ensure that battery life is never wasted by letting the machine run when it's not in active use.  The Dyson V15 Detect™ vacuum has the same pick-up performance on large debris as the Dyson V11™ vacuum – even with the addition of new anti-tangle cleaner head technology. Your machine offers three modes of suction, and the high torque cleaner head also has a built-in suction control slider offering you the ability to open the vents for different flooring types or larger debris. While I understand you are intending to return your purchase, we'd value the opportunity to learn more regarding your experience, as we're dedicated to customer satisfaction. Please consider emailing us directly at askdysonUS@dyson.com. We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Kelly Dyson Customer Support
          Can't believe my eyes when I use this vacuum!
          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Recently, I was selected to be part of the Dyson registered owner / product trial program! I was so excited to receive the new Dyson V15 Detect vacuum. I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed having this vacuum in our home during Covid times. We haven't had any cleaning people in our house over the past year, so the cleaning has been up to us. There are two adults, two children and a dog living here. We have been using the vacuum every week, and we cannot believe how much is picked up in the canister after only a very short time! This vacuum is awesome! We love it so much! I feel great after vacuuming the house because I feel like it has cleaned the house so well. We love the laser feature that detects the finest specks of dirt and our kids love using it, too, because they love the light and seeing the vacuum clean up the tiniest of particles off the wood floor! I can't believe how much stuff goes on the floor after one week - especially on the carpets that we can't see. I love all the Dyson attachments and love how easy it is to hang on the wall and charge. Also impressive is the digital screen showing the categories of particles (like Allergens, microscopic dust, dust mites, and sugar), as well as how much run time is left on the vacuum. I like that you can also select Auto, Eco, and Boost. As far as any down sides, one complaint is that you have to hold the trigger, which does get tiring...would be nice if you could just hit an on/off button or something like that. The vacuum also kind of has a tough time on a plusher carpet, where I've had to release the trigger and restart and move over the carpet quicker and make sure it's not on boost - I usually keep it on Eco or Auto, but sometimes I wonder why that is happening - as if there is too much suction, if that's possible! But those are my two only faults that I see since we've been using the vacuum. But it is a really great vacuum, it's not heavy, and I show my family every time I use it how much stuff is in that canister - it is crazy! We love our new Dyson V15 - can't live without it! Thank you Dyson!!!
          by Dyson Girl
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            Wow! What an improvement!
            I went from a V8 Absolute to a V15 Detect and I can't believe how much better it is. I vacuumed a room with the V8 and then again right after with the V15, and the V15 picked up so much more. The laser hardwood cleaning tool almost makes me a germaphobe when I saw everything it showed was on the floor. The anti-tangle improvements are a game changer for vacuums. I would absolutely buy this again, and I cannot recommend it high enough.
            by DT in TX
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              A deeper shade of clean
              [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is my first cordless vac since the V6 Absolute, and all I can say is ... WOW! After using the V15 Detect for over a week, I absolutely love it. Lots of incredibly smart improvements make it clear that a ton of thought and research went into making this new machine as great as it is. We're a cat home, and this vac does an excellent job cleaning up animal fur--and the redesigned heads don't get tangled at all. The laser attached to the hardwood-floor cleaning head reveals all kinds of dust and dirt you thought you got--and as someone with pollen and dust allergies, I find this especially useful. Plus, the way that the machine automatically adapts suction when going from hardwood floors to carpeting is a game-changer. After a loooong winter indoors, this is going to be the ultimate tool for spring cleaning (and beyond)!
              by JB in VT
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                [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This product is wonderful. It was embarrassing to see how much dust was in the canister after using it on a room which was supposedly clean .
                by Faro
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                  Awesome Improvements!
                  [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have three V11 models and was excited to try out the new improvements on the V15 Detect model - especially its ability to auto react to dust and floor type. The V15 performed significantly better for me than the V11 on my hardwood floors and carpets. It picks up larger objects and micro dust much better. The laser sensor shows when you are picking up invisible micro dust which allows you to better clean your floors. The redesigned tools were a pleasant surprise - most of the tools have been improved. I really appreciate the anti-tangle comb. After using the vacuum for a full 60 minutes, there was no hair on the comb. All the hair made it into the canister (see photo of comb after use). The V15's ability to auto react to floor type was noticeably smooth when switching from hardwood to carpet - it reacts better than the V11 model which I would stop and re-adjust. My overall experience has been quite positive with the V15. I look forward to replacing my V11 models with more V15s in the near future. Thank you Dyson for engineering another great product!
                  by Kevin511
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                    Dyson Detect outdoes itself
                    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I am the proud owner of a Dyson V6 and Dyson DC25 Upright Motörhead. I received the Dyson Detect a little over a week ago and this vacuum has solved all the small things that I disliked about my V6. Suction, Canister Size and Ease of emptying are all significant improvements. Now lets get to the real technology, the Dyson Detect has a laser on the hardwood floor head which allows you to see dust and debris that is present on your floor. Normally, I wouldn’t think that this technology is needed but I will say that it unbelievable what you can’t see. The digital display on the head of the unit allows you to switch power modes, shows battery runtime and detects the micron size of the particles that you have just vacuumed up. Again, not a feature that I thought I’d like but I will admit I did enjoy knowing how much dirt I just vacuumed up and of what size it was. On Auto mode the Dyson Detect automatically detects floor type and amount of dirt and adjusts the motor accordingly - which to me is well, kinda amazing and awesome. There are lots of accessories with this vacuum - multiple heads for any job you could think of. I will say that because of the way you empty this canister you need to remove all attachments prior to emptying. The downside to this is only that the extension pole doesn’t come off as easily as I’d like. This is a very impressive vacuum and one that will be an asset to any home (big or small).
                    by Nickyc78
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                      Laser Vacuum
                      [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The latest handheld has a laser feature that shows dust you wouldn’t otherwise know is there. It’s amazing how much you miss. It has an electronic indicator for suction, battery life and mode. The battery indicator is really helpful. The machine comes with all the standard attachments plus the laser head. It can also carry 2 attachments on the arm which is handy. It’s a little heavier than the earlier versions we have but having it run longer is the payoff. Overall it’s a great vacuum.
                      by Andreagpn
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                        Exciting tech features with practical usability
                        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have had the v15 for about a week and the having had the v6 and the v10 I wasn't sure how much of an impact the features that the v15 brings to the table would be. After a week of usage I can say hands down that the new tech on the v15 not only enhance to overall usability of the machine, it is actually somehow a lot more fun to use. My first impressions after a week are far more positive than I expected.
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                          Wow , I am impressed , Every Household need this .
                          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] There are so many features to like about this unit , The selective energy savings depending on the type of cleaning you are about to do , Great battery running time . Whisper quiet to Boost mode handles everything from light dust on laminate floor to heavy hallway carpet dirt extraction. Hair screw tool works great for my girlfriends long hair , no more tangling around the roller , Gets directed to the end then finally gets vacuumed up the tube into the bin , Works great picking up hair from Long haired Persian cat as well I used the laser slim fluffy head , This floor attachment with laser is pure genius , You can see the dust on the floor and dirt on carpet so much easier , One of my many favorite tools . Installation is incredibly easy , Lightweight , Cleaning out the dirt bin is super easy . I cannot say enough nice things about this awesome Dyson cordless. Helps me be efficient with my cleaning . I would highly recommend the v15 Detect
                          by Inno68
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                            A game changer
                            [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We are veteran Dyson owners, and we're accustomed to the changes in technology as Dyson introduces new models. The V15 Detect has taken this to a new level. The soft head is exceptional, as always, in picking up small particles from hard surfaces, which is our particular challenge. But the addition of a laser beam on this head highlights what we routinely miss, and that's made a significant difference in how we deal with pet dust (two parrots and a cat). In addition, the V15 includes a head that makes it easier to reduce hair buildup, which is a significant advance in convenience for maintenance. In sum, the V15 is a cordless vacuum that changes the cleaning game.
                            by Yeti
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                              Amazing laser light
                              [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I started using the V15 Detect last week and love the laser light. I can see all the dust on my hardwood floors. It is so easy to clean under my kitchen cabinets with the light as well as the new low profile head. There are now many spots in my home, like under furniture which are easy to reach with the low profile cleaning head. The cleaning tool which comes with the V15 is great for cleaning window ceils and other hard to reach places. Be sure to mount the charger on the wall which makes storage and powered up use so easy.
                              by Deborah B
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                                Nothing But GREAT!!
                                [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is the best cordless yet. We used the soft brush with the green laser light today to clean the window screens before installing them. With the light you could definitely see where you had cleaned. Excellent suction, this products equals corded upright vacuums.
                                by Jett Setter
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                                  Perfect Vacuum for all Floor types
                                  [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] My floors have never been cleaner and now I can prove it! The laser fluffy head is amazing on hard wood and tile floors. The suction is fantastic which is good, because now I can see every single crumb. If you enjoy vacuuming, like I do, then you will love this vacuum. I love that it shows me exactly where I need to vacuum. I have children and animals and the amount of crumbs and hair on the floor every day is incredible. Just normal living. I typically vacuum everyday anyway, but now I feel accomplished when I am done. And after vacuuming several days in a row, the amount of allergens, dust and dust mites has reduced. Meaning that my house is actually cleaner now even though I have followed the same routine. The High Torque cleaner head is equally good. I was impressed with how well it worked on thicker carpets; typically hand held cordless vacuums do not have enough suction. This one does. And the anti-tangle comb actually works. One child in the house has very long hair and every single vacuum I have had in the past would require cleaning after vacuuming to remove the hairs wrapped around the brush. While the hair is still there, you just need to pull it and it comes right out. No more scissors or knifes. Yay!! When I first saw the Hair screw tool, I was not sure how well it would work on stairs (which is what I mainly use it for), but it did a good job. The suction was good and it was able to get in the crevice of the stair. No hair wrapped around it either. Overall, I really love the vacuum. It is light and easy to carry. The tools attach right to the vacuum, so I can change quickly if needed while vacuuming. The fluffy head cleaner does not turn sideways so it is hard to get under furniture (Hutch/China Cabinet), but the high torque head cleaner does. In a busy household with kids and pets and lots of activity this is the vacuum to have. It can do it all easily and conveniently, and your house will never be cleaner.
                                  by Kpok7499
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                                    A Whole New Level of Clean
                                    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I thought I was getting my house clean until I started using the v15 detect. On first use I was amazed at the amount of allergens and microscopic dust it picked up, shown on the screen, and visible in the bin! There are so many new and wonderful features: the screen also shows you how much run time remains on the charge; the fluffy cleaner head lets you activate a laser which makes invisible dust visible; in auto mode the suction power adapts to varying dust levels; and the cleaner head has an anti-tangle comb so I no longer have hair tangled around the bar--a huge improvement. I also noticed that the cleaning heads pick up better on the sides--great for corners and around the kitchen. The bin is much easier to empty and replace than on my previous Dyson v6 fluffy. The v15 feels a little heavier and sounds a little bit louder than my older model, but I don't mind when I think about the new features it offers. Don't think this machine is just an incremental advance, it is truly a game changer in cleaning your home.
                                    by dcer
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                                      Great new feature and part!
                                      [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have been a Dyson customer for years and have owned a couple of versions of the Dyson handheld vacuum. I can honestly say that each new version had various improvements that made the device that much better. The V15 really is a step up. The hyperdymium motor is exceptional, along with the display that calculates the number of particles picked up and accurately monitors the run time. The new laser slim fluffy cleaner head is awesome. This new head really does reveal microscopic dust as Dyson advertises. It actually works too well. I vacuum one to two times a day because I have many pets. I thought I did a really good job staying ahead of the dust buildup but I found out otherwise. This laser will definitely show you the things you miss. I wish Dyson would make the laser available on the high torque cleaner head. This does mean if you are expecting a quick run-through vacuuming the house, you're going to be disappointed. I found myself spending more time in one area than I intended. The one disadvantage of the laser slim fluffy cleaner head is it does not have the ball swivel to allow for ease of vacuuming under furniture and beds. It has a little bit of reach but not the flexibility of the torque head. I have to switch to the torque head to get down deep but it is a small sacrifice for the laser fluffy cleaner head option. The torque head also does offer the anti-tangle that has worked very well so far. This feature is also offed in the hair screw tool that, I think, is spectacular. A nice feature having pets and my own long hair to contend with. The laser slim fluffy cleaner head is a lot lighter than the torque head so the battery does give you the 60 minutes run time as advertised. If you have to switch to the torque head, then you lose some run time because it draws more power to enable the extra suction that the torque head requires. I also like the new attachment that allows the owner to attach the more frequently used small accessories to the stick. Overall, this is a nice unit and I recommend it to those individuals who want to own a really dependable and powerful cordless vacuum.
                                      by Veteran Dyson Owner
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                                        The more I use it, the more I love it!
                                        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Dyson has done it again. The V15 Detect is a superior machine that lives up to the Dyson brand. The suction is eerily strong even in eco mode with the boost bringing it to insane levels of suction. I mainly use it to vacuum after my 5 dogs and the Auto mode is excellent at changing the suction from my hardwoods to the area rugs and the battery display tells me when I am about to run out of juice. The motor is also much quieter than I expected with the level of suction it has. The new dust counter on the display really brings to light what it is picking up. I was skeptical at first, but once I started vacuuming my sofa I saw the real benefits to knowing when you finally have the dander up. I was able to tell that while I could not visually see the dust/dander, the vacuum was pulling super small particles up and not only were they counted, but you could see the super fine "powder" in the bin. I have NEVER had a vacuum do that! I attached a photo of the bin with the dust/dander/ick removed from my sofa and the display. The additional fluffy head with the laser is also excellent. I used it to clean up broken glass from my kitchen and for the first time I was able to see all of the glass on the floor and now won't have the "oops" moment of stepping on a small left behind piece! Last, the new no tangle attachment works phenomenal! This is the first attachment that has super strong suction that never stops. I was able to thoroughly clean my sofa and pillows. Due to the way the attachments rotates and angles, you never loose suction even on the curved sections. There is also an attachment so you can attach the smaller tools to the vacuum which I really like. I now have my crevice tool on hand when I do the stairs or other sections of my home. If there was one thing I would change it would be to have an oversized model so I didn't have to empty the bin as much!! This vacuum truly gets not only the dog hair up, but the dander as well!
                                        by MillerPack
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                                          Dyson Has Done it Again!
                                          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Dyson continues to impress with this latest model of their cordless vacuum. Overall better performance and features compared to my current V11. It was good to see a soft brush head for hard floors included in this release. It was not included with my V11, and was sorely missed, as the motorized brush head did not do a great job on hard floors. The V15 soft brush head is a welcome addition. It does a great job on my hardwood floors. Its lower profile makes it easier to get under furniture. And the laser guide light really highlights dust and debris that is normally not seen under normal lighting, although the effect is more noticeable in lower light. But still amazing - it’s almost too much information! The motorized brush head seems to work even better than my V11, due mainly I think to the fact that the roller appears to be positioned lower in the brush head. I noticed a (positive) difference, especially in the middle position. The new combing feature virtually eliminates pet hair clogging the roller brush. As with the V11, The V15 comes with the tool attachment clip, which personally I never use. It just gets in the way when vacuuming under beds and furniture. Seems more like a gimmick than a value-add, but probably doesn’t add much to the cost, and some users may like this feature. The V15 display comes with a new particle counter. While interesting, I measure performance by the amount of hair and dust in the canister, not by the size and amount of dust particles. I suppose some users may enjoy this feature, but I can take it or leave it. Overall, a great machine that I would highly recommend.
                                          by El Guapo
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                                            Powerful suction
                                            [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Absolutely love this new design. Suction is amazing and love that the hair doesn’t get tangled around the brush bar. Also, the new bare floor attachment with the laser is really neat! The laser locates everything on the floor that needs to be vacuumed up. My only wish that it had more time on the battery or came with an extra battery.
                                            by KarenlJ
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                                              Amazing new features
                                              [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Just received the new V15 Detect and amazed at the leap forward from prior models (replaced the V11 Absolute). Absolutely love the "laser" feature for hardwood floors. I have a yellow lab that sheds non-stop and was shocked at what the laser detected when vacuuming as it highlighted all of the various dirt/fur that was previously invisible.
                                              by pcbar32
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