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  • The posi temp valve can be costly to keep in operation if not consistantly used.
  • December 28, 2011

The cartridge is easy to install, the problem lies in removing the old one, even with a puller it can be difficult. The Moen 1222 cartridge works fine as long as it does not sit unused, if not used for a couple of months it can get stuck and not supply hot water.

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By: Mahi
  • Always good to buy OEM, but this style tends to break more than the 1225(you can't just use the 1...
  • March 03, 2017
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Always good to buy OEM, but this style tends to break more than the 1225(you can't just use the 1225. Gotta stick with what your valve is made for). Often times this will get stuck and you'll need a puller. the $13 puller will help after using the white piece that this package comes with to help loosen it. When putting it back in, I'd use a lot of the oil from the packet it comes with, or use your own 100% plumber's silicone grease. Make sure it's the right one made for stems and cartridges!! Some "plumber's grease" aren't made for rubber and it'll tighten up/dry out the rubber. This will help you put it in smoothly and remove it smoothly next time. The little packet that came with this was super watery and didn't do much. Step 1. remove handles, screws, plate, etc. Step 2. Shut off water and open faucets to drain water. Step 3. Remove clip on top Step 4. Wiggle the cartridge out. If tight, use the white adapter to try to loosen it. If it doesn't work, use a puller. Step 5. Once removed, check for broken pieces and check inside the valve to see if anything is stuck. Run your finger around and feel for sharp edges. Step 6. Add 100% silicone grease to the cartridge and slide in with the "HC" pointed up. insert it all the way and install clip. Step 7. Put everything back and test for leaks.

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By: CaTrekker
  • Get it for free from Moen
  • November 20, 2013
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This replacement cartridge is super easy to install as long as you coat the lubricant that comes in the kit. I didn't use any removal kit. Just pried it out slowing using screwdrivers. Make sure the cartridge is in off position (no whole seen from the top) and put the clip in as well, otherwise the strong water will blow it out and you'll have a geyser in your house. Btw, they're part of Moen lifetime warranty so you can get them for free from them (i wasn't asked any receipt).

Pros Reliable, Easy to Install, Good Instructions, No Leaks


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By: bethcing
  • Before buying this $40 item (as of March 2017), you would be wise to check with Moen since they h...
  • March 31, 2017
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Before buying this $40 item (as of March 2017), you would be wise to check with Moen since they have a lifetime drip-free guarantee. My 1 yr old shower faucet started dripping, but by a week was flowing so fast (hot water) that I had to shut of hot water to bathroom. I was able to receive a replacement cartridge free of charge after contacting Moen via their website. They had great, fast service (still took about another week, though, to get it - so act fast if you are in need of your shower and water won't shut off!) I ended up returning the one I purchased from Home Depot without a problem, of course.

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By: AlliOop
  • We used this to replace an old cartridge that wasn't working. It had a piece of wood that probabl...
  • March 28, 2017
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We used this to replace an old cartridge that wasn't working. It had a piece of wood that probably got in there when the builders built our house. It worked perfectly. There are some good videos on youtube that show exactly how to install one of these. Don't forget to use the lubricant that comes with it to help the new valve go in. We used the cartridge puller from Home Depot too and that worked well. Be prepared with the possibility that you'll have to replace the escutcheon plate and handle. We found that the O-ring in the escutcheon plate was dissolved.

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By: Scott
  • Perfect fit for MOEN single handle hot cold shower faucet
  • April 19, 2020
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At first, It was almost impossible to pull the old cartridge out. I tried the plastic puller that came with the new cartridge, it was very flimsy and the thing just froze in there. Luckily, I was prepared, did my research and went ahead and bought the DANCO Cartridge Puller for MOEN. I have seen and watch reviews and they used this tool to pull stucked cartridge. After about 5 mins of turning left to right and pull out motion (repeatedly), I was able to pull it out, The black rubber around the old cartridge disintegrated in pieces. It looked like it clanged and bonded with the metal insert inside. I cleaned it off and used shop vac to take out small debris and particles around it. Once I cleaned it off, put it back the way I took it out just reverse process. I am not a handyman savvy type of guy, I work in the financial field. I managed to do this on my own and saved me $300 worth of plumbing service. The part cost me $49.00 and it came with the grease. I highly suggest you use that grease and lube on that sucker so when next time you need to replace it, it will be a little easier. Another helpful trick is that I was taking pictures step by step on how it looked like taking off the part so I know how to put it back. Your welcome!!!

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By: Junbugg
  • Great salesman
  • January 14, 2015
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Home depot salesman asked if I pulled the shower handle or turned it to start the water. I turn it so this was the correct item for me. Pulling these cartridges out of the fixture can be extremely hard (and impossible if you don't pull the U-shaped metal pin out of the fixture before trying to pull the cartridge). I bought a puller at Home Depot. I had replaced this cartridge once before and it pulled right out this time (Guess it knew I had a 4-foot pry bar ready to use on it.) Put the grease lubricant in the box on the side of the cartridge. The cartridge has H and C on the front. Be sure to insert it so you can read the letters (and hot/cold water will come out correctly).

Pros No Leaks
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By: Jim
  • Good product, tough to get the old one out
  • May 21, 2017
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My old moen cartridge 1222 would only come out part way but i managed to get it out by keep squirting white vinegar (Moen's suggestion) onto the cartridge and workng the cartridge in and out many times, gripping first the brass shaft and then the cartridge itself with vice grips. When it finally came out after 10 minutes one of the rubber ovals had slipped off and the plastic back end of the cartridge was cracked so that was why it was so hard to get out. I read in another post that the cartridge puller only pulls the cartridge partly out so i didnt even buy one since the problem was getting the last three quarters out. I reassembled the faucet and its workng fine.


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By: ghjk
  • Noisy and leaking
  • October 29, 2014

I had a hard time reinserting the pin with the new cartridge. It makes a knocking noise when water is turned on and off and it leaks. I will replace with an actual moen OEM part.

Cons Leaks, make knocking noise


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By: Evie
  • Start with OEM - this one.
  • December 21, 2014
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I couldn't find this one on my first trip, so I bought the Danco knockoff. Thanks to that, I have changed this valve twice in as many days. The Danco valve, little to my knowing, has a design flaw that causes knocking/water hammer in your pipes. This OEM product, does not. Buy this one and forget the others.

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Austin Tx
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By: Gustav