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Customer Reviews for Onward 6-1/4 in. Black Door Knocker

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20 Years and going strong
We bought a Broil King Regal about 20 years ago. The quality is outstanding. It's still in great shape. I have replaced the burners about two seasons ago. I just changed the ceramic briquettes. I replaced an igniter about five years ago.
by MikeTrink
The Tradition Continues!!
I have had the Broil King Regal 440 (gas) operating for about a week, and the items I have cooked so far (chicken, sausage, potatoes, ham) have come out exceptional. The heat distribution has been extremely even, and the side of the grill which keeps the juices underneath the meat has performed beyond what I expected, keeping the meats moist and tender. Can't wait to try some steaks this weekend. Broil King continues to make great Q's. My first BBQ was a Regal, and 16 years later, the tradition will continue.
by LongLiveTheBroilKing
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
It was a bit smaller than I expected....
It was a bit smaller than I expected.
by HomeDepotCustomer
It was too small to fit over the previous door...
It was too small to fit over the previous door knocker holes.
by Steven
Low temperature settings, best cooking results
I bought this unit at TA appliances in Barrie and I have to say that after using it a couple of times and getting use to the Temperature settings it is know doubt the best BBQ I have owned over the last 45 years. Once you figure out the heat settings the meat is cooked to perfection every time without flareups that burn the meat.
by David N
Great bbq!
The grill has a very even heat distribution and gives the meats the best grill marks I've ever seen. The steak recipe from the inclosed book is to die for. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.
by Valleylad
Great looking grill!
Fantastic grill,have had great results every time, which is about four times a week. Really satisfied with every feature of the grill. G.
by Jed1
Good Overall
I received this grill about a month ago and have grilled steaks 3 times and salmon twice. First two times the food was slightly overcooked due to the fact that I wasn't familiar to the cooking characteristics of this new grill. From what I have experienced so far is that it can heat up quick, hot and evenly. I like my steak rare and my salmon on the verge of uncooked in the middle, so the hot grill gives me the look and taste on the outside without over cooking the middle. Its only the wife and and I, so we have only utilized a quarter of the grilling space. But, look forward to hosting BBQ parties. Assembling the grill was about 50 minutes for me. The instructions are just in the form of diagrams. Which is fine if everything is clear. Some diagrams were a bit hard to decipher. example which bolt or screw for which hole. All in all if assembly degrees of of difficulty were as follows: easy | moderate | difficult. I would have to suggest moderate based on the quality of the assembly diagrams. Otherwise the actual assembly was relatively easy. Only one bolt did not quite line up to its designated hole. A little muscling to get things lined up made it work. Aside from that it was a one person assembly. Have looked at the Broil King cover for this model, but the reviews are not too convincing. So, looking for an after market generic one. Overall, we like how the food is turning out and it will probably get better as we become more accustom to using it. In the end the food product is whats most important.
by QCnorthisland
Regal Broil King Gives Royal Taste To Foods.
I received this as a gift from the Company I retired from. I love the way the heat is so even and cooks my food to perfection. Love it. Plan to use it year round even in the winter months.
by cideredward
Showing 1-10 of 19 reviews