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Customer Reviews for Traeger PTG Wood Fired Pellet Grill in Black

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Model #TFT17LLA

  • Digital Elite Controller gives precise temperature control
  • The smallest Traeger grill, take wood-fired flavor anywhere
  • Versatility to do everything from smoking ribs, to baking a pie

Customer Reviews

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  • 86% recommend this product
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Love this thing
I have had my Ptg for over a month now. It is a little small but adequate for our needs I bought it to go in my RV. I have used it a few times now at the house to learn how to use it. I cant believe how easy it is use and how flavorful the food is. I am using it more than I thought i would. I was a little skeptical at first because I love using my custom made Pitt to smoke and cook with but this little guy does very well. There is a little difference between the two my Pitt does seem to have better wood flavor but not enough to be overly concerned about. I cant take my 700 lb Pitt with me so this little guy is a very welcomed companion and now I can smoke a brisket pork butt or whatever else that I want with ease while camping. Also if you are wondering about the hopper holding enough pellets I was smoking a 6 pound pork butt at 300 degrees for 5 hours and didnt have to add pellets when I completely filled the hopper. You will need to check the pellets ever so often to move the pellets around so they will continually feed the auger this is the only design flaw I have seen so far. You definitely wont regret buying this pellet grill.
by Louis
    Excellent product I would recommend it
    The BQ works great. It is well built and I love it for camping.
    by Bigfish
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    Nice grill
    I actually purchased this as a raffle item for a charity skeet shoot raising money for people affected by hemophilia (a rare bleeding disorder). Last year we raffled a full size one and it went over really well. We got this one thinking itd be something different but we didnt even sell enough raffles to cover the cost. Ironically I won the grill so I auctioned it off and donated all the money to the cause. The grill was a great size! Easy to carry and would cook enough at once for a few people! Since I didnt bring the grill home I cant comment on its cooking ability but if it is anything like the Traeger I have at home the new owner will LOVE it! I really would have loved to keep it!
    by Tawni
      Very handy little grill. It does a very good job doing chicken and steaks they do not burn.
      by dean dus
        The Best Small Smoker Ever
        We have had ours now 4 years had to replace the control once. It's in the camper every time we go. When were not camping I use it all the time this Thanksgiving I found a small Turkey and smoked it for our family dinner I was so mad we had no left overs on that bird had to eat some turkey that said it was smoked not like mine was.May be when I get older (66 now) I will get a bigger on for here at home. My Boy said you need a big one now and we come we come eat more with you. Ha Ha dumb Boy why do you thing I not got one yet.
        by William S Wills
          Showing 1-30 of 65 reviews