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Doorbell Cameras

Make your home more secure with a doorbell camera. You’ll always know who’s at your front door no matter where you are thanks to this device’s Wi-Fi connectivity and HD video capabilities.

Doorbell Camera Considerations

When searching for a video doorbell camera, the first thing to consider is whether you should get a wired or wireless doorbell camera.

Wired: Wired doorbell security cameras are powered by connecting to your existing doorbell wires. Their installation can be a little tricky, but these front door cameras provide a consistent electrical signal. Wired doorbell security cameras also last up to 10 years longer than their wireless counterparts.

Wireless: Wireless doorbell cameras are usually battery-powered, so hardwiring is not required. This allows you to easily move your doorbell camera to another location if needed. It’s important to make sure your internet connection is strong since your Wi-Fi doorbell camera will be situated on the outer perimeter of your house. Keep in mind that the dense materials inside your exterior walls can weaken your Wi-Fi signal. To ensure a solid connection, ensure your router is as close to your video doorbell as possible.

Cloud storage is another factor to think about before deciding on one of these devices. Most offer an option for storing your doorbell’s video recordings – for the price of a monthly or yearly subscription. In the event of a crime, these recordings can arm you with the evidence you need.

Doorbell Camera Features

Two-Way Audio: One of the biggest features video doorbells offer is two-way audio, giving you a chance to speak with whomever is at your door – even while you’re away from home. Some doorbells are equipped with noise-canceling technology, so you can clearly hear visitors even on windy and rainy days.

Night Vision: Check if the doorbell camera offers night vision capabilities. This feature not only helps you see clearly during the evening but also on cloudy days and under the cover of trees.

Motion Detection: Most doorbell cameras come equipped with motion detection. You’ll be alerted via your smartphone when someone or something is approaching your door. If you live near a busy street, see if your video doorbell provides advanced features such as customizable motion zones. This allows you to focus on specific areas of your home, so you won’t receive an alert every time a neighbor walks by on the sidewalk.

Field of View: The camera’s field of view – or how wide the device can monitor – is important to consider. A 90-degree field of view only allows you to see the front and a little bit of the sides, while a 180-degree field of view lets you see everything in front and to the sides.

Whether it’s a part of your home security ecosystem or a stand-alone device, a doorbell camera can provide peace of mind. If you’re ready to switch out your old doorbell with a video doorbell, check out our Replacing a Doorbell guide.

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