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Manage the lighting inside and outside your home with timers – also known as light switch timers or timer switches. Timers not only bring more convenience into your life but also help you save energy and boost your home security. Different options and features are available on timers.

Timers Considerations

When you’re shopping for light timers, mechanical and digital timers are the most common types you’ll find. Mechanical timers are economical, simple and easy-to-install solutions for managing your lights. Simply turn the dial to the desired run time. Once the dial hits the end of the timing cycle, the timer will break the circuit and turn off the attached lights. Depending on the model, you can set your timer anywhere from a couple of minutes to 24 hours.

While digital timers aren’t as straightforward as mechanical timers, they do provide more programming options and can handle more devices than their counterparts. Digital timers usually allow you to program a lighting schedule for each day of the week.

Timer Placement

Think about whether you’re going to be placing your timer indoors or outdoors. Indoor timers can be useful for whenever you’re out of town. You can program your lights to turn on and off at random times to give the impression that you’re home, potentially helping to ward off burglars.

Since they’re housed in durable, weather-resistant enclosures, outdoor timers are perfect for controlling exterior fixtures such as security lights, landscaping lights and holiday decorations.

The next thing to decide is whether you want a plug-in timer or wall switch timer – also known as an in-wall timer.
Plug-in timers allow you to program a lamp or light without the need for installation and rewiring. Just plug the timer into an electrical outlet then connect the light you want to control to the timer.
Wall switch timers require hard-wire installation, but you can usually control more lights with these timers.

Whether you’re looking to program your seasonal decorations, security lights or living room fixtures, timers are an ideal solution to make your home more convenient, secure and energy-efficient.

See our Timers guide for more information on the different types of timers for lights, irrigation systems and appliances available

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