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Pull-Out Trash Cans

Trash cans that tuck away unseen are a great way to maintain a clean and orderly looking kitchen. A pull-out trash can slides smoothly under cabinets or counters to hide messes and odors. They can be as big as a regular heavy-duty waste bin or as small as an office wastebasket. 
Types of Slide Out Trash Bins 

Thanks to the slides and cages that hold it in place, a pull-out trash bin can move in and out of hidden spaces with ease. Here are the different types: 

Under-the-Sink Trash Cans. Put a bin under the sink for easy access. This type of cabinet garbage can is shorter and slimmer to allow for plumbing. 

Cabinet Trash Can. Use a cabinet trash can if you don’t have the room directly below your sink to place a pull-out waste container. Most kitchens have multiple floor-level cabinets. Choose one that’s close to where you cook for easy access. 

Pivot Trash Can. A pivot version has a lid that opens as you open the cabinet door. This gives you hands-free access to help you avoid spreading germs and messes.
Trash Drawers. Your kitchen may have a tall, built-in drawer for garbage. Place bins in the drawer, and you’ll have a hidden spot for your rubbish and recyclables. 

Some options come with two wastebaskets—use one of them as a recycling bin. You’ll have a full trash and recycling cabinet all in one. 

Trash Can Accessories 

In addition to using a hidden trash can cabinet, keep the rest of your home neat and tidy with waste containers and trash bags. For receptacles to use both inside and outside, select from a wide range of trash cans.

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