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Embrace the Ease of Electric Grills Text

Charcoal and gas grills may reign among grilling purists, but electric grills are quickly gaining ground. These modern grills are compact and easy to use and allow you to cook any place near an electrical outlet. 

The Perfect Fit 

If your space is limited or you live in an area where gas or charcoal grilling isn’t allowed, an electric barbecue grill is the ideal option. A small electric grill is perfect for a typical apartment or condo balcony, and they’re easy to pack up for a vacation getaway. 

Today’s models give you all the control you need to do your best outdoor cooking. In addition to variable temperature settings that range from low to searing hot, an electric patio grill will often include features like side shelves for extra prep space and wheels so it can be easily moved. 

Taste and Convenience 

An outdoor electric grill cooks just like gas and charcoal models, and can even provide the classic barbecue taste you expect from your meats and vegetables. Try adding wood chips made of hickory, apple, cherry or mesquite to give your recipes that authentic flame-broiled flavor. 

You really can’t beat an electric grill for simplicity. Many models, such as those from Easy Street, include a removable grease pan for quick disposal of drippings. Some models also come with an electric rotisserie for slow cooking over even heat. 

For added convenience, make your own DIY grill caddy to carry all of your electric grilling accessories.

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