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Types of Cocktail Glasses for Your Home Bar

Different Types of Cocktail Glasses
Description Style/Customization
cocktail glasses 3-6 oz. glasses with inverted cones on narrow stems, with smaller, narrower bowls than martini glasses For serving drinks with no ice, such as Cosmopolitans, Brandy Alexanders and Kamikazes
Highball Glasses 8-12 oz. glass tumbler for “tall” cocktails; slightly shorter and wider than the Collins glass For serving mixed drinks over ice that include a high proportion of non-alcoholic mixer, such as Gin & Tonics, Bloody Marys and Mojitos.
Margarita Glasses 6-20 oz. glasses with large bowls and wide rims for salt or sugar For serving frozen or unfrozen Margaritas, with or without ice
Martini Glasses 4-7 oz. glasses with inverted cones on narrow glass stems with larger, wider bowls than traditional cocktails glasses. For serving traditional Martinis and other cocktails
Moscow Mule Mugs 16-20 oz. mugs, usually made of copper, designed to promote carbonation or "fizz" and keep beverages cold For serving Moscow Mules and other cold mixed drinks with vodka or rum
Old Fashioned Glasses - Kitchen 6-8 oz. short glass tumbler with a solid base, also called a lowball or rocks glass For serving Old Fashioneds, Negroni, White Russians and “muddled” mix drinks, as well as neat pours of whiskey on the rocks
Shot Glasses Small glasses for 1-1 1/2-oz. shots, made to be sturdy, thick and typically shatterproof if slammed down on a table after drinking For serving straight shots and mixed shooters; also convenient for a home bartender to measure mixed drinks
Whiskey Glasses 7-12 oz. short glass tumbler comparable to lowball or rocks glass; also refers to specialty glasses for cordials, brandy and more. Primarily for serving whiskey over ice as well as mixed drinks such as Whiskey Sours and Old Fashioneds
Tips for Cocktail Glasses
An ice bucket and a potted plant sit on a bar cart with a built-in stemware rack.
  • Very thin types of glassware, especially very thin martini glasses, can break easily, so hold and handle with care. 
  • Stainless steel cocktail glasses are unlikely to break and are useful for picnics and other outdoor occasions. 
  • Store cocktail glasses upside down to prevent dust from accumulating in them. Put them away fully dry to avoid water spots. 
  • Consider a stemware rack for displaying the glasses and ensuring they don’t fall over. 
  • Some types of barware, particularly shot glasses, come in different designs that are fun to collect. 

Entertain your guests at a cocktail party with a variety of cocktail glasses that use elegant design to showcase the taste of different alcoholic beverages as well as non-alcoholic alternatives. You can't mix the perfect cocktail without the right glassware.