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Best Washing Machine Stands and Kits for Your Laundry Room


Universal washer and dryer pedestals are metal platforms, or risers, installed beneath front-load washers and dryers. They provide increased accessibility and storage options as they reduce the amount of bending required to load and unload. Some advanced models hold up to six months of detergent and fabric softener that dispenses automatically with each wash cycle.  

Installation Considerations:   

  • Pedestals raise the height of washer and dryer units 12 to 16 inches. 
  • Only use pedestals for side-by-side installations. 
  • Coordinating laundry pedestals are available in store or online at the time you make your initial purchase.  
  • Pedestal delivery and installation is included with your initial appliance purchase.  
  • Pedestals purchased separately in stores are not eligible for free delivery or installation.  
  • Double-check that the width of your chosen pedestal is appropriately matched with your washer and/or dryer size.
Stacking Kits

Universal washer and dryer stacking kits are metal brackets that stack front-load dryers on top of front-load washers to save valuable floor space. They enable you to pair a washing machine and dryer in locations other than a laundry room for added convenience.  

Installation Considerations and Safety Tips:  

  • Stacking kits are designed by the manufacturer for specific models and should be ordered when purchasing your laundry appliances. They are sold separately. 
  • Homemade stacking kits can void machine warranty. Only use manufacturer-approved kits. 
  • Not all washing machine and dryer models are compatible for stacking. Check the manufacturer's web site or your owner's guide to be sure your specific washer and dryer can stack together. 
  • The dryer must always be stacked on top of the washer as it weighs much less.  
  • Avoid stacking machines from different brands. If the mounting points do not match up, the stack may not be stable and could possibly topple during use.  
  • Measure the space intended for installation carefully. There will will need to be a few inches clearance on all sides of the stackable washer and dryer for venting and air circulation. 
  • Be sure to measure the final height of the washer and dryer prior to stacking and be sure you can comfortably reach both the washer and dryer openings.  
  • Washers and dryers cannot be stacked with a pedestal beneath as a pedestal can not support the weight of stacked units.  
  • After the washer and dryer are stacked, run a test cycle of the machines to be sure they are stable. If they sway or vibrate excessively, adjust the brackets of the stacking kit.

Consider the following when shopping for new appliances:Consider the following when shopping for new appliances:

  • 3-prong plugs are used for homes build before the year 2000. 
  • 4-prong plugs are used for homes built after the year 2000. 

When you add professional installation to your new appliance purchase from The Home Depot, a compatible cord is required. The delivery agent carries both types of cords to make sure your home is covered.

When you purchase a new appliance from The Home Depot without professional installation, a 4-prong cord is sent by default. If your home is equipped with a 3-prong outlet, you will need to purchase a 3-prong cord or connector adapter separately.