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The Difference Between In-Stock and Custom Cabinets

In-Stock Cabinets
a kitchen featuring stock cabinets
  • In-stock cabinets, also known as stock cabinets, refer to cabinet boxes that are built by the manufacturer based on industry-standard styles and measurements. 
  • They are pre-built and usually ready for installation within a few days.
  • Design and finish options are a bit limited, but simple accents like cabinet hardware can help elevate the look. 
  • These are usually more affordable, making them a great option when cost is a major factor.
Custom Cabinets
a kitchen featuring custom cabinets
  • Custom cabinets are uniquely designed to fit your space and design specifications.
  • This option is more expensive since it’s made to order to suit your needs.
  • These are ideal for kitchens with an irregular shape or tricky corners to navigate.
  • Since they’re custom made, in-home delivery can take up to nine weeks or more.
In-Stock Cabinets vs. Custom Cabinets
a side-by-side comparison of two kitchens featuring stock and custom cabinets

In-Stock Cabinets

  • Strong construction. These are built using composite case construction for durability and strength.
  • Classic styles. Homeowners can choose from fresh, on-trend, yet timeless colors and door styles.
  • Fast availability. These are available for in-store pickup or for shipping in as little as 3 days.
  • Convenient upgrades. Accessorize with everyday accessories such as trash pullouts, organizational drawers and more.

Custom Cabinets

  • Unique styling. Make a statement with a variety of colors and material combinations.
  • Premium personalization. Personalize it with decorative molding and glass door upgrades.
  • Superior versatility. Modify cabinet depths, widths and heights to fit your exact space.
  • Premium function. Select from a wide array of storage and organization accessories to make every cabinet as functional as possible.