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How to Make a Tree Charcuterie Board

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Measure & Cut Boards
A woman uses a miter saw to cut plywood board.

For this project, you'll need:

  • One 1 x 18-inch x 4-foot pine panel
  • One 1 x 2-inch x 8-foot common pine board

How to cut:

  • Using your miter saw, cut the 18-inch x 4-foot board into two pieces, each piece 24 inches long. 
  • Then, use a carpenter square to measure and draw out the tree shape onto the pine board using the dimensions in the pattern above.

Tip: Always wear safety goggles when operating power tools. 

Draw Tree Pattern
A framing square is used to create a tree shape.

Using your framing ruler, draw the tree shape onto the pine board to match the pattern above. 

Cut Out Tree Shape
A person uses a jig saw to cut a tree shape on a board.
  • Using your jigsaw, cut out the tree shape. 
  • Sand off any rough edges. 

Tip: Consider using clamps to hold boards in place while cutting. 

Trace the Design
A person uses a stencil and a pencil to trace a design onto the board.
  • Now, grab your stencil to create the design on your board. 
  • Place the stencil onto the board and trace the outline using a pencil.
Carve Out Design
A person uses a rotary tool to carve the design into the board.

Using the carving bit on your rotary tool, carve away the stenciled area using the pencil lines as your guide.

Sand Board
A person uses sandpaper to sand and a paint brush to remove dust from board.
  • Sand away any loose wood bits and excess pencil marks. 
  • Use a paintbrush or small broom to remove the sawdust. 
Assemble Bottom of Tree Trim
A person nails trim to bottom of tree.
  • Be sure to attach all trim using wood glue and 11/4-inch brad nails.
  • Along the bottom of the tree, cut two pieces of  1 x 2 at 6 1/4-inches long with a 22 1/2-degree bevel on one end. Attach to tree using wood glue and 1 1/4-inch brad nails.
  • For the bottom of the trunk, cut one piece of 1 x 3 at 5 1/2-inches long.
  • For short sides of the trunk, cut two pieces of 1 x 2 at 6-inches long.
Complete Trim
A person completes the top of the trim so it matches the diagram
  • For longer sides of the tree, begin with 22 1/2-degree bevel at the bottom. Place board in position. 
  • Now, using a piece of scrap wood, mark the angle. 
  • Use a miter saw to cut a 43-degree bevel. Attach using wood glue and 1 1/4-inch brad nails.
Apply Stain
A foam brush is used to apply stain to the board.
  • Using a foam brush, apply the clean satin polyurethane. 
  • Let it dry completely. 
Add Color
A color pen is used to add green color to carved design.
  • Use your paint pens to apply color to the carved area of the board.  
  • Let dry.
Sand Excess Paint
Person uses sandpaper to remove excess paint from board.
  • Remove any excess paint on the board surface using sandpaper.  
  • Use a paintbrush or small broom to remove the sawdust.
Seal Once More
A can of polyurethane sits near charcuterie board.
  • Finally, seal the paint and board using clear satin polyurethane and a foam brush.  
  • Let dry and cure completely.
A finished charcuterie board holds fruit, cheese and crackers.

Now, you're ready to enjoy snacks on your DIY board. From fruit and cheese to cookies and treats, your board is sure to make the holidays merry. 

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