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Regrow Vegetables from Scraps

Lettuce growing in a cup

Most varieties of lettuce, bok choy and cabbage can be regrown this way. Cut off the bottom section of the lettuce and place the flat end in one-half inch of water and set in a sunny window. Top off with water as needed. After three to four days, roots and new shoots should emerge. Once this happens, transfer and plant in soil.

Potato growing in a cup of water
  • Cut a raw white or sweet potato with visible sprouts or eyes in half.
  • Insert toothpicks between the cut edge and top of the potato and suspend it in a container of water, cut-side down.
  • Place in direct sunlight.
  • Sprouts should emerge from the top of the potato in about four days.
  • Once the sprouts reach 4 inches, twist them off and set in a dish of shallow water. Change the water every few days.
  • Plant them in organic soil when the sprouts have 1-inch roots.
Green Onions
Green onions growing in a container

Perhaps the easiest vegetable to regrow is green onions. About 1 inch from the roots, cut the green section off, leaving the white base. Place the base in a glass container and add water, but don’t fully submerse the base. Place in a sunny window. Change water every few days and trim green onions as needed.

Garlic cloves with sprouts

All you need is a single clove to regrow garlic. Begin with organic, untreated garlic.

  • Place a clove, flat side down, in shallow water or directly into soil, and wait for shoots to emerge from the top.
  • Place in full sun.
  • Once new shoots have established, cut them back so your plant produces a bulb.
  • Plant bulbs in the fall for bigger and more flavorful results. In areas that get a hard frost, plant six to eight weeks before first frost. In southern areas, February or March is a better time to plant.
Ginger root growing in a pot of garden soil

Culinary ginger is the rhizome of a tropical plant and it adds zip to baked goods, curries, marinades and dressings. Growing more ginger is simple, just look for untreated, organic ginger with plenty of eyes, just like potatoes.

Here's how to regrow ginger:

  • With a knife, cut the ginger into 1-inch pieces, making sure that each piece has eyes.
  • Fill a container with organic soilless potting mix and pour water over it until it's just damp. Let any extra water drain into the plant saucer.
  • Plant the ginger pieces in the soil and cover with a couple more inches of soil.
  • Set the pot in bright light and water when the soil is dry.
  • After a few months, when you see shoots, pull back the soil and snap off the new ginger root growth.

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