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Bathroom Tile Ideas

What Types of Tile are Best for a Bathroom?
Circles of blue and white tile on a bathroom floor with a vanity.

The first thing to think about when choosing bathroom tile ideas is where the tile will be used. For example, the tile in a family bath will be exposed to a lot of water, grime and cleaning chemicals. The best tile for it is one that is durable, stands up to moisture and is easy to maintain, such as a ceramic tile. On the other hand, the best tile for a small guest bath may be one chosen more for dramatic style than ease of maintenance such as a glass mosaic tile.

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Patterned and Solid Ceramic Tile
Slippers sit on the floor that features black and white bathroom tile.

Ceramic tile is long-lasting and easy to maintain. With its countless designs ranging from traditional and transitional to modern or vintage-inspired, patterned and solid ceramic tile works equally on floors and walls. Available in striking herringbone patterns, colorful graphics and all white, ceramic tile is both a versatile and practical way to express your style in a bath. 

Tip: Ceramic black and white patterned tiles in bathrooms with a built-in tub can create a retro-modern look.

Subway Tiles
Beige subway tile in a shower behind a black windowpane shower door.

The bathroom tile go-to, subway tiles are are by far the most popular bathroom tile. Subway tiles can be used both on walls and floors to give a seamless look. Easy to install and budget friendly, subway tiles in contrasting colors can be used to create colorful horizontal lines and other patterns.

Natural Stone Tile
Glass shower stall next to a brown vanity in front of horizontal blue and white stone tiles.

Natural stone tile is a classic and timeless accent. You can find natural stone tile in an array of sizes and colors, making it easy to opt for a sophisticated look with texture or to create a striking pattern.

Natural stone tiles are often seen as a modern and refined bathroom option. Mix and match different sizes to give your bathroom a structured feel. This works especially well when paired with a modern glass shower.

Tip: Choose natural stone tile in neutral colors for any transitional or contemporary bathroom.

Glass or Mosaic Tile
Vanity resting on black and white tiles on a bathroom floor.

Coloful glass tile fits contemporary and minimalist spaces and provides a dyamic contrast to natural stone walls. Ideal for wet spaces like your shower surround and above the bathroom vanity, both glass and other mosaic tiles come in many colors and shapes. The added sheen of glass tile also adds depth to your bathroom.

Tip: Try using a combination of glass, porcelain and ceramic tile for a casual yet refined look.

Glazed Porcelain Tile
Blue, orange and white patterned floor tile in a bathroom.

Porcelain tile is rich, warm and inviting. Available in a wide range of colors and looks, porcelain is durable and designed to last in any bathroom. Porcelain mosaic tiles can add a unique and vibrant depth to the walls of your shower. Although you can use glazed porcelain on the floor of your bath, it is not as durable as ceramic.

Tip: Try porcelain tile in complementary bold colors to perk up a neutral bath. 

Using Tile Colors and Patterns
Black and white bathroom tile in a floral pattern on a floor.

Keep tile flooring simple with a monochromatic color scheme or feature hues in a particular color palette. Classic white ceramic tile brings clean lines and modern simplicity to any bath. Decorative patterned tile is ideal in transitional spaces. It also complements art deco and vintage styles. 

Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas
Large tiles in a shower with a graphic black and white flower design.

Consider bypassing the traditional small ceramic squares and go for something that will really wake up your shower. For example, choose larger squares of porcelain tiles with a bold graphic such as a freeform flower design. Keep the look crisp with a white and gray palette.

Small Accent Wall Tile Ideas
Tile with horizontal wood grain look behind floating vanity.

A popular tile design for a bathroom is an accent wall using small wall tiles in a contrasting color. Try something a little different by choosing a wood floor tile on your bathroom wall instead. The surprising contrast of "real" wood grains and sleek porcelain fixtures will give your bath an upscale, spa-like feel.

Charming Tile Ideas
Vintage-style blue and white hexagon tile on a bathroom wall.

Place a simple vanity in warm wood tones against a honeycomb of blue and white small wall tile for an unexpected touch of charm to your bath. Use large ceramic or porcelain floor tile squares in beiges or tans to ground the look.

Best Bathroom Floor Tile
Classic marble tiles cover the floor of a luxurious master bath.

The best bathroom floor tiles are those that are durable and thick enough to not crack or break under heavy traffic. It should also be easy to clean and sanitize. Slip-resistance is a plus.  

Tip: One of the best bathroom floor tile ideas is marble. Marble really elevates the look of of a master bath.

Best Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas
Blue glazed tiles in a herringbone pattern.

Any time you're putting any tile on a wall, a key consideration should be weight. Most real natural stones, such as marble and granite, are very heavy and should be installed by a professional. You can, however, use a ceramic or porcelain wall tile made to look like natural stones. They are also much easier to install and more budget-friendly.

What Are Stylish Small Bathroom Tile Ideas?
Granite, natural stone and ceramic tiles cover a bathroom's floor, walls and countertop.

Tile ideas for small bathrooms cover everything from plain and simple to luxe and indulgent. They are an ideal space to get creative with a bathroom tile wall. Mix different tile materials to match your personal style. Try unusual colors. Plus, small bathrooms make high-end tile options such as granite more affordable. 

Try Oversized Tiles
Large marble wall tile behind a brown vanity.

Small tiles can make a small bathroom feel busy and crowded, but big tiles in a small bath can give it a more spacious feel. Choose neutral colors or all white tiles for a calming effect. 

Tip: A horizontal stripe made out of medium tiles at eye level will also give the illusion of wider walls.

Mix Up Tile Patterns
Light wood double vanity in front of white marble tile wall.

Play with pattern in a small bathroom. Bathroom floor and wall tiles don't have to match. Different size tile designs in a monochromatic color palette will keep the eye moving, making a small bath appear more interesting and less cramped. 

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