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Wall Art Ideas

Gallery Walls
A gallery wall hung with wall art and mirrors.

It's easy to create a gallery wall. Hang your children’s artwork, a collection of abstract art, vacation photos, framed needlework or anything else you like. A plain wall is like a blank canvas, so personalize it to reflect your family, interests, talents, pets or hobbies. Wall design ideas can have theme or a special style or color palette. A gallery wall can also be as eclectic as you want.

Mirrors as Wall Art
A group of mirrors in different sizes and styles used as wall art.

Consider mirrors when you’re looking for wall art ideas. Layer mirrors against a wall; prop a large, sculptural mirror on a wall or hang mirrors of different shapes and sizes gallery-style. They can help bounce light around a dim room.

Wall Decals
A stencil over a sofa used as wall art.

For budget-friendly wall art inspiration, use easy-to-install, easy-to-remove wall decals. They’re available in a variety of styles and are usually budget-friendly wall art ideas. Most peel-and-stick decals are removable, reusable and re-positionable. You'll find decals that feature flowers, faux wood, nature scenes, geometrics and even fun superheroes and animals for kids. 

Wall Shelves for Art
Wall shelves with books, plants and other items used as wall art.

When you’re ready to install wall-mounted shelves, look through upscale bookstores for wall art inspiration. Bookstores often have beautifully designed shelves featuring the latest titles, and retail stores display candles, flowers and knickknacks that work as wall art. Decorative wall shelves with minimal decor can be striking, too, and can create a restful focal point or give a room a stylish, sleek look. 

A large tapestry hung as wall art.

Need bedroom wall decor ideas for a large space? Hang a tapestry to add a pattern, texture and color. Use a rod or frame to hang the tapestry. Push pins will work for lightweight, thin fabrics, as will poster hangers and self-adhesive Velcro and even small nails (if you're not worried about damaging the tapestry).

Wall Art Murals
A large, scenic mural used as wall art behind a sofa.

You can find large murals that cover an entire wall from the floor to the ceiling. Bring nature inside with a wall mural featuring a spectacular sunset, forest or waterfall, go glam with a faux marble mural or opt for rustic style or a farmhouse look with a mural of reclaimed wood planks. 

Signs and Signage
A lighted, neon sign reading "happy hour" used as wall art over a home bar.

Wooden plaques with inspirational quotes are a quick and easy way to decorate or update a wall. Don’t see a quote you like? Make your own wooden sign, paint or stain it and use a wood burning tool to add a message or design. 

Stencils as Wall Art
A framed sign reading "family" hung as wall art.

Stencils are another easy way to create an artful design or message. Put a border of sunflowers around a door or a row of stenciled seashells just below the ceiling. Repeat a stencil design to cover a wall with your favorite pattern or add layers of stencils, allowing the paint to dry between layers, to build an entire scene. Attach a pre-cut wood stencil to a background and hang it in a frame.

Artful Wall Canvases
A wall canvas in an abstract design used as wall art.

When it comes to canvas wall art ideas, your options are only as limited as your style and imagination. Because they are so versatile, canvas prints and paintings can be hung in nearly every room of the house. Put a spin on canvas wall art idea by thinking off the wall, and propping the pictures on bookshelves and console tables for an artful touch. Look for abstract, modern, vintage-look and fine art wall canvases in a wide range of styles and colors. 

Wall Sculptures as Art
Dimensional wall sculptures used as wall art.

When you’re looking for living room wall art ideas, consider wall sculptures. These 3-D pieces come in metal, wood and other materials and are available in vertical or horizontal styles. Textured ceiling tiles can substitute for wall sculptures, along with some outdoor wall or garden sculptures.   

Photography for Wall Art
Framed photographs hung by a staircase as wall art.

Cover a wall with one large, photographic print or split it into three separately framed sections and hang them close together. Create a gallery wall using photos of your child from each school year or of your ancestors. Try black and white, color or vintage-look photography prints. 

Artful Wallpaper
A sampling of different styles and colors of wallpaper that can be used as wall art.

Wallpaper, available with peel-and-stick backings or in pre-pasted, unpasted and non-pasted styles, is one of the most popular bedroom wall decor ideas. However, it also works beautifully in kitchens, living rooms, nurseries and playrooms. Use it on one entire wall or cut out and frame an interesting section to hang as wall art. 

Shadow Boxes as Art
 A shadow hung over a black console table and beside two black chairs as wall art

Unique wall decor ideas include shadow boxes. Think of them as miniature museums and hang a few deep frames or shadow boxes filled with a collection of antique pocket watches, vintage door keys, photos, dried flowers or other objects.  

Plates for Wall Art
Plates hung as wall art in a sitting area with tall windows and a chair.

An attractive or unusual set of matching plates or vintage dishes, or plates in different styles, shapes or colors, is one of the easiest kitchen wall decor ideas. Plates can also be grouped to make gallery walls in living rooms and dining rooms. 

Matching sconces used as wall art on either side of a shelf with a large mirror.

Both functional and attractive, wall sconces can illuminate your space while also working as wall art. For a symmetrical, balanced look, install a pair of sconces on each side of a bed, fireplace, shelf or bookcase.  

Plants on Walls
Different colored succulents growing on a board hung as wall art.

Bring a garden feel to a room with wall-mounted planters containing easy-to-grow houseplants like pothos, succulents or variegated ivy. A staghorn fern mounted on a wooden board is also a striking focal point for a wall. Make a wooden rack to hold Mason jars filled with fragrant herbs for a kitchen wall that gets plenty of sun.

Fabrics and Textiles
A textile featuring different colored birds hung as wall art.

Fabrics and textiles are some of the most unique wall design ideas. Frame a beautiful section of fabric, a handpainted scarf, a 3-D textile or a group of vintage doilies or handkerchiefs. For bigger impact, cut a striking fabric into three or four long rectangles, put them in matching frames and hang them vertically as a triptych, or three side-by-side panels. 

Artful Quilts
A floral quilt hung as wall art beside a chair with a matching pillow, a small plant, an end table and another pillow.

Consider quilts when you’re searching for wall decor ideas. Vintage or new quilts can serve as a headboard behind a bed or as artwork on a plain living room, family room or nursery wall. Quilts add patterns, color and texture, along with a sense of warmth and charm. Keep them small for small spaces.

 A woven rug hung on a wall as wall art.

Interior decorators often turn to weavings when they need wall design ideas. Macrame weavings are popular again, and you can find other weavings made of wheat, raffia, bulky yarn and other fibers. Try using a rag rug woven from colorful fabric scraps on a plain wall. 

Maps as Wall Art
Framed maps used behind a table and two chairs as wall art.

Try a world map mural or wallpaper, or frame an interesting map you’ve collected from one of your journeys. Nautical maps of harbors, islands and intracoastal waterways are popular, along with geographic maps with textured elements, such as mountains. Maps of the Milky Way and other heavenly bodies add a touch of otherworldly adventure.  

Picture Ledges for Wall Art
Wall mounted shelves holding prints and other wall art.

Artwork doesn’t always have to hang on a wall. Install a shelf or ledge and lean artwork with matching or complementary frames on it. If there’s room, place a vase of flowers, a few figurines or other small items on the picture ledge to dress up the wall.

Wall Art with Ribbon Hangers
A canvas reading "good vibes only" hanging from a rope and used as wall art.

Make a picture frame more attractive by hanging it from a ribbon with a bow at the top. Use one ribbon and bow per frame, or hang three framed pictures from a single length of ribbon topped by a bow. Strips of burlap make a simple, rustic substitute for ribbon.

Ladders to Hold Wall Art
A ladder propped beside a sofa holding colorful blankets as wall art.

Prop a distressed wood ladder against one wall and hang whatever you like from the rungs: colorful blankets, lengths of fabric, shawls or small quilts. If the rungs are wide enough, put small potted plants on them and switch to holiday decorations when the seasons change. If your space is tight, take a ladder apart and attach one rail, or vertical piece, to a wall. Place artwork on the rungs, treating them like narrow shelves.

Art for Wall Niches
A niche in a living room wall holding wall art.

Niches are interesting architectural elements for walls. If you have one, use it to display a sculptural tree branch, a special musical instrument, a vase, statuary or a piece of glass art. Install a spotlight to turn the niche into a focal point.  

Room Dividers as Wall Art
A patterned room divider used by a wall as wall art.

Room dividers make useful privacy screens, but they can also serve as attractive wall art. Room dividers that fold for storage are great for renters or others who want temporary wall art. The designs on paper or fabric room dividers range from elegant to minimalistic. 

Curtains for Wall Art
Windows with a geometric design hung on white walls to serve as wall art.

Even if the wall you want to accent or decorate lacks a window, you can still hang curtains or drapes. Let them serve as a headboard for your bed or a backdrop for other wall decor ideas like paintings, photographs or prints. 

More Wall Art Ideas
A group of straw hats hung beside a mirror as wall art.

Wall decor ideas are limited only by your imagination. Try a collection of small, elegant evening bags, cowboy hats or decorative baskets in different sizes, colors and shapes. Frame and hang a child’s baby clothes or take the glass off the front of a picture frame and display earrings or necklaces in it.

Breathe new life into bare walls with these wall art ideas. From wall decals to mirrors, these creative ideas can help you create a signature look that reflects your style and fits your budget. See something you like? Over one million online items delivered free to your door.