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For a well-lit bath, you need a good lighting plan along with a stylish balance of bathroom lighting. To help you get the lighting just right in your bathroom, here are a few suggestions: 

Layer Your Bathroom Lighting 
The right combination of task and ambient (or fill-in) lights can help you achieve the perfect lighting for daily grooming tasks or soaking in a little self-care. 

• Ceiling flushmount lights, decorative vent fans with integrated lighting, or even a mini chandelier are all excellent choices for general purpose lighting for the entire bathroom. 

Bathroom vanity lighting is another popular and versatile option for both general and task light in the bath. As a rule of thumb, your vanity lights should be mounted at least 78 inches up from the floor and centered with the vanity cabinet. We’ve got an amazing array of vanity lights in designs, styles, and finishes you’ll love, including 2-bulb, 3-bulb, or 4-bulb options, and LED bath lights with built-in bulbs that can last for up to 45 years. 

• Stylish sconces and vertical fixtures mounted on either side of the mirror will cast an even light across your face for applying makeup, shaving, and other daily grooming tasks. Pendant hanging lights are also making a splash in many design-forward bathrooms. Dimmers are optional but highly recommended for setting the proper mood or ambiance in the room. 

Know Your Light Bulbs 
Crisp, white light will render your face and skin tone more accurately in the mirror. A CFL or LED bulb between 2700K and 3000K is the ideal color temperature bathroom lighting. 

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