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The Home Depot Rental Center at North Bergen

When you're preparing to leap into a home improvement job, you might not have all the tools you need in your garage. That's when you should stop by The Home Depot Tool Rental Center in North Bergen.

Tool Rental
Our tool rental options expand your toolbox and toolbelt with the exact tools you require to complete your DIY project. It's impractical to keep a specialty tool when you're only using it once in a while. When you're thinking about buying a new tool, try it out before you select which to get. Whatever your situation, we have the power tools you're looking for.

Pressure Washers
Give old siding, driveways, and fences a new look when you rent a pressure washer to remove the grime. A quick cleaning with a garden hose is fine for general upkeep, but you'll need more oomph to clean seriously dirty surfaces. That's where pressure washers, as well as power washers that heat the water first, come in. Whether you use an electric or gas pressure washer, you'll find all the accessories and extensions to revitalize your hardscaping.

Air Compressors
With pneumatic tools such as nail guns, you'll need an air compressor to provide the power. Renting an air compressor means you get the best tools for the job and save storage space. Choose from a gas or electric compressor in the size that suits your project. A compressor is also excellent for filling up tires or inflatables, as it's much more efficient than using a hand pump or bicycle pump.

For indoor and outdoor DIY tasks, renting the tools made for the job can improve the final product. Check out our vacuum rentals to make your next DIY job easier.

Use a specialty vacuum rental for cleanup after a drywall or concrete project. Remove drywall dust immediately to prevent it from drifting everywhere and later catching in the paint or primer. Concrete dust can also settle onto newly poured concrete, spoiling the smooth texture. Rent a concrete dust vacuum to keep the workspace clean and your project looking its best.

A wet/dry vacuum makes cleanup of any kind quick and painless. It's useful both in your workshop space in the basement and wherever your latest DIY project is located. Rent a wet/dry vac to clean up wet or dry debris instead of harming your regular vacuum.

Load 'N Go Trucks
For your transport needs, we keep Load 'N Go trucks ready to rent. You're sure to find the correct size for your DIY project so you can keep your job on track. As your source for packing, DIY projects, and storage needs, it's simple to make us your source for truck rental as well.

Whether you're searching for power tools like miter saws, everyday tools like drills, or large industry tools such as concrete mixers, we've got you covered. We'll even rent you the vehicle to get it to your project site or home. Let us help you complete your next home improvement project with the best tools and transit for the job.
How do I rent trucks or tools?
Stop by your local Rental Center to see which trucks or tools you can rent. If you'd like to be sure of what's in stock, call first to inquire about a tool or truck. You might also check out our tool rental or truck rental pages to see if what you need is carried at your local store. For more details on renting tools, read our Tool Rental FAQs, including equipment terms and conditions.
How long can I rent tools?
You can rent a tool for four hours or more. It depends on how long you'd like to rent them. Small DIY projects may only require a rental for a few hours, and long-term jobs can also be accomodated. You've got options to rent tools by the month, day, or week, too. If you need it longer than what you signed up for, call the Rental Center for an extension and avoid late fees.
When do I bring the tools back?
You're welcome to return the tools early if you finish your project sooner than predicted, but on-time works, too. As long as you return it by the deadline you were given when you rented it, you'll be good to go. Please clean off residual dust, mud, and grime from the tool as well. If you need them longer, call the rental center to see if you can extend your rental period.
Can I rent a truck for a few hours?
Rent a truck or moving van for as long as you need it. For short trips, 75 minutes could be enough time. Otherwise, consider renting it by the week or the day, depending on the length of your project. Don't forget to factor in the drive to and from the store, as you must return it to the same store where you rented it. Penske moving truck rentals allow round-trip options as well as one-way options, and they have different terms. Be sure to read the documentation before selecting a truck.
Should I refill the rental truck before I bring it back?
Yes, please fuel up the truck before you bring it back. Make a note of the fuel level when you receive the truck, and be sure to fill it with enough gas to match that level. If you don't, you'll be hit with a penalty known as the fuel replacement charge.
Do I just need a driver's license to rent a truck?
No, you also need to be 21 or older, in addition to holding a valid driver's license. Depending on your state, you may require car insurance, as well as a credit card hold or a deposit, too. Please bring your credit card for Home Depot truck rentals, as we don't accept cash. Penske moving truck rentals have different requirements.

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