Floor Cleaning Rental


Compact Carpet Blower

category #09 group #895

Use for faster drying and better results. ƒCombine with a carpet cleaner to quickly complete the job, allowing for use of cleaned home sooner. ƒSpeed dry carpet, tile or hardwood floors plus closets, cabinets and other tight spaces.

Carpet Blower

category #09 group #920

Fast drying for carpeted floors after floods or leaks. Three position drying for floors, walls and ceilings. Built-in carpet clamp to hold carpet in place for under-carpet drying.

PRO Carpet Blower

category #09 group #964

Streamlined, contractor-grade drying power using high velocity air movement. With five drying positions, you can dry floors, walls, stairways and narrow hallways. With only 1.9 amps drawn per unit, up to 6 units can be daisy-chained from the same power circuit for even faster drying power.

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Spot Cleaner and Stair Detailer

category #09 group #962

Two-gallon capacity with efficient cleaning and drying capability. ƒPerfect for detailing cars, cleaning stairs and spots. ƒClear view 4" hand tool to show cleaning results.

Carpet Cleaner

category #09 group #901

Easy-to-use and effective: cleans most rooms in as little as 20 minutes. Professional results at an affordable price. Regular deep carpet cleanings are essential to keep your house free of dirt, dust, allergens and other irritants that resist vacuuming.


Carpet Extractor with Heater

category #09 group #935

Deep cleaning power and continuous heating capabilities ensure maximum productivity and superior cleaning performance. ƒCapable of tackling large jobs due to large solution tank, yet compact enough for easy maneuverability. ƒPerfect tool for tackling the largest square footage and toughest carpet cleaning jobs.

Floor Cleaners

Tile & Grout Steam Cleaner

category #10 group #550 

Restore your tile and grout back to its original color. This chemical-free steamer uses high pressure heat and water to release dirt and mildew trapped in porous floor surfaces. The Tile and Grout Steam Cleaner is easy to use and has a continuous fill boiler system making it safe for residential and commercial users. It has a working Pressure of 75psi and 248 °F.

Hard Flooring Cleaner

category #09 group #985

An easy to use automatic scrubber that deeply cleans concrete, tile, grout, marble and factory finished wood floor surfaces. Scrubs and vacuums in a single pass, in both forward and reverse. Can effectively scrub 5,500 square feet per hour; 2.5 times faster than a mop and bucket.

More About Floor Cleaning Rentals

Whether your home has carpet or hardwood floors, The Home Depot has everything you need to clean almost any type of floor surface. Our carpet cleaning equipment is powerful enough to remove stubborn dirt, stains and pet hair and our steam cleaners will sanitize your hardwood floors. The Home Depot Tool Rental Center makes it easy and convenient for you to access high-quality top brands whenever you need them.