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Manual Tile Cutter 24"

category #01 group #121

Produces 18 in. diagonal and 24 in. rip cuts. Heavy-duty rubber pads and cutting table extensions provide extra stability for larger, heavier tiles. Large handle makes cutting easier and reduces fatigue.

Mini Tile Saw

category #01 group #088

Perfect for the homeowner and weekend craftsman. The tabletop design makes it versatile and compact. Use with 7" wet cutting diamond blade.

Small Tile Saw

category #01 group #086

7 in. blade tile saw produces high quality 10 in. diagonal and 14 in. rip cuts. Light-duty, yet reliable, saw for small projects; can be easily transported and used inside buildings. Equipped with a direct drive motor; it delivers professional quality cutting on any type of tile.

Medium Tile Saw

category #01 group #010

10 in. blade tile saw produces high quality 14 in. diagonal and 20 in. rip cuts. Medium-duty saw for various size projects; suitable for both DIY and professional customers. Multi-position motor post and cutting head allows operator to configure saw for both large and small tiles.

Large Tile Saw

category #01 group #101

10 in. blade tile saw produces high quality 18 in. diagonal and 24 in. rip cuts. Durable and professional grade tile saw that is easy to assemble and transport. Telescoping table allows for large cutting capacity in a compact design.

More About Tile Saw Rental

Floors, walls, backsplashes, and bathrooms are the perfect places to display your personal style and add a layer of durability and moisture protection. These types of projects are perfect for a DIYer, and with the right tile saw you can achieve amazing results in no time at all. If you need to rent a saw for your next project, you’ll find a variety of tile saws and cutters at The Home Depot Tool Rental Center to accomplish the task. Whether you need a manual tile cutter or small tile saw for a smaller ceramic tile job or a medium to large tile saw to cut hard material like porcelain or natural stone quickly and efficiently, we’ll have the right cutting tool on hand.