Power Tool Rental


Bolt Cutters

Bolt Cutter 36"

category #01 group #096

These 36" bolt cutters provide the leverage needed to cut rods, bolts, and chains or any other object that would be too abusive for ordinary wire cutters and tin snips. The One-step internal cam mechanism keeps the cutting blades precisely aligned cut after cut. The handles and grips are designed to allow greater mechanical advantage for crisp, controlled cutting and the slim head permits cutting close to the surface.

Drills & Drivers

Cordless Impact Driver

category #05 group #527 

Fast driving speed, increasing your productivity for the most demanding jobs. Compact impact driver gives you access in tight spaces at only 4.59” in length.

Cordless Hammer Drill 1/2"

category #02 group #102 

Powerful brushless battery driven hammer drill. Perfect for the toughest jobs in the tightest places.


18V Cordless Drill

category #02 group #220

Perfect for drilling in concrete, wood and metal. Ideal for DIY, concrete contractors and remodelers. Ergonomic and compact design increase comfort and control while Makita-built 4-pole motor provides 750 in. lbs. of Max Torque.


18V Cordless Impact Driver

category #02 group #100

Applications include fastening cabinet screws, Tek screws, deck screws and lag screws. Perfect for DIY, carpenters, fence contractors and deck builders. Rubberized soft grip provides increased comfort on the job while reducing operator fatigue.


Hammer Drill 1/2"

category #02 group #108

Concrete and wood applications in close quarters with available dual operation mode. Compact design and less weight (4.2 lbs.) allows for more maneuverability while working. Ergonomic handle with rubberized soft grip for increased comfort and reduced operator fatigue.


Mud Mixing Drill 1/2"

category #02 group #235

Heavy-duty drill ideal for mixing drywall mud. Perfect for sheet rock contractors, DIY, plumbers, electricians and remodelers. Multi-positional handle and large trigger switch allow for smooth, versatile and easy operation.


Right Angle Drill 1/2"

category #02 group #230

360-degree angle attachment allows for drilling in any position. Ideal for DIY, plumbers, electricians and general contractors. Can be converted and used as a straight drill, adding drilling solutions.

Handheld Grinders

Mini Grinder

category #09 group #940

Ideal for DIY, fabricators, general contractors, concrete prep. Powerful 10.5 AMP motor delivers 11,000 RPM to handle the most demanding applications. Constant speed control applies additional power to product.


Grinder 7"

category #09 group #969

The Makita 7 in. angle grinder handles cutting and polishing applications including thick woods, metals, stones and concrete. Powered by a 15.0 Amp motor for high output power in a more compact tool (only 7.5 lbs.). The large trigger switch for easy operation and includes lock-on feature. The grinder has a soft start feature for smooth start-ups and is ideal for welders, fabricators, masons, maintenance/repair and more.

Handheld Sanders

Palm Sander

category #09 group #934

Fast and smooth wood finishing. Perfect for woodworkers and finish carpenters. Palm grip designed for improved comfort and control reducing operator fatigue.


Orbit Sander

category #09 group #936

Smooth and fast sanding. Perfect for woodworkers and carpenters. Efficient dust collection system for a cleaner work environment.


Belt Sander

category #09 group #932

Sands wood or metal and removes paint and rust. Great option for DIY, flooring contractors and furniture carpenters. Fast material removal with attached dust bag allows for increased ease of use.


Rotary Laser Level Kit

category #10 group #380

The Self-Leveling Interior/Exterior Rotary Laser Level from DEWALT is accurate to 1/4 in. at 100 ft. and constructed to withstand the abuse of rugged job site conditions. The unit is self-leveling in horizontal mode, and the addition of arrow buttons used for manual leveling in vertical mode are far more intuitive than traditional knobs. Sharp and bright, the beam can be seen up to 100 ft. indoors and can be recognized up to 1200 ft. diameter outdoors with the included detector. The laser also offers a weather-resistant housing for durable and accurate performance.


Electric Door Planer 3"

category #09 group #944

Ideal for professional construction framing, window and door installation, and fine woodworking. Precision machined base for increased accuracy. Smooth finish and fast stock removal.


Cordless 5" Cut-off Saw

category #01 group #046 

Battery-powered solution for cutting a large variety of materials. Cutting capacity of 5” blade lets you cut through up to 14" of material.

Cordless 9" Cut-Off Saw

category #01 group #087 

Battery powered solution for cutting a large variety of materials. 9" saw delivers enough power to cut reinforced concrete.


Jamb Saw

category #01 group #076

Easily cuts door jambs, molding and undercuts doors for flooring installation. Patented design enables saw to cut full inside corners in molding up to 1/2 in. thick. Convenient 1-1/2" vacuum port for optimal dust containment.


Electric Jig Saw

category #01 group #062

Ideal for intricate cutting patterns. Smooth start-ups and constant speed allows for increased ease of use. Easy blade installation and removal.


Electric Reciprocating Saw

category #01 group #060

Perfect for cutting vertical surfaces and hard to reach locations. Great for framers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and demolition work. Ergonomic design and long blade stroke for increased comfort and faster cutting.


36V Reciprocating Saw

category #01 group #061
Cordless technology gives you freedom from the cord, even for demanding applications like cutting and demolition that traditionally called for a corded reciprocating saw. Electronically-controlled brushless motor matches torque and RPM to the application. This reciprocating saw can be used for a wide variety of cutting applications.


Toe Kick Saw

category #01 group #059

Cuts flush to the inner wall of a toe space in a cabinet or counter to remove old underlayment. Cuts wood up to 3/4 in. depth using included carbide-tipped blade.


Circular Saw 7 1/4"

category #01 group #212

Applications include framing, cutting dense wood and masonry (approved blade required). Large cutting capacity with built in dust blower allows for increased ease of use. Large, rubberized levers allow for quick, one-handed adjustments for operator's convenience.


36V Circular Saw

category #01 group #073
Great for demanding applications like cutting sheet and dimensional lumber that traditionally called for a corded saw. Users of leading corded saws will appreciate the blade-left rear-handle design. The electronically-controlled brushless motor delivers a full 5,100 RPM for efficient cutting. Make up to 558 cross-cuts per charge in 2x4 SPF lumber using two fully-charged batteries. Added features include a large 2-9/16” cutting capacity at 90 degrees that will cut 3X lumber in a single pass and an electric brake for maximum productivity.


Miter Saw 8.5"

category #01 group #215

Ideal cutting solution for applications ranging from woodworking and carpentry to room-to-room applications like finish, trim, and flooring installation. Cuts up to 12” at 90° and 8-1/2” at 45°. Compact and lightweight design with a powerful direct-drive motor.


Miter Saw 12"

category #01 group #204

Cut through thick materials with extreme precision utilizing a compound sliding design. Ideal for furniture carpenters, fence builders, deck builders, framers and siding contractors. Large cutting capacity and adjustable cutting angles provide more versatile cutting solutions.


Table Saw

category #01 group #214

Convenient and efficient cutting of wood material. Ideal for framers, roofers, carpenters. Large cutting capacity with adjustable guards and side table allow for greater versatility.

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