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Questions and Answers for EZ-PRO TEXTURE Texture Sprayer Gun

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  • Ideal for smaller patch and repair texture jobs
  • 2 PSI settings help spray knockdown and orange peel from one tip
  • Durable, compact, and lightweight design enables convenient use

Questions & Answers

Q:What other accessories will i need. I have a small closet i want to texture.
by|May 18, 2021
1 Answer
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A:  Just the bag of texture. They cost a little under $8.

by|Oct 13, 2022
    Q:Air sorays out kf the gun no prob and mud cames out when i try a small area straight ahead but when i angle the hopper ot cant seem to go the distanee ti hit thr ceiling
    by|Nov 21, 2020
    2 Answers
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    A:  You need to adjust the pressure on your compressor. turn to 130 psi and mix your mud thin. you will be surprised on the results.

    by|Feb 24, 2021

      A:  I've used this gun to texture ceilings that I've patched for customers without a problem. What I like about the gun is that you squeeze the bag of drywall mud to control how heavy you want the texture, so you aren't depending on the spray guns gravity feeding mechanism. I would highly recommend this solution for the problem you are having.

      by|Nov 22, 2020
      Q:does it shoot acusstic as well
      by|Jan 25, 2019
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      A:  No.

      by|Oct 16, 2021
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        A:  Yes

        by|May 6, 2023
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          Q:Can I run a hose to a bucket of texture to the gun rather than using the pre mixed bags.
          by|May 1, 2018
          7 Answers
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          A:  No but I've refilled the bags with my own mix. The bag can be re-used or you can use an old squeeze applesauce bag!

          by|Dec 12, 2023
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            A:  Your material would have to be really thinned out and be prone to drips, runs and wallboard paper bubbles for the gun to pull the material up the hose IMHO.

            by|Sep 4, 2022

            A:  Yes. The bags contain just 20 oz of pre-mixed texture ("mud"), cost eight dollars each and cover minimal area, They are sub-optimal from a cost perspective and it is tricky to deliver a consistent flow of mud, regardless of the marketing hype. The gun itself is hardly cheap at about $50, but can be made to perform well. I modified my texture gun as shown in the picture below. The feed line is 1/4" ID, 3/8" OD vinyl tubing (gently warm the last inch or so over a low gas flame or with a hot air gun and them shove it onto the barbed brass inlet tube on the texture gun). The silver knob rotates a potentiometer, connected (via low-voltage, two wire copper cable) to a PWM (pulse width modulation) speed controller which, ultimately, in my custom system, regulates the flow of mud along the tube. Different textures (e.g. orange peel) can be created and matched by carefully controlling the viscosity of the mud, the air pressure, the air-flow (carefully remove the NPT connector from the gun and insert an intervening 1/4 turn ball valve), the mud-flow rate and the distance from the target drywall.

            by|Aug 27, 2023
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              A:  No.

              by|Feb 25, 2020

                A:  I doubt it. Part of the process is to control the flow of the material by squeezing the bag.

                by|May 5, 2023

                  A:  No.

                  by|May 5, 2023

                    A:  I don't think so because you pressuring the bag is what makes how much goes out .

                    by|May 5, 2023

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