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Questions and Answers for Weber Stainless Steel Grill Pan

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Model #6435

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  • Ideal for fish fillets, vegetables or other delicate items
  • Dishwasher safe for easy maintenance
  • Fits Q 300/3000, 22 in. and larger gas/charcoal grills

Questions & Answers

Q:Can you cook pancakes on grill
by|May 23, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  Hi! The stainless steel grill pan is ideal for fish fillets or other delicate items that may fall between the grates. We recommend our full size or insert griddles for pancakes on the grill. Hope this helps!

by|May 24, 2023
    Q:Can you use this on the bbq grill to cook bacon?
    by|Sep 15, 2019
    5 Answers
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    A:  I wouldn't recommend it. Go with something that catches the grease.

    by|Sep 17, 2019

      A:  Hello! Yes, you can use this pan to make bacon. If flare ups prove to be an issue, try reducing the heat setting of your grill, and also make sure that the inside of your grill is clean prior to cooking bacon. Thanks!

      by|Sep 16, 2019

        A:  I don't know why you couldn't cook bacon on this pan. I've cooked shrimp and asparagus.

        by|Sep 20, 2019

          A:  You could cook bacon on the stainless steel grill pan, but if the bacon has a significant fat percent, that fat will drip down into the fire and then flare up. One way to do it would be to line the grill pan with aluminum foil (heavy foil) so that you are basically cooking the bacon in the bacon grease. I haven't tried this approach, but unless your bacon fat overflows the grill pan or you tear the foil, it should work.

          by|May 12, 2023

          A:  Yes it can and is easy to clean

          by|Jul 2, 2020
            Q:can you cook steaks on it
            by|Jul 18, 2019
            5 Answers
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            A:  Yes. I do it all the time. However the steaks need to be trimmed of the extra fat so the grease will not drip down and flare up and singe the steaks.

            by|Nov 13, 2022
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            A:  Hello! Yes, you can certainly cook steaks on this grill pan. Thanks!

            by|Jul 22, 2019

              A:  Yes cook anything you want on this.

              by|Aug 20, 2019

              A:  You can definitely cook steaks on it. You can cook whatever you would on an ordinary grill and not have to worry about the food falling through.

              by|Sep 20, 2020
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              A:  I have used it for shrimp and asparagus. Don't see why you couldn't use it for steaks but I always cook steaks directly on grill grates.

              by|Jul 19, 2019
                Q:Can this grill pan be used to grill kabobs?
                by|May 18, 2019
                5 Answers
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                A:  Absolutely this pan Cooks up food great and the food doesn't fall between the grates

                by|Oct 6, 2023

                  A:  Yes, we've grilled pork kabobs on it successfully several times.

                  by|Aug 25, 2020

                  A:  yes

                  by|Jul 12, 2019

                  A:  Hello! Yes, you can use this pan to grill kabobs. Thanks!

                  by|May 20, 2019

                    A:  Yes

                    by|Mar 13, 2023

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