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I would recommend this mower. It did a great job on my out of control weeds on my 1 acre property...
I would recommend this mower. It did a great job on my out of control weeds on my 1 acre property. The metal cover on the bottom broke off, but I called the Company and they sent a replacement that looks better than the original, so i am hopeful this wont happen again. Part was under warranty, so no cost involved. I asked the Company for a new oil dip stick, since the one that came with it had bad threads. So far, I'm happy with my purchase ! You should definitely wear protective goggles and cover body well while using this mower.
by Hesperia2019
This is the greatest product ever made. Super easy to assemble , took less then 15 mins. Super ea...
This is the greatest product ever made. Super easy to assemble , took less then 15 mins. Super easy to use. I have about a 1/4 acre back yard and every winter it covers in weeds 3 to 4 feet high and there is no flat area in my yard. Every year I fight my lawnmower just to get it some what decent and it takes forever. It took less then an hour to take down the entire yard this year. Love love love it.
by watson
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The undercarriage on this model of southland looks identical to the previous one which we bought ...
The undercarriage on this model of southland looks identical to the previous one which we bought here near the end of mowing season and were initially pleased with its performance on ease of starting and size of weeds it would take down... just a bit of a pain to have to have it choke on weeds after a longer cutting session and crochet-hook/knife/lubricant the weeds that wrapped themselves around the spindle above the cutting wheel.... second use was worse, third use just as bad and no improvement with other methods... by the half dozenth use it QUIT PERMANENTLY..... Even though every visible weed or fragment was cleaned out, the starter produced no motion, nor could you manually grasp the cutter head and physically force the cutting head to turn. Since we only used the piece of junk a few times a season, the guarantee had lapsed by then.. but we called the manufacturer with the idea that we needed to know what to do to fix the spindle shield to keep the weeds from getting up inside the shield and whether there was a tool that would best clean what weeds were tangled in the crevice between the cutting head and the spindle/shield. At first they answered back by email that they did not have any such tool and that they needed to see serial numbers, then photos, explanations, then bills and all the rest. When we supplied these things they tried excuses, and when that failed thought we must have been driving it too fast because the weeds were not supposed to tangle... or some idea that the weeds had gotten all the way into the bearings i see in the video of this model what looks exactly like the same design of cutting head, spindle and cylinderical spindle-shield. so i find the optimistic images of mowing rapidly through weedy grass to be rather disingenuous to say the least. And no we were not mowing anywhere near the speed in the video, not at all. After a couple more emails on what they wanted, they simply stopped answering. So now we can spend extra money to have it repaired after a half dozen uses and wonder HOW MUCH WE'LL FAVOR CHIROPRACTIC CARE TO MAKE UP FOR ALL THE TIMES TRYING TO START THAT PIECE OF JUNK EACH TIME IT JAMMED WITH WEEDS AROUND THE SPINDLE, NECESSITATING A TRIP TO THE SHED FOR TOOLS, TIME WASTED TO PICK THE WEEDS OUT, TRY AGAIN TO SEE IF THERE WERE ANYTHING ELSE WE COULD DO BY THEN or give up til we had more time to find something that would come loose after the vegetation trapped up the spindle dried/crumbled... DO NOT TRUST THE ADVERTISING IF YOU HAVE MANY WEEDS. Hopefully Home Depot's repair guys can find a way to stop the weeds from jamming themselves around the spindle in the crevice between the spindle-shield and the cutting-head. Wish we'd spent the extra on an electric starter and a design that did not jam... wonder if DR has succeeded... ttyl
by MJ
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Good for small areas
I cut some tall pricky weeds along the side of my house. It wasn't difficult keeping the trimmer up while pushing it, for a small area. When I tried to cut down a larger area of grass and weeds, this tool really wore me out. Trying to keep it up off the ground while pushing it was difficult. Maybe if it had a small, tiny 3rd wheel where the bumper is located, I think this would help tremendously. The weeds flew everywhere except at me because the tool is pretty guarded for the handler. I figured out that the trim string was bent badly while sitting in the box. I changed the trim string and it really helped. Four .155 diameter strings come with the tool as well as a container of oil. It started right up on the 1st pull and it was easy to put together. You just slowly pump the primer button 3 times and then pull the starter coil. The handle folds for easy storage.
by Lady
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This Trimmer Has Power
Wow! I'm truly impressed with the Southland 150cc 4cycle gas trimmer. It was easy to assemble first off and no kidding it started with the very first pull-unbelievable. It cuts an impressive 22 inch swath and cuts grass and tough weeds right down to ground level. Be sure to wear a dust mask, especially when cutting dry grass and weeds late in the summer. The manual that comes with it is very thorough and has a nice trouble shooting guide. I'd recommend this machine for it's quality and ease of operation.
by Rockhunter
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This Thing is the Bomb Dot Com!!!!
This gas trimmer is AWESOME. If you have places where the grass is over grown and too high for a push or riding mower, this is what you need. Assembly took 20-25 minutes, lots of instructions included. Shipped without oil so don't forget to have some. It was really easy to start, just prime with three pumps, and pull the recoil cord. Light weight, can be pushed with one hand. Started on the second pull. Emissions system comes with a 2-year warranty, engine/equipment repaired at no cost to owner, including diagnosis, labor, and parts. Sturdy, nicely built. Comes with 2 already installed on the trimmer lines, and 4 additional trimmer lines. Cuts superbly, quickly. Did not cut off because the grass was too high. Loved it. A must have if you have quick growing, high thick grasses/weeds or areas you'd like to clear. Cleaned the fence line perfectly. I love this trimmer. Please see the demo video to check out how good it is!
by DIYQueen
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One hungry weedeater
This came with very good instructions (and illustrations) to complete the assembly Just put wheels on with a nut, add hubcap. Add a couple more nuts and the oil which is provided. Add your gasoline, push prime and it takes two very easy pulls and it is up and going. Not as loud as a lawnmower in my opinion, which is nice. Easy on the back because you don't have to carry the weight of a gas trimmer. Rolls nice on big wheels. And it will cut down those heavy duty weeds like butter. The line is easily reloaded by just inserting through slots in bottom. It comes preloaded with heavy duty line, and extra for one replacement which is nice. Cuts a nice 22 inch swath. Use caution around wooden fences, this will cut a groove. The handle will fold down so it doesn't take up much space , which is an added bonus. Replacement line is found at your local HD.
by Mollygirl
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Tough Trimmer
My first walk-behind trimmer so I didn't know what to expect. The assembly was very easy and after adding the oil provided and gassing it up, it started up on the third pull . It runs remarkably quiet, less noise than my push mower, so I did not use hearing protection although eye protection is highly recommended. I first tried it on my lawn where I normally use my hand held weed eater but it cuts too short and scalps the turf down to the dirt. It is too awkward to try tilt the unit back and keep the cut high and there is no height adjustment on the trimmer which is the only reason I do not give it 5 stars. This trimmer is obviously made for the big stuff so I took it to my pond and tried it on the high and thick grass and the trimmer made hay of it (see photos). I then tried it on some small woody brush and it cleared the area but the cuts were not clean and it destroyed the line so, in summery, this trimmer is a beast when it comes to cutting high, thick weeds or grass and performs very well in that area but not recommended for the woody stuff. One very small problem, the gas cap has a retainer that keeps it attached to the engine and prevents it from being lost but it is too short and blocks the opening, making it difficult to add gas. Overall, this is great machine that is easy to start and operate and I recommend it for clearing high grass and weeds.
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Wished I had paid more attention to it. There is no speed control.
Wished I had paid more attention to it. There is no speed control.
by Bos
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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