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It’s that time of year when the soul longs for new places and spaces. So, we took our four most popular home looks on a style journey of new trends, colors and decor. Since global influences are everywhere, you’ll see touches of earthy textures and exotic patterns throughout. Get a well-traveled look without leaving the comfort of home.


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With its clean modern lines and built-in speaker With its clean modern lines and built-in speaker bar the Audio Flex Lex is a treat for the senses. Swing the doors from front to side to easily customize the open storage and never miss a detail with the Samsung Bluetooth Speaker Bar providing rich bass and crystal-clear sound. Highlighted ...  More + Product Details Close
The Concord is a sophisticated entertainment center that The Concord is a sophisticated entertainment center that showcases Dimplexs largest (50"wide) fi rebox in a unique way. The Concord includes open and closed shelving providing amplestorage for electronic components and a bridge supported glass top to elevate the television.The silver charcoal fi nish provides a perfect complement to todays ...  More + Product Details Close
Shaker-chic is the best way to describe this Shaker-chic is the best way to describe this unique pairing of styles. The clean lines of the shaker style construction are complemented by the dark brown finish of the traditional cabinetry sporting tinted glass shades in order to keep a little mystery hidden behind its cabinet doors. At its core ...  More + Product Details Close
A characteristic yet modest mixed media design is A characteristic yet modest mixed media design is presented in the Leif Media Console Electric Fireplace. High-gloss metal structures anchor the floating smoked-glass shelves which bookend the matching clean lines of the console and sit atop a stepped hearth base. A stylish Turbinated Brown finishes the Leif Media Console for ...  More + Product Details Close